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A CRG delegation made by Paolo De Conto, Euan Jeffery and engineer Marco Urbinati attended the FIA Sport Conference that took place in Geneva. One of the top products of the Italian company, the electric kart CRG E-Drenaline, has been presented in the occasion and received good interest.

A CRG delegation made by World Champion Paolo De Conto, commercial manager Euan Jeffery and engineer Marco Urbinati from the technical department, took part as partner of the FIA Sport Conference 2017 that took place on July 20-22nd in Geneva.

The event has involved 200 FIA delegates, 110 ASN representatives and 35 speakers, that have gathered for a two days of meetings and workshops on the future strategies that should drive the Federation.

CRG took the chance to express its support to FIA’s policies in terms of promotion of International Karting, a topic that is destined to become very important in the next few months, when some decisions regarding the promotional content of the racing formats and cost cutting measures will have to be taken.

At the same time, this has also been a great chance to showcase one of the top products of the Italian company: the electric kart E-Drenaline. Sustainable energy is one of the future missions for FIA and CRG technology in this area is certainly cutting-edge.


“This event gave us a chance for useful exchanges and interesting meetings at our stand. We met several authorities in the sport and discussed about the future of karting and activities that could make the work done by the Federation more functional to the needs of the operators” - Euan Jeffery commented CRG’s presence at the event in this way.

Euan Jeffery continued underlining the positive interest on the activities connected to the E-Drenaline: “As happened last year, we showcased our electric rental kart that has positively impressed all the delegates testing it. We believe that E-Drenaline is the future of the basic activity on rental racetracks as it delivers karting emotions without the issues connected to acoustic and environment pollution, getting closer to an increasing number of enthusiasts.”


Press Office
23 June 2017

In the picture: 1) The CRG stand at FIA Sport Conference 2017 with the electric kart CRG E-Drenaline; 2) The opening of the FIA Sport Conference 2017 in the presence of FIA President Jean Todt, Development Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Maria Luisa Silva, Head of Sustainability of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Michelle Lemaître and Head of Climate and Clean Air Coalition for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Helena Molin Valdés; 3) CRG’s World and European Champion Paolo De Conto awards the winner of the Slalom contest on the electric karts at the FIA Sport Conference. Photo Clement Luck / DPPI



The European Championship race held in Spain has handed the third victory in a row to Paolo De Conto, a result that earned him the mathematical certainty of winning the 2017 continental campaign.

CRG added another important title to its already rich prize list in Spain at the European Championship’s third round. The Italian outfit and Paolo De Conto, on CRG-Tm, secured in fact the KZ European title in the Asturias Principality at the Fernando Alonso Circuit. This raised CRG tally in European Championships to 47 titles, and that of shifter categories up to 23.

Another prestigious title has been taken by CRG at the European Championship thanks to Paolo De Conto, who has been victorious on CRG-Tm with chassis Road Rebel, showcasing once again the exceptional competitiveness of the Italian outfit in the most powerful category of karting – the shifter class. In its 30 years of history, CRG has also claimed a total of 39 World Championships and World Cups.

The success history of CRG at European Championships dates back to 1979, when Giancarlo Vanaria took the Formula C title. At the time CRG was in its infancy under the now famous Kalì-Kart brand. Among the 23 European Championships won by CRG in the shifter category, some have been won by great karting champions as 1996 and 2001 titles won by Alessandro Piccini in Formula C, those of 2003 taken by Alessandro Manetti in Super ICC, up to more recent times that celebrated the victory of the KZ and KZ2 European Championships taken by Jonathan Tonon in KZ2 in 2008, Fabian Federer in KZ2 in 2011, Jorrit Pex in KZ1 in 2012, Max Verstappen in KZ in 2013, Rick Dreezen (Tinini Group) in KZ and Andrea Dalè in KZ2 both in 2014, and Fabian Federer in KZ2 in 2016.


CRG and Paolo De Conto raised the outfit tally to 47 European Championship titles in 2017 after three unquestionable wins scored in as many rounds of the CIK-FIA KZ European Championship held in Sarno (Italy), Genk (Belgium) and Oviedo close to Llanera (Spain). Only one round is left to go in Kristianstad (Sweden) but the lead built by De Conto is impossible to be challenged by any of his rivals, the Italian driver holds therefore the KZ European Championship firmly in his hands.

Up until now, CRG’s history featurs 39 World Championships and World Cups won, 47 European Championships and 65 International races. Paolo De Conto won his third European Championship and its second CIK-FIA title in a row on CRG-Tm, after winning the KZ World Championship last year in Kristianstad.

European KZ Championship after round 3: 1. De Conto Paolo (CRG-Tm) points 100; 2. Hajek Patrik 57; 3. Kremers Marijn 53; 4. Pex Stan (CRG-Tm) 53; 5. Lammers Bas 46; 6. Abbasse Anthony 40; 7. Iglesias Jeremy 34; 8. Puhakka Simo 31; 9. Dreezen Rick 29; 10. Corberi Luca 21; 11. Pex Jorrit (CRG-Tm) 21.


(and previous shifter categories)

2017: Paolo DE CONTO (I), KZ – CRG – TM / Bridgestone
Rd1 Sarno (I), 23.04.2017
Rd2 Genk (B), 14.05.2017
Rd3 Alonso (E), 11.06.2017
Rd4 Kristianstad (S), 30.07.2017 (to be run)

2016: Fabian FEDERER (I), KZ2 - CRG / Modena / Vega
Rd1 Essay (F), 24.04.2016
Rd2 Adria (I), 05.06.2016
Rd3 Genk (B), 31.07.2016

2014: Andrea DALE’ (I), KZ2 - CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone
Rd1 Genk (B), 15.06.2014
Rd2 Wackersdorf (D), 13.07.2014
Rd3 Kristianstad (S), 27.07.2014

2014: Rick DREEZEN (B), KZ - Zanardi / Parilla / Bridgestone
Rd1 Genk (B), 15.06.2014
Rd2 Wackersdorf (D), 13.07.2014
Rd3 Kristianstad (S), 27.07.2014

2013: Max VERSTAPPEN (NL), KZ - CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Rd1 Wackersdorf (D), 19.05.2013
Rd2 Genk (B), 30.06.2013

2012: Pex JORRIT (NL), KZ1 - CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Wackersdorf (D), 10.06.2012

2011: Fabian FEDERER (I), KZ2 - CRG / TM / Dunlop
Wackersdorf, (D), 12.06.2011

2008: Jonathan THONON (B), KZ1 - CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Rd1 Angerville (F), 04.05.2008
Rd2 Mariembourg (B), 29.06.2008

2003: Alessandro MANETTI (I), Super ICC - CRG / Pavesi / Dunlop
Rd1 Ugento (I), 25.05.2003
Rd2 Varennes (F), 27.07.2003

2001: Alessandro PICCINI (I), Formula C - CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Rd1 Corridonia (I), 22.04.2001
Rd2 Sosnova (CZ), 13.05.2001
Rd3 Carole-Paris (F), 01.07.2001

2000: Valerio SAPERE (I), ICC - CRG / Pavesi / Vega
Rd1 Mariembourg (B), 09.04.2000
Rd2 Val Vibrata (I), 14.05.2000
Rd3 Carole-Paris (F), 25.06.2000

1996: Stefan HAAK (D), ICC - CRG / TM / Dunlop
Rd1 Corridonia (I), 31.03.1996
Rd2 Bydgoszcz (PL), 19.05.1996
Rd3 Salbris (F), 01.09.1996

1996: Alessandro PICCINI (I), Formula C - CRG / Pavesi / Bridgestone
Rd1 Corridonia (I), 31.03.1996
Rd2 Bydgoszcz (PL), 19.05.1996

1993: Stefano MARCOLIN (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / TM / Dunlop
Val Vibrata (I), 05.09.1993

1992: Stefano RODANO (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / TM / Dunlop
Mariembourg (B), 06.09.1992

1989: Gianluca PAGLICCI (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Kalì / Bridgestone
Olomouc (CZ), 03.09.1989

1988: Vincenzo SAITTA (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Vega
Kecskemét (H), 04.09.1988

1987: Paolo PULLIERO (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Bridgestone
Magione (I), 30.08.1987

1986: Lamberto DI FERDINANDO (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Bridgestone
Pomposa (I), 31.08.1986

1985 Stefan FRIETSCH (D), Int.-B – Kalì Kart / Komet / Dunlop
Valence (F), 21.04.1985

1984: Richard FRANCHINI (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Dunlop
Axamo (S), 09.09.1984

1979: Jan SVANEBY (S), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Rotax / Bridgestone
Bydgosczc (POL), 02.09.1979

1979: Giancarlo VANARIA (I), FC - Kalì-Kart / Rotax / Bridgestone
Bydgosczc (POL), 02.09.1979

Press Office
15 June 2017

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto in action at the European Championship in Spain at the Alonso Circuit on CRG-TM, Ph. Cunaphoto.it; 2) Paolo De Conto, Alonso Circuit, Ph. CRG Press; 3) CRG Road Rebel 2017 KZ European Champion.



Paolo De Conto secured the KZ European Championship one round early thanks to the victory taken in Oviedo (Spain). Flavio Camponeschi has been unlucky in OK, as he had to retire when just one lap was left to go. Hugo Sasse the best in OK-Junior.

The third round of the European CIK-FIA Championship has given the victory of the KZ title to CRG and Paolo De Conto, thanks to the stunning third win in a row claimed by the Italian in Spain at the Fernando Alonso Circuit of Oviedo, success that followed the first two taken in Sarno and Genk.


Paolo De Conto secured another fair and square victory on CRG-Tm being the unquestioned protagonist of the KZ European Championship 2017 after the two wins taken in as many rounds. The Championship will end in Sweden at Kristianstad next July 30th, but the gap accumulated by Paolo De Conto is now impossible to fill by all his rivals. Three wins in three races, a stunning hat trick that rewarded the competitiveness of the whole CRG team and the technical package provided to the Italian driver. Reigning World Champion Paolo De Conto won his third European title, he was in fact victorious back in 2010 (KZ2), in 2011 (KZ1) and now in KZ.

In Oviedo, Paolo De Conto was second in qualifying, but put his name forward to the victory winning all the three qualifying heats. In the Final, after fighting initially with Iglesias, he managed the advantage built on Lammers and Kremers, that eventually joined him on the podium. The weekend of the other two CRG protagonists on CRG-Tm, namely the Pex brothers, has been a bit unlucky instead. Stan Pex was fifth, while Jorrit Pex was eighth instead.


Paolo De Conto’s satisfaction is quite clear from his words: “Everything has been working well since the first race of Sarno. In Oviedo I gave my 100% and managed to win three heats scoring some championship points, and the result in the Final provided me with the mathematical certainty of the title. The Final has been quite tough because the temperature changed, as it was cooler after the hot temps of the previous days, and it also started raining. The track was a lot more slippery. I managed the race anyway and I am really happy for the end result. Everything worked like a charm. The environment within the team is great. We will now focus on the World Championship. I would like to thank Giancarlo Tinini for the trust he put on me, TM Racing, my mechanic Bolla, Omar, and my family. If I have to dedicate this title to someone, that is gotta be CRG that allowed me to get such stunning results.”


In OK Flavio Camponeschi has been extremely unlucky on CRG-Parilla, as he had to retire one lap early due to the failure of the chain when he was deservedly holding P3 after being second and engaging in a tight fight with his main rivals. The chain failure happened as he jumped going through the closing chicane of the circuit of Oviedo, a situation common to a lot of his rivals. The stress that this difficult weekend put on the karts is quite adamant from the fact that CRG had to replace 50 axle shafts!

Flavio Camponeschi’s comment: “I am really disappointed for the problem with the chain, but I am happy for the speed we displayed. I had to stop with one lap to go due to the jump I made while going through the last chicane: I was third and chasing the second. It has been a good race, even if some hard taps made me lose contact with the leader. My race pace was very good and this is very important for the next rounds.”

The best of CRG drivers in OK has been the Dutch Glenn Van Berlo of CRG Keijzer Racing, who was fourth at the end of a good comeback race. Hannes Janker, who had been a splendid protagonist up to the Final, and Dennis Hauger had to retire due to an incident, the latter while recovering several positions. Michael Rosina was also forced to an early stop, while Kilian Meyer could not qualify for the final due to a penalty in the closing heat.



The German Hugo Sasse of CRG TB Racing Team has been the best of the CRG lot in OK-Junior. He was fifth at the flag. The Russian Artem Kosarev of CRG Keijzer Racing was 20th and the Dutch Kas Haverkort of CRG Keijzer Racing was 23rd. The two Spanish drivers Ayrton Fontecha and Francisco Javier Sagrera had to retire due to an incident, as the Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto who got on the podium in Sarno. The German Donar Munding could not qualify for the final, as Luca Giardelli, Mathias Torreggiani and Pietro Delli Guanti of CRG Keijzer

All results are available at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

Press Office
11 June 2017

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ; 2) KZ podium KZ; 3) CRG Racing Team, KZ European Champion. Ph. CRG Press.



Paolo De Conto has been setting the pace in the KZ heats of the third round of the European Championship. Great results also in OK with Janker, Camponeschi and Hauger, and in OK-Junior with Fontecha, Sagrera and Bortoleto coming to the fore. Final stages to take place on Sunday June 11th.

The European Championship in Spain has started to provide the first indications with qualifying and heats that took place on Saturday. Exception made for some unlucky episodes, CRG drivers have been protagonist of this third act of the CIK-FIA championship.

The 1.390 meters long Circuit Fernando Alonso of Oviedo has named the first protagonists of the event that is underway on this peculiar track, due to the special S featuring seven corners in a row (left-right-left…) and to the two “violent” chicanes that made a tough selection, especially for those that attempted an overtaking move there.

In KZ, Paolo De Conto secured a convincing and solid double win on CRG-Tm after posting the third quickest time in qualifying, that was turned into a second place due to a penalty given to a rival that cut a chicane. De Conto is currently leading the classification thanks to the two wins scored in Sarno and Genk. Pex brothers had a tougher day as Jorrit retired due to an incident in the first heat, and Stan had a similar fate in the second one.

“All is good – Paolo De Conto stated after the two heat wins – things couldn’t be better. We have always been quick, in the warm-up, in qualifying with the second time and in the heats, where I took two wins. The package is working well. One more heat to go on Sunday morning and then the final. I am optimist. I like the track a lot, even if I believe it would be better to change the two chicane and make them smoother for safety reasons.”


The situation is quite positive also in OK, as the German Hannes Janker was third in qualifying and claimed three wins in the heats, while Flavio Camponeschi was tenth in qualifying and secured two placings and a win in the heats. Dennis Hauger was 22nd in qualifying, but then was fourth and tenth in the heats. Kilian Meyer and Michael Rosina are behind, while CRG Keijzer Racing’s Glenn Van Berlo scored a DNF and two good placings in fifth.


The quickest of OK-Junior are the Spaniards Ayrton Fontecha and Francisco Javier Sagrera, the Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto, the Ducth of CRG Keijzer Racing Kas Haverkort and Ugo Sasse of CRG TB Racing Team.

The final two heats will be crucial to define the starting grids of the Finals on Sunday morning.


CIK-FIA European KZ, OK & OKJ Championships.
Sunday 11 June 2017: Heats from 10:05. Drivers presentation at 12.45. Finals: 14:20 (OK-Junior), 15:05 (OK); 16:00 (KZ).

All results, Live Timing and Live TV will be available at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

Press office
10 June 2017

In the pictures: Nelle foto: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ; 2) Hannes Janker, OK; 3) Flavio Camponeschi, OK; 4) Ayrton Fontecha, OK-Junior. Ph. CRG Press.



In Spain in the Asturias, free practice of the third round of the European Championship have taken place today at the challenging Fernando Alonso’s circuit. KZ classification leader Paolo De Conto among the quickest.

Friday’s free practice at the Spanish Circuit Fernando Alonso in Oviedo has kicked off the third round of the European CIK-FIA Championship, that is the penultimate round of the series for KZ category and the second out of five rounds for OK and OK-Junior.

The round in the Asturias Principality is quite difficult especially due to the layout of the 1.390 meters long circuit, that is full of chicanes, esses and kerbs that are taking their toll testing drivers’ fitness and karts, as jumping on kerbs might end up in tough landings.

In Oviedo, CRG and Paolo De Conto are the favourites for the KZ European Championship, after the two victories scored in Italy (Sarno) and in Belgium (Genk). In Spain the objective is going to keep the good momentum. A total of 15 drivers will be at the start of this round, which is a sensible reduction compared to the 25 in Sarno and 22 in Genk.

“The circuit of Oviedo is quite peculiar – Paolo De Conto commented – it is completely different from the circuits we have competed on so far. It is difficult and very technical, the smallest mistake could cost a lot. I know that I could close the KZ European Championship here, but I am not doing calculations. We will see on Sunday how things went.”

In free practice Paolo De Conto confirmed his speed on CRG-Tm posting the quickest time in the second session. The other two CRG drivers Stan Pex – who stands second in the classification – and Jorrit Pex have been very quick too.

Classification of the KZ European Championship after Sarno and Genk: 1. De Conto (CRG-Tm) points 65; 2. Pex Stan (CRG-Tm) 42; 3. Hajek 36; 4. Abbasse 32; 5. Kremers 30; ... 13. Pex Jorrit (CRG-Tm) 13.

In OK, the recent DKM winner from Norway Dennis Hauger has been very quick on CRG, but also the other CRG drivers are ready to run a strong race, starting from Flavio Camponeschi, Hannes Janker, Kilian Meyer and Michael Rosina. CRG Holland fielded Alfred Nilsson, while CRG Keijzer Racing Glenn Van Berlo.

