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CRG drivers have been protagonists in all categories on track in Castelletto di Branduzzo. De Conto on the podium of KZ, Stan Pex first in KZ2, Hiltbrand leading the OK Championship, Hauger and Wilson strong runs in OK Junior, while Putera got on the podium of Mini with Gamoto.

A series of great performances has characterized CRG's weekend at the Circuit 7 Laghi of Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia, Italy), the race track that staged the opener of the WSK Super Master Series. All drivers of the works team and private teams showed a crescendo of performances in all categories.

The weekend has been quite tough due to the adverse weather conditions, as the cold and ice of this early March challenged quite heavily drivers and organizers. Heats on Saturday had to be canceled and Friday's qualifying were followed directly by Prefinals and Finals on Sunday.



Paolo De Conto on CRG-Maxter secured the third step of the podium of the KZ Final, after fighting for the victory and holding the lead of the race in several occasions. De Conto conceded himself anyway the satisfaction of setting the pole position with a record time of 46.491s and of winning the Prefinal, which earned him further important points for the classification.

Another CRG works driver was among the absolute best, Flavio Camponeschi, on CRG-Parilla, was in fact fourth in qualifying and sixth at the end of the Final.

The Dutch Stan Pex of CRG Holland got on the top step of the podium in KZ2 ending seventh absolute. Andrea Dalè was handed a 5 seconds time penalty for the incorrect positioning of the front fairing and was relegated to P9. The World Champion Jorrit Pex still appeared a bit behind with his preparation and had to settle for P14. Simo Puhakka was 18th instead. Giacomo Pollini of Renda Motorsport managed to get on the third step of podium in KZ2. Fabrizio Rosati was 27th.

De Conto is currently second in the KZ classification 20 points shy of Abbasse, while Camponeschi is sixth 50 points short of the top. The KZ2 classification is led by Stan Pex, who enjoys a 30 points lead to Pollini. The Swedish driver Benjamin Tornqvist of CRG Holland is fourth at 48 points.



The Spanish driver of CRG Pedro Hiltbrand, has been brilliant both in qualifying and in the race in OK on an as much successful chassis and engine (Parilla). Following the second time in qualifying and the victory in the Prefinal, Pedro put in a great Final exchanging positions on top with his team mate Tom Joyner (Zanardi) first and with Nielsen afterwards. Hiltbrand was eventually second behind Nielsen, while Joyner was relegated to the 11th place by a 5 seconds time penalty due to the front fairing rule. Thanks to the first place in the Prefinal and the second in the Final, Hiltbrand secured anyway the classification lead, as he totaled 4 points more than Nielsen.

Regarding the other CRG drivers, the German Hannes Janker was eighth, Felice Tiene 12th due to a 5 seconds penalty, but secured the fastest lap of the race, the Finnish driver Paavo Tonteri was 15th at the end of a great comeback due to an incident at the start of his Prefinal. Richard Verschoor had an unlucky debut as he was forced to the retirement. A similar fate characterized the races of his team mates at CRG Keijzer, Alexander Gaal, Ido Cohen and Moritz Horn.


The young Norwegian driver of CRG Dennis Hauger came to the fore once more in OK Junior. Always among the front runners, Hauger has been fighting in the leading group ending the Final in eighth place, but should it have not been for a few unlucky episodes, he could have scored a podium. In Prefinal, Hauger was seventh and is currently eighth in the classification. The young British driver of CRG Teddy Wilson also had a solid debut weekend with the colors of the Italian outfit. Wilson ended the Final in P13, after taking P9 in the Prefinal.


The very young driver from Malaysia of Gamoto Racing, Adam Putera, secured the podium on CRG with a great third place. His team mate, the French Evann Mallet had to run a Final in the back due to an incident after an excellent victory in Prefinal and the pole position in qualifying. Among the drivers shining in the Prefinal, Leonardo Bizzotto, was sixth for Team Morsicani, but had some problems at the start of the Final. Riccardo Camplese of Gamoto was also among the quickest and ended 13th, while the Dutch of CRG Holland Justin Polman was 15th due to a 5 seconds penalty.



Dino Chiesa, CRG Team Principal: “This weekend started on a high, we only missed the victory to make us completely satisfied. Weather probably did not play in our favour but, as I already said, we will need one or two races before showing our best. We are getting there. This race proved that we are on the right direction and, most importantly, this applies to all categories. We confirmed our competitiveness in KZ, where CRG is the historical leader. We also made good progress in OK Junior and are growing also in OK, as highlighted by the results.”

Paolo De Conto, KZ: “We struggled a bit with such a cold and damp weather, but in qualifying, with milder temperatures, we have been the quickest. I am happy on the victory in the Prefinal and on fighting for the victory until the end of the Final. The CRG Road Rebel chassis has been perfect.”

Pedro Hiltbrand, OK: “I have always been up there in front, but the Final has been quite tight. Making another step forward is what counts, our whole OK team is really very competitive. For the moment I am leading the WSK Super Master, let's see what happens in the coming races. The important is get ready to the European Championship. We are on the right path.”

Felice Tiene, OK: “We had a great speed towards the end and, overall, us CRG drivers were the quickest. I set the fastest lap of the race, but I started from P10 and I lost some time due to an incident happened in front of me. I also lost some ground due to a not perfect qualifying, but the speed was great. I am really optimist for the remainder of the season.”


All results are available at www.wsk.it

Press Office
7 March 2016

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ; 2) To the right Paolo De Conto (KZ) with Stan Pex (on the middle) and Giacomo Pollini KZ2; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK; 4) Podium Mini, to the right Adam Putera; 5) Dennis Hauger, OK Junior.
Ph. CRG Press



Snow and ice forced organizers to suspend Saturday heats at the Circuit 7 Laghi of Castelletto. Final stages on Sunday with a new programme of Prefinals and Finals.

Bad weather forced the suspension of qualifying heats on Saturday 5 March at the Circuit 7 Laghi of Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia, Italy), where the first round of the WSK Super Master Series is underway.

Some snow and cold weather with ice on track convinced race direction to take this decision, after a consultation with a qualified representation of drivers. The three heats of KF Junior run on Friday evening and Saturday morning have also been canceled. The new programme, after qualifying held on Saturday and 60 Mini's run on Saturday morning, will continue on Sