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Giancarlo Tinini, CRG President, comments on the excellent season that scored new highs in 2016. The Italian outfit’s prize list reached 39 World titles, 45 European titles and 65 International victories.

CRG has always been regarded as the “Champions Factory” and in 2016 the Italian outfit lived up to its expectations. CRG completed in fact a highly successful year, with several international wins and the victory of the KZ and OK World Championships, that of the International KZ2 Super Cup and of the two European Championships KZ2 and OK.

This is not the first time that CRG puts in a string of great results in a single season, it happened back in 2013 when Max Verstappen was crowned KZ World Champion, European KZ and KF Champion, and when Danilo Rossi who won two World Championships and the World Cup in 1992, but this is the first time that these International titles have been won by different CRG drivers. On top of this, CRG has also been shining in all the four categories of the German DKM 2016 Championship.

In one word, this has been an exceptional season that made CRG prize list reach level 39 World Championships and World Cups and 45 European titles. In 2016, their contribution to the CIK-FIA tally was given by Paolo De Conto, who was crowned KZ World Champion on CRG-Tm, by the new OK World Champion Pedro Hiltbrand on CRG-Parilla, who also won the KZ2 International Super Cup on CRG-Maxter and the OK European Championship on CRG-Parilla, and finally by Fabian Federer who secured the title of new KZ2 European Champion on CRG-Modena.


To date, CRG totaled 65 victories in International races and season 2016 has welcomed all the victories of Jorrit Pex in KZ2 DKM, Max Tubben in KZ2 Cup, Paavo Tonteri in OK and Dennis Hauger in OK-Junior. Pedro Hiltbrtand won the Spanish Championship in KZ2, Giacomo Pollini won the Andrea Margutti Trophy of KZ2, Paolo De Conto the KZ2 Supernationals in Las Vegas and the Race of Stars in Australia, while the new entry Mirko Torsellini won the recent Champions Cup of in Vendrell.

Giancarlo Tinini, CRG S.p.A. President – company founder and great director of all the deeds of the Italian outfit, talks about his view on season 2016.


“This has been a great season – commented Giancarlo Tinini – and repeating such string of victories is going to be difficult, but we will always have a go at it. The value of the most deserving drivers came out in the end, and also all the other racers that did not manage to win displayed all their competitiveness anyway. We enjoyed a strong commitment from everybody, starting with drivers, mechanics, technicians and all staff: this has certainly contributed to the success of the whole Team.”

- Among CRG recent victories, season 2016 reminds slightly of 2013, but back then, only one driver – Max Verstappen – won in several categories, while a higher number of CRG drivers came to the fore this time around.

“Correct. This year we dominated with several drivers. But if we go through the final classifications, we have always had our drivers high up in the rankings, which means that the whole package, technicians and drivers, worked like a charm.”


- Alongside the shifter category in which CRG has been victorious for several years now, this season has been quite successful also in the direct drive categories OK and OK-Junior.

“Things went very well also in OK and OK-Junior. At the beginning of the year we made the technical choice of employing Iame engines, and this helped a lot, as did the agreement with TM Racing Engines in KZ1. These are important partnerships that are needed to get the victory. I would say, that our strategy on technical partnerships worked perfectly alongside the driving skills of our drivers.”

- OK and OK-Junior have been quite successful on the international scene in their debut year, but the heirs of KF and KF-Junior did not produce the numbers exhibited by national championships yet.

“Only some confidence is needed, I believe that this product is destined to cause some headaches to the single make categories. The new OK and OK-Junior categories are a good product, they are not complicated and did not give any problems even with engines start – a point I admit I was a bit skeptical on – as a little push is enough to fire up the kart. This has been a nice surprise to me, as the lack of a starter did not create any problems. OK has a stunning engine, it produces a great push, therefore I believe this is the product destined to replace the old 100cc. ”


- Presence in OK and OK-Junior have been limited to works teams only in this season, as were the old KF categories...

“I believe that, should one ASN start to use these karts, they will not dislike them. After this first year, I am sure that figures will increase in 2017. When we do not get complaints from clients it means that drivers enjoy the product. The two new categories are completely different from the previous KF, they have better performances and are a lot easier. I believe this is the right path to bring an higher number of drivers on track.”

- What are CRG expectations for 2017?

“Our company is always scoring positive results. Alongside the Racing department which is a priority, we are successfully developing the Rental and Electric Kart products. We already have several new ideas forward to offer our resellers and customers further business opportunities. Regarding the forthcoming racing season, we will have a partially renewed and still to be defined squad, but the level is certainly going to be high. We will kick off the season at the Winter Cup of Lonato, that has traditionally been our test-bench. We will then compete in WSK, in the CIK-FIA European and World Championships, as well as in DKM. In 2017 we will also be present in the X-30 Iame, a category that is particularly competitive and interesting.”

Press Office
21 December 2016


In the pictures: 1) KZ World Champion Paolo De Conto, Ph. CRG Press; 2) CRG’s victory at the CIK-FIA World Championship of KZ and International Super Cup of KZ2, Ph. Cunaphoto; 3) CRG’s victory at the OK CIK-FIA World Championship, Ph. CRG Press; 4) CRG’s victory at the CIK-FIA European Championships of OK and KZ2, Ph. CRG Press; 5) CRG’s victory at the DKM German Championship, Ph. Joan Codina FotoFormulaK.



An interesting initiative devised by Motorsport Technical School in collaboration with CRG has taken place at the Circuit of Monza for the second year in a row: two days devoted to the detailed study of professional karting.

Following the success of the first edition held last year, CRG has been protagonist again at the Motorsport Technical School (MTS): two whole days in entirely dedicated to karting in Monza.

A total of 20 students had the chance to attend an interesting mechanics course in the lecture rooms of the Autodrome of Monza. They also learnt the techniques of professional karting with the support of CRG and its experienced technicians. The Italian manufacturer brought in fact on track karts and tools for students to test and have a direct experience with all the components of a real racing kart.



Students have been introduced to the world of karting through a theoretical/technical 4 hours lomg lecture given by Dott. Ing. Marco Urbinati (CRG Racing Team’s Track Engineer and Developing Engineer of Electric Karts). CRG’s technician opened his lecture with some hints on the history of karting, before discussing the functioning of karts and the effects of setup changes on performance. Urbinati and Kyle More (Professional Mechanic of CRG Racing Team) then demonstrated one by one all the intervention procedures shown in the lecture room on a CRG kart.

On day two, students got to the action on CRG karts. Urbinati, Moore and Karol Lubas (junior Mechanic of CRG Racing Team) helped three groups of students in the morning to practice all the procedures described the previous day. This allowed students to get a hands-on understanding of the difficulties and correct steps to go through for each action in total safety. In the afternoon, students practiced tires fitting on rims and un-fitting, which is quite a tricky task if one does not know the right technique.


The day ended with a PitStop challenge in which the groups of students competed to be the fastest to correctly replace tires and fuel tank, as happens in Endurance Kart events. The victory went to Team Guida Corse, which was rewarded with the t-shirt celebrating the 25th Anniversary of CRG.

A big thank you for this great initiative goes to the school’s manager Eugenia Capanna and to her collaborators. They created a reality in which young karting enthusiasts can get a direct experience with their passion and, perhaps, start a new career in professional karting.

Press Office
20 December 2016
With the collaboration of Dott. Ing. Marco Urbinati

In the pictures: 1) Students attending the course held by MTS in collaboration with CRG; 2) 3) Karting classroom moments at the Circuit of Monza.



CRG Gamoto drivers secured an exceptional top four in Macau’s Mini Rok. The Australian Marcos Flack claimed a photo-finish win from the Italian Alfio Andrea Spina, as the pairing was followed by two team mates: the American Nikhil Bohra and the Chinese Zhiyi Huang.

CRG Gamoto produced a stunning performance in Macau with the support of Team IS Racing. The squad and its very young six drivers dominated in fact Mini Rok at edition 2016 of the Macau International Grand Prix.

CRG chassis have been very effective once again at the spectacular Kartodrome of Coloane and allowed Team Gamoto drivers to get the full haul in the Macau’s race, dominating the weekend from qualifying through to the Final, where four CRG drivers secured the top four.


The Australian Marcos Flack managed to cross the finish line on top, taking the win off team mate Alfio Andrea Spina – the dominator of qualifying and heats, at the last corner of the Final.


The third and fourth positions at the flag went to two CRG Gamoto drivers: the American Nikhil Bohra and the Chinese Zhiyi Huang, while the young driver from Singapore Aidan Quek had to settle for P7 due to a technical problem in the Final, due to tire debris stuck into his engine. The other American Akshay Bohra was forced to the retirement after an incident at the start.

Aidan Quek also run the Formula Cadet in Macau – on Honda 200cc 4 Stroke engine, and the CRG Gamoto driver from Singapore put in a strong performance winning Prefinal and Final.

2016 Macau International Kart Grand Prix
Asian Karting Open Champiosnhip
Kartodromo de Coloane, 11.12.2016, Mini Rok Classification:
1. Marcos Flack; 2. Alfio Andrea Spina +0.030; 3. Nikhil Bohra +0.394; 4. Zhiyi Huang +0.508; 5. Christian Ho +15.533; 6. Anson Liao +15.607; 7. Aidan Quek +16.682; 8. Aditya Wibowo +19.145; 9. Oscar Ng Kok Tung +21.481; 10. Jirapat Jirapraneet +22.380.

Press Office
12 December 2016


In the pictures: 1) CRG Gamoto drivers in Macau; 2) CRG chassis lined up at the Macau International Kart Grand Prix - Asian Karting Open Champiosnhip; 3) Aidan Quek.
Ph. Imran Shaharom



Mirko Torsellini claimed the victory at the Champions Cup leading Paolo De Conto. Good performance for CRG with Molina, Cebrian and GP3 driver Palou who went back to karting for the occasion.

CRG scored a great one-two at the 16th Karting Champions Cup that took place in Vendrell (Spain). Mirko Torsellini claimed his first victory after returning to CRG, while current World Champion Paolo De Conto secured a good P2.

CRG works team enjoyed the excellent support of the new CRG brand reseller SportKart at the famous closing appointment of the season in Vendrell (Spain), as Torsellini and De Conto have always been among the main protagonists of the Spanish weekend. The two Italians have found their place among the quickest racers since the beginning, ended the Prefinal in third and fifth place before keeping their momentum in the Final with Mirko Torsellini taking an early lead and being trailed by Paolo De Conto.



Mirko Torsellini has claimed his first victory of the year on CRG pushed by a TM engine by Viti Racing, ending at best his preparation ahead of the next season with the Italian outfit. Paolo De Conto used a works TM engine unit in Vendrell and increased his great tally of the season with the second place, result that came after the KZ World Championship won with CRG and the win at the prestigious round of Las Vegas.

Five CRG drivers made it into the top ten in Vendrell. Behind Torsellini and De Conto, Miguel Molina was in fact fifth, Gerard Cebrian sixth, and Alex Palou – who has contended the past two seasons of GP3, decided to come back to karting in this occasion ending tenth on CRG-Modena run by Kartissimo, and displaying a very quick pace.


Mirko Torsellini: “I am really happy for this victory. I had not raced in Vendrell for several years, it was virtually my first time over here. After the normal difficulties early on, I managed to find the right engine and chassis setup and I did not have problems to get the lead of the Final and keep it all the way to the flag. I am really happy for this victory with CRG, a result that comes after the recent second place at the Trofeo delle Industrie. I cannot wait to start the next season now.”

XVI Copa Campeones de Karting
Karting Club Vendrell, 11.12.2016
Final: 1. Torsellini (CRG), 2. De Conto (CRG), 3. Martinez; 4. Molina (CRG), 5. Pelizzari; 6. Cebrian (CRG); 7. Buran; 8. Giannoni; 9. Orcic; 10. Palou (CRG); 11. Benavides; 12. Prosperi; 13. Noval; 14. Casado; 15. Cervera; 16. Raventos; 17. Homuth Paz; 18. Jordi Martinez; 19. Lleonart (CRG); 20. Reveron; 21. Vila; 22. Sola (CRG); 23. Carro (CRG).

Press Office
11 December 2016

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto and Mirko Torsellini (right) celebrate their result in Vendrell; 2) Mirko Torsellini and Paolo De Conto on the podium in Vendrell.



CRG and Felice Tiene decided to end their collaboration that started back in 2006 and continued until the end of 2016, season in which the Italian driver came third at the OK World Championship in Bahrain.

CRG and its driver Felice Tiene ended their working relationship after a 10yrs long collaboration.

The 25yrs old driver from San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Napoli, Italy) Felice Tiene has been part of CRG’s team since 2006 – with the only break of season 2009, and obtained several victories with the Italian outfit, including his most prestigious win: the KF2 World Cup in CRG’s triumphal run in Zuera back in 2012, when the Italian driver led Max Verstappen, Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Tom Joyner.

Felice Tiene claimed his most recent important result with CRG. He ended in fact the OK World Championship in Bahrain with the third place of the podium.

CRG thanks Felice Tiene for his precious collaboration during these years and for contributing with his sporting results to the promotion of the image of the Italian outfit.

Press Office
3 December 2016

In the picture: Felice Tiene on the podium at the CIK-FIA OK World Championship in Bahrain.
Ph. CRG Press



Marco Angeletti takes on the role of marketing and communication manager at CRG S.p.A. from December 1st.

CRG S.p.A. is proud to announce Marco Angeletti as the new marketing and communication manager starting from December 1st.

The Italian outfit that dominated the International karting scene in 2016 decided to strengthen the strategic department of marketing to promote its product range more effectively and to further develop its commercial program and customer service.

Marco Angeletti’s role will be transversal and in synergy with all the company departments, including the racing team that is an extraordinary resource for CRG, not only from a technical standpoint, but also in terms of image and promotion of the brand’s racing products.

Marco Angeletti was the marketing director and led several projects in a top karting company from 2000 to 2013 and has been the executive director of the Swiss outfit RB Racing for the past three years. Initiatives to support the rental range and sales network are among the first items on the agenda of the new CRG manager, as well as new communication projects involving social media and web platforms.

Press Office
2 December 2016

In the picture: Marco Angeletti.
Contacts: angeletti@kartcrg.com
Tel. +39 030 9912604



Pedro Hiltbrand decided to take on a new experience in his career after the great success obtained at CRG.

CRG and Pedro Hiltbrand will part their ways in 2017. The Spanish Champion coming from an extraordinarily successful season with the Italian outfit decided to move on to a new challenge.

CRG thanks Pedro Hiltbrand for the collaboration of the past four years. This successful partnership culminated in the triumphs of 2016 at the CIK-FIA World Championship and OK European Championship on CRG-Parilla and at the CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup and KZ2 Spanish Championship on CRG-Maxter.

Press Office
28 November 2016



Paolo De Conto and CRG Nordam claimed a great victory in KZ2 at the prestigious 20th Skusa SuperNationals in Las Vegas. Robert Marks won S4 Super Master and the Skusa Pro Tour title on CRG.

Paolo De Conto and CRG Nordam have contributed to the success of the splendid CRG’s 2016 sporting season taking the victory in Las Vegas’ Skusa SuperNationals of KZ2, shortly after the OK World Championship won by Pedro Hiltbrand and CRG in Bahrain.

The American race celebrated its 20th edition on November 20th in Las Vegas and has seen CRG colors on the top step of the podium with CRG Nordam and Paolo De Conto, pairing that dominated the KZ2 Final of the SuperNationals.


Paolo De Conto took the victory of the Main Event in Las Vegas, crossing the finish line more than 6 seconds clear of internationally recognized rivals of the likes of Anthony Abbasse, Bas Lammers, Jonathan Thonon and Lorenzo Camplese.

Paolo De Conto claimed his second victory in Las Vegas in this occasion, repeating the success of 2014. The Italian driver has had a stunning 2016 season with CRG – he won in fact the KZ World Championship in Kristianstad (Sweden) on CRG-Tm and category KZ2 at the Race of Stars last October 16th in Australia.

CRG Nordam has fielded the Americans Matt Jaskol and the recent winner of Indy 500 Alexander Rossi in KZ2, but both drivers had to retire early from the Final. The team’s lineup was completed by the Swede Benjamin Tornqvist, who ended third at the CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup earlier in the season and was 13th in Las Vegas this time.

Among the 10 categories on track during the weekend, Robert Marks won S4 Super Master SuperNats on CRG. This win earned him the Skusa Pro Tour title victory.

All results are available at www.superkartsusa.com

Press office
23 November 2016

In the pictures: Paolo De Conto, CRG Nordam, KZ2, Las Vegas.
Ph. eKartingnews.com / OnTrackPromotions



Pedro Hiltbrand secured the title of OK World Champion on CRG-Parilla, as five CRG drivers finished in the top six. Felice Tiene third after winning Prefinal. The Brazilian Gianluca Petecof was the best of CRG lot in OK Junior, ending close to the podium.