In OK-Junior, free practice have highlighted the speed of Gabriel Bortoleto, who got on the podium in Sarno, as well as that of the Spanish Ayrton Fontecha, Francisco Javier Sagrera, Donar Munding, Luca Giardelli and Mathias Torreggiani. Regarding private teams, Kas Haverkort, Pietro Delli Guanti and Hartem Kosarev will compete for CRG Keijzer Racing, while Ugo Sasse with CRG TB Racing Team.

CIK-FIA European KZ, OK & OKJ Championships.
Saturday 10 June 2017: Qualifying from 10:20. Heats from 13:05.
Sunday 11 June 2017: Heats from 10:05. Drivers presentation at 12.45. Finals: 14:20 (OK-Junior), 15:05 (OK); 16:00 (KZ).

All results, Live Timing and Live TV will be available at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

Press Office
9 June 2017

In the picture: Paolo De Conto, KZ. Ph. CRG Press.



The circuit owned by Fernando Alonso near Oviedo is about to host the third and penultimate round of KZ and the second of OK and OK-Junior European Championships after the round of Sarno. Paolo De Conto leading the KZ classification after dominating the first two rounds.

The third act of the CIK-FIA European Championship is scheduled for this coming weekend in Spain at the Circuit Fernando Alonso. Categories OK and OK-Junior will get on track after the opener held in Sarno, while KZ follows the rounds of Sarno and Genk.

The circuit owned by Fernando Alonso in the Asturias close to Oviedo is about to host its maiden international CIK-FIA race and its 1.390 meters are a novelty for nearly all participants. Among its features, the names given to the main corners, as the “Chicane Parma”, that is the last chicane before the main straight that is named after the circuit of Parma that Alonso visited a lot back in his karting days.


CRG has dominated the first two KZ rounds with Paolo De Conto, on CRG-Tm. The 2016 World Champion and two times European Champion of KZ1 in 2011 and KZ2 in 2010 is a great interpreter of this category. He his a real thoroughbred champion that is displaying all his speed and the quality of the CRG package prepared by the Italian outfit.

The third and penultimate act of the European KZ Championship in Spain can be a crucial moment for the classification. CRG is currently leading the charts with De Conto thanks to the full haul scored so far, and thanks also to the results put in by Stan Pex, who is second in the classification after the recent fourth and third places. In Spain, CRG will also line up 2015 World Champion Jorrit Pex in KZ. He is well motivated to climb the classification of this European Championship.

KZ European Championship classification after Sarno and Genk: 1. De Conto (CRG-Tm) points 65; 2. Pex Stan (CRG-Tm) 42; 3. Hajek 36; 4. Abbasse 32; 5. Kremers 30; ... 13. Pex Jorrit (CRG-Tm) 13.



CRG will compete in Oviedo’s OK and OK-Junior European Championships with several protagonists ready to shine. Among all, expectations in OK are high for Flavio Camponeschi on CRG-Iame, who has been quite unlucky in Sarno, and for Dennis Hauger, who has taken his maiden victory in this category in Kerpen’s DKM. The other CRG drivers, namely the Spaniard Kilian Meyer, Michael Rosina and Hannes Janker also have a great potential. Callum Bradshaw is going to skip this round instead as he will be busy with school exams.



The young Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto is called to confirm the podium obtained in Sarno (P3) in OK-Junior and he is only 4 points shy of the top of the classification. CRG works team for this category will also include Luca Giardelli, Donar Munding, and the Spanish drivers Francisco Sagrera and Ayrton Fontecha.

CIK-FIA European KZ, OK & OKJ Championships, 9-11.06.2017
Friday 9 June 2017: Free practice.
Saturday 10 June 2017: Qualifying from 10:20. Qualifying heats from 13:05.
Sunday 11 June 2017: Qualifying heats from 10:05. Drivers presentation 12.45. Finals: 14:20 OK-Junior, 15:05 OK; 16:00 KZ.

All results, Live Timing and Live TV at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

Press Office
6 June 2017

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto e Stan Pex, KZ, Ph. CRG Press; 2) Dennis Hauger, OK, Ph. Joan Codina – FotoFormulaK.com; 3) Gabriel Bortoleto, OK-Junior, Ph. CRG Press.



Stan Pex took a double win in the second round of DKM in Kerpen (Germany) and became the new KZ2 classification leader, Dennis Hauger won OK and Kas Haverkort OK-Junior.

CRG put in another strong performance at the second round of the DKM held in Kerpen after the opener of Ampfing. Stan Pex claimed a stunning double win in KZ, Dennis Hauger took his maiden win in OK and CRG Keijzer Racing’s Kas Haverkort secured a good victory in OK-Junior, category that is now led by CRG TB Racing Team’s Niels Troger.


Stan Pex run a perfect weekend on CRG-Tm in Kerpen. He won both KZ2 Finals and this result, added to the victory of Ampfing’s Race-2 placed the Dutch driver of CRG on top of the championship standings. Things did not go well this time for Flavio Camponeschi, who was on track with CRG Deutschland. The winner Ampfing’s Race-1 endured in fact a technical problem slowing him down in the first final before forcing him to the retirement from Race-2.

A total of 6 CRG drivers closed the first KZ2 Final in the top 9. Behind the winner Stan Pex, Fabian Federer was in fact third, Jorrit Pex fourth, Camponeschi fifth, Lorenzo Van Riet of CRG Keijzer seventh and Alessandro Giardelli ninth.

Stan Pex’s and CRG’s dominant run continued in Race-2, as Jorrit Pex closed his effort in P3, Fabian Federer in sixth place and Benjamin Tornqvist in eighth. Alessandro Giardelli also run a strong race ending 14th, leading Max Tubben who completed a good recovery after the retirement from Race-1.

The Championship classification is dominated by CRG drivers. KZ2 classification after two rounds: 1. Stan Pex (CRG-Tm-Vega) points 102; 2. Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm-Vega) 89; 3. Camponeschi (CRG-Tm-Vega) and Federer (CRG-Tm-Vega) 76; 5. Matisic 60; 6. Dreezen 56; 7. Iglesias 46; 8. Kohler 35; 9. Tubben (CRG-Tm-Vega) 25; 10. Paul 22.

Moritz Horn on CRG-Tm run by CRG TB Racing Team was the quickest of the CRG lot in KZ2 Cup, as he closed both Finals on the podium, taking a great second place in Race-1 and a third in Race-2. His team mate Dennis Kramp also run a solid weekend coming fourth in Race-2. Jeroen Bos was fifth in Race-1 and sixth in Race-2 instead. Horn is currently fourth in the classification, while Bos is fifth.



OK provided a further confirmation of the speed of another great protagonist, Dennis Hauger, who claimed his maiden win in the category in the debut year, after winning last year the OK-Junior DKM. Hauger has been particularly competitive in both Finals held in Kerpen. In Race-1 he fought for the victory but could not find a way past his main rival David Schumacher in the sprint to the line. The CRG driver soon counter-charged winning Final-2, despite a slow start due to a misunderstanding at the getaway when the traffic light seemed to fail. Hauger closed lap one in fifth place, but then recovered all the way to take a fair victory.

Among the main protagonists of OK, Glenn Van Berlo of CRG Keijzer was fourth in Race-1, while CRG TB Racing Team’s Tim Troger was fourth in Race-2. Wodan Erik Munding has also been very competitive on the new Kalì-Kart, taking two fifth places. Michael Rosina was also among the quickest and ended Race-1 in eighth place.

Currently, 5 CRG drivers are in the top 9 of the Championship. OK Classification after two rounds: 1. Schumacher points 110; 2. Arnold 91; 3. Hauger (CRG-Iame-Vega) 76; 4. Van Berlo (CRG-Iame-Vega) 55; 5. Tonteri 53; 6. Troger (CRG-Iame-Vega) 46; 7. Meyer (CRG-Iame-Vega) 43; 8. Lindh 42; 9. Maish (CRG-Iame-Vega) 35; 10. Fungeling 34.



OK-Junior has been a spectacular parade of CRG drivers at the finish line. In Race-1, Michelotto had the best on Zanardi as he proceeded Kas Haverkort of CRG Keijzer Racing at the sprint to the line, while CRG TB Racing Team’s Niels Troger was third, Donar Nils Munding fourth on Kalì-Kart run by Stern Motorsport, Davids Trefilovs of RL-Competition fifth, CRG Keijzer Racing’s Pietro Delli Guanti sixth and JN Motorsport’s Benjamin Frislung seventh. Hugo Sasse also closed within the top ten with CRG TB Racing Team in tenth place. CRG continued its domination in Race-2 with the victory going to Haverkort from Troger to Michelotto, who completed the podium in third place. Munding was fifth, Sasse seventh and Frislund eighth. Luca Giardelli taking two twenty-first places.