CRG has secured another stunning and crushing victory also in Bahrain’s World Championship, icing on the cake of the great results scored in this season. The International Circuit of Bahrain has seen the Spanish driver Pedro Hiltbrand taking the world title of category OK at the end of an exceptional weekend. Felice Tiene got on the third step of the podium, after dominating Prefinal. Both drivers competed on CRG-Parilla.

Pedro Hiltbrand obtained his third personal CIK-FIA title of the year with CRG. This result comes after the victory at the International Super Cup KZ2 in Sweden on CRG-Maxter, and that at the European OK Championship, on CRG-Parilla.

CRG closed a golden season on a high, after the victories at the KZ World Championship in Sweden with Paolo De Conto on CRG-Tm, and that scored by Fabian Federer at the KZ2 European Championship on CRG-Modena run by Team SRP.



The double appointment of the World Championship for categories OK and OK Junior held at the International Circuit of Bahrain has seen CRG flag waving high again, as the drivers of the Italian outfit have been protagonists throughout the weekend with a crescendo of results. In OK, Pedro Hiltbrand claimed the victory at the end of an exciting duel with the exiting world champion from Poland Baisz.

Felice Tiene also put in a spectacular comeback, winning the Prefinal from team mates Hilbrand, Hannes Janker and Paavo Tonteri, but was later on handed a 10s time penalty due to an incident with Leonardo Lorandi. Started from P20, Tiene completed an absolutely amazing comeback Final that saw him climbing all the way up to the third step of the podium.

The competitiveness of CRG material was also highlighted by the three CRG drivers closing their effort right behind Tiene: the Finn Paavo Tonteri and the German Hannes Janker, both on CRG-Parilla proceeded in fact the British driver Tom Joyner on Zanardi-Parilla, making 5 CRG drivers in the top 6.


OK Junior’s Final has been quite exciting too. The young Brazilian Gianluca Petecof has shown a great competitiveness on CRG-Parilla: his motivation and speed kept him constantly in the leading group. He would have certainly deserved the podium, but despite holding several times P2 and P3, he crossed the finish line with a good fifth place at the end of a red-hot closing lap. Some other CRG drivers ended up being among the quickest of OK Junior: the French Adam Eteki and the Spanish driver Kilian Meyer ended respectively 10th and 12th, while the Norwegian Dennis Hauger had to settle for P17 this time around, due to a race contact. The Belgian-German O’neill Muth retired after shining in qualifying and heats instead.

The Argentine Luca Longhi, Esteban Muth, the Italians Matteo Nannini and Mattia Michelotto, and the German Valentino Fritsch could not get past Prefinals, mainly due to some incidents.

Junior’s CRG squad in Bahrain was completed by the Dutch driver of CRG Keijzer Racing Team Kas Haverkort, the Japanese Shion Tsujimoto, the Czech Dan Skocdopole and the German of CRG Holland Phil Hill, but these drivers could not qualify for the final stages.



Dino Chiesa, Team Principal CRG: “We always hope to get more, but it is difficult – if not impossible – to improve on what we have done this year. This weekend we won the OK World Championship with Pedro Hiltbrand, a result that followed the victory of the KZ World Championship with Paolo De Conto, and that of the KZ2 International Super Cup and OK European Championship again with Hiltbrand. Everything clicked also in Bahrain. We only regret not taking the podium in Junior with Petecof, but several contacts happened at the last lap. We have been competitive both in OK and OK Junior. We bring home another World Championship and we are happy for this. We achieved a great result in OK, as five of our drivers completed within the top six. In OK Junior we lined up young drivers that paid fee of their inexperience, but we have always been very quick. Our drivers have been performing well, and 70% of our squad made it to the Final. We just missed out on the victory or podium in Junior, but we certainly displayed our competitiveness also in this category. We repeated the victory scored by Tom Joyner in Barhain back in 2013. We certainly have to thank Iame, our engine supplier that supported us very well throughout the year. We are now going to say good bye to some drivers, but this is part of the sport. We will keep going on, ready to get some more satisfaction.”

Pedro Hiltbrand, category OK: “It’s the best year of my life. I will never forget it as I almost won everything. I am extremely happy and I want to thank the whole team and my mechanic. One needs a great team at his back to win a World Championship and I had exactly this. In Bahrain I managed to score a result that rewards my work at CRG, and this has been the best possible way to end the season.”