CRG locks out the top three of the Championship as Troger took the lead from Sasse to Haverkort. OK-Junior Classification after two rounds: 1. Troger (CRG-Iame-Vega) points 87; 2. Sasse (CRG-Iame-Vega) 80; 3. Haverkort (CRG-Iame-Vega) 73; 4. David 55; 6. Michelotto 54; 6. Munding (CRG-Iame-Vega) 50; 7. Linty 44; 8. Coluccio 43; 9. Marseglia 39; 10. Zug (CRG-Iame-Vega) 37.

Next rounds:
09.07.2017 Wackersdorf (DEU)
27.08.2017 Wackersdorf (DEU)
22.10.2017 Lonato (ITA)

All results are available at www.kart-dm.de/en/home/

Press Office
30 May 2017

In the pictures: 1) Stan Pex, KZ2; 2) Dennis Hauger, OK; 3) Kas Haverkort, OK-Junior.
Ph. Joan Codina – FotoFormulaK.com




The first event of the Karting Endurance by CRG has taken place in Castelletto di Branduzzo with the support of the Italian food company Beretta. Two very exciting and intense races have given the victory to the WLF lineup made by Panzeri, Bonanomi, Corti, Bini, Terzoli and Valsecchi. A great organizational success.

The first event of the Endurance Karting by CRG season has gone into the archives recording a great success from a technical and organizational viewpoint. The christening of the CRG Centurion range and the technical management of the Racing Team of the Italian outfit took place at the circuit 7 Laghi of Castelletto di Branduzzo, where 29 teams and more than 170 drivers have been protagonist of an event featuring two 2-hours long races with the support of the Italian food company Beretta.


All the drivers have had very positive feelings at the wheel of the Kart Centurion, that will be pushed by Honda 390cc engines in these events. In particular, performance and reliability have been excellent and have allowed two very exciting and intense races. The WLF lineup made by Panzeri, Bonanomi, Corti, Bini, Terzoli and Valsecchi secured 193 points in the two races, winning the event. The second place went to the Io Lavoro team that totaled 140 points, while the Mixed Meats team rounded off the podium scoring 125 points. Both races had a photo-finish end, which is an indication of the balance of performance of the karts that have been really appreciated for these kind of races.



This event has been a huge organizational success for CRG staff that provided the teams with several excellent services, starting from the big Hospitality village and driver pits equipped with screens to follow the race, technical clothing, track service and a maxi catering area where everyone could enjoy Beretta products and music.

The Endurance Karting season is very important for CRG, as it enhances the commercial initiatives of the Centurion range through the acquisition of important technical experience and visibility for one of the highest quality products on the market.

Among the main events of the season, the technical provisioning of the Endurance Kart Cup Series and the Rental World Contest that will take place in Lignano Sabbiadoro next October.

Press Office
23 May 2017

In the pictures: racing action during the Karting Endurance by CRG at the Pista 7 Laghi of Castelletto di Branduzzo.



Paolo De Conto claimed the second victory straight on CRG-Tm in Genk (Belgium) and confirmed his lead in the KZ European Championship. Great third place for Stan Pex. The opener of the KZ2 European Championship has been a bit unlucky for CRG colors instead.

The second round of the KZ European Championship held in Belgium at Genk saw another victory going to CRG, TM and Paolo De Conto. This was another victory obtained showing the muscles, even more than in Sarno. This victory, or better this triumph, confirms Paolo De Conto, CRG and TM on top of the European Classification in the most powerful international karting category.


Reigning world champion Paolo De Conto has always believed in his chances of taking the victory, despite the weekend of Genk kicking off with the eighth time in qualifying. De Conto managed to recover climbing up to P2 in the first two heats. A hiccup in the third one, due to a contact at the start, seemed to put the ambitions of the Italian driver at rest, but De Conto managed to get the lead showcasing his power in the Final. The Italian driver crossed the line as first, with his main rival, the young Dutch Marijn Kremers following him like a shadow on BirelArt. The podium was completed by CRG’s Dutch driver Stan Pex of CRG Holland, who was third at the end of a bold performance.


“The inconvenience in the third heat – Paolo De Conto commented after his win – did not allow me to start from the front row. In fact, I was given a 10s time penalty due to the dropped front fairing following my tapping to Pex at the start, but despite having to start the Final from the second row, I was aware of having what it takes to win. I would have never expected Kremers to keep such a race pace from lights to flag, and therefore it has not been easy to end ahead of a rival always in my slipstream. It has been a long an tight final, but I managed at best the whole package and I got the victory. Two rounds are still to be run in this Championship, certainly the two wins make me the favourite to the final win, but it is too early to even talk about this.”