Felice Tiene, categoria OK: “Everything was perfect and I could have played my chances for the victory of the World Championship –- had I not been penalized after the victory in the Prefinal. I felt physically and mentally fit and I got to this event motivated to get the job done. After winning the Prefinal I could have started the Final from the front row, but I was stripped from this opportunity. I am really disappointed, because I absolutely feel not to be blamed for the incident with Lorandi. Performance-wise we were very quick, both in terms of chassis and engine. The third place is not that bad in the end, but I really wanted to win.”

Bahrain International Karting Circuit, 19.11.2016
World Championship, OK: 1. Hiltbrand (CRG-Parilla); 2. Basz; 3. Tiene (CRG-Parilla); 4. Tonteri (CRG-Parilla); 5. Janker (CRG-Parilla); 6. Joyner (Zanardi-Parilla); 7. Milell; 8. Travisanutto; 9. Simmenauer; 10. De Pauw.
World Championship, OK-Junior: 1. Martins; 2. Vidales; 3. Pourchaire; 4. Shvetsov; 5. Petecof (CRG-Parilla); 6. Piastri; 7. Jewiss; 8. Bulantsev; 9. Milesi; 10. Eteki (CRG-Parilla).

All results are available at www.cikfia.com

Press office
20 November 2016

In the pictures: 1) World Championship, OK category, Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG) with Karol Basz e Felice Tiene (CRG); 2) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK, Ph. Michele Panzera; 3) CRG Racing Team, OK.
Ph. CRG Press



Qualifying heats on Friday night highlighted the speed of Paavo Tonteri in category OK, while Petecof, Hauger and O’neill Muth have been shining in OK-Junior. Finals will take place in the night of Saturday November 19th.

The CIK-FIA World Championship of the two categories OK and OK-Junior, event underway in Bahrain, defined the first classifications ahead of the grand finale scheduled for Saturday November 19th. Qualifying have taken in fact place on Thursday and fascinating overnight heats followed on Friday on the 1.415 meters of the Sakhir circuit.


Several nice surprises came from CRG works drivers. In OK the Finn Paavo Tonteri has come to the fore on CRG-Parilla, taking the second absolute place after heats, result which earned him a pole position start in the second Prefinal to be run on Saturday (Prefinals will begin at local 15:55) ahead of the Finals scheduled for the afternoon starting from 18:25 (local time).

The new European Champion of this category Pedro Hiltbrand also obtained good results in OK so far. He is sixth after heats, while the German Hannes Janker took the win of one heat, but an unlucky incident in the closing race relegated him to P12. Felice Tiene is fourteenth but is recovering positions, as is 2013 World Champion Tom Joyner who is currently 25th due to a DNF in the three heats run.



CRG drivers also put in good performances in OK Junior, category in which the Brazilian Gianluca Petecof has scored a series of great results that took him to P5, with the icing on the cake of one victory.

The Norwegian Dennis Hauger also had a solid day. He took one victory and currently stands 10th. The Belgian-German O’neill Muth scored a splendid performance too. His end result was unfortunately spoiled by the retirement in one heat which relegated him to a P17 that could have been a lot better. The French Adam Eteki is currently 20th, the Spaniard Kilian Meyer is 24th. O’neill’s brother Esteban Muth is 40th due to his physical conditions as he is suffering from a strong rib pain.


Mattia Michelotto will also partake in the final stages after having recovered some ground in the heats. He is currently 54th, while the German Valentino Fritsch did not run qualifying due to a food poisoning, but recovered up to P55. Matteo Nannini has also been recovering some ground in the three heats gaining access to the final stages in P61. The Argentine Luca Longhi managed to qualify for the final stages too thanks to his 63rd position.

The Dutch of CRG Keijzer Racing Team Kas Haverkort, the Japanese Shion Tsujimoto, the Czech Dan Skocdopole and the German of CRG Holland Phil Hill could not qualify for the final stages instead.

Prefinals are scheduled for Saturday November 19th from local 16:00; OK-Junior’s Final will take place at 18:25 (local). OK’s Final will follow at local 19:10.

Results, Live TV and Live Timing are available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
18 November 2016

In the pictures: 1) Paavo Tonteri, OK; 2) Felice Tiene, OK; 3) Gianluca Petecof, OK Junior.
Ph. CRG Press

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