The third step of the podium went to Stan Pex, also on CRG-TM, at the end of an absolutely positive weekend. The Dutch driver commented his race in this way: “I finished in P3. The start was good, I started from the sixth position and I gained directly P4, I had a good speed so I passed Abbasse, who was also fast and he stayed all the race behind me, but in the end I was quicker so I finished third. I am very happy.”

Among the other CRG drivers on track, Mirko Torsellini was 12th, while Jorrit Pex had to retire early into the race due to an incident, and Andrea Dalè did not finish either due to a technical problem at lap two. Julien Deharte was 17th.

KZ European Championship: 1. De Conto (CRG-Tm) points 65; 2. Stan Pex (CRG-Tm) 42; 3. Hajek 36.



The KZ2 final of Genk, first round of the European Championship of the cadet category, has been a bit mean with satisfaction for CRG due to some racing episodes. The first of CRG drivers was the Swede Benjamin Persson Tornqvist of CRG Holland. He crossed the finish line in 12th position, while the Spanish Gerard Cebrian Ariza was 17th, the Swede Andreas Johansson of CRG Holland 19th and Alessandro Giardelli closed his effort in P20, after a good recovery following qualifying heats. The Spanish driver Enrico Prosperi was 25th. Alexander Schmitz of CRG Holland and Fabrizio Rosati of SRP Racing Team did not finish instead. The Brazilian Gaetano Gomes Di Mauro also had to retire early on. Kay Van Berlo of CRG Keijzer Racing, Max Tubben of CRG Holland, Fabian Kreim of CRG Deutschland, Max Weering of CRG Holland and Julien Deharte could not qualify for the Final.

All results feed are available at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

Press Office
14 May 2017

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ; 2) Paolo De Conto with Arnaud Kozlinski and Stan Pex; 3) CRG Racing Team with Paolo De Conto (P1) and Stan Pex (P3). Ph. CRG Press.



Paolo De Conto on CRG-Tm displayed a great shape at the end of the two heats of KZ in the European Championship underway in Genk. Positions in KZ2’s heats have still to be decided on Sunday morning.

The second round of the KZ European Championship and first round of KZ2 is underway in Genk (Belgium) with good weather conditions that so, as opposite to forecasts that scheduled rain.


Genk’s sun has boosted the confidence of all drivers, but at CRG reigning world champion and current classification leader Paolo De Conto has shown to be in great shape also in Belgium so far. After the first “boring” days dedicated to free practice, the atmosphere has been made hot by De Conto on Saturday’s qualifying and in the two heats. Following the eighth time in qualifying, De Conto has been the strongest protagonist of this second round of the KZ European Championship on CRG-Tm. He put in an amazing comeback in both heats, climbing up to the second place.

“I am really happy – De Conto admitted at the end of the second heat – even though I made a mistake in qualifying. An overtake cost me at least two tenths. I would have certainly taken the pole position, but it does not matter. I recovered without any problems in the heats, and from eighth I am second now. Things couldn’t go any better. Let’s see how things are tomorrow morning. First of all we need to see how the weather is gonna be like, and then I will have to run another heat and the Final. I am optimist, chassis and engine are perfect and I feel very well.”

Good performances in KZ have also been scored by Pex brothers both in qualifying and heats. Stan was sixth in qualifying and Jorrit seventh. Jorrit Pex was sixth in both heats, while Stan was handed a time penalty in the first heat, but then recovered up to P4 in the second one. Andrea Dalè and Mirko Torsellini are behind at the moment.


Thins are still to be decided in KZ2. Among CRG drivers, the fastest of qualifying were the Swede Benjamin Persson Tornqvist who posted the tenth fastest time, the German Alexander Schmitz 17th, both competing for CRG Holland, Fabrizio Rosati 19th with SRP Racing Team, Alessandro Giardelli 23rd, with CRG works team. Also with CRG Racing Team, the Brazilian Gaetano Di Mauro was 34th in qualifying and the two Spanish drivers Gerard Cebrian Ariza was 36th and Enrico Prosperi 39th. Sunday heats will name the finalists in the morning.

CIK-FIA European KZ & KZ2 Championship, 12-14.05.2017
Sunday 14 May 2017: Heats from 9:50. Drivers presentation at 12.10. Finals: at 13.40 (KZ2), 14:30 (Academy Trophy), 15.15 (KZ).

All results, Live Timing and Live TV will be available at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

Press Office
13 May 2017

In the picture: 1) Paolo De Conto in Genk, KZ. Ph. CRG Press.

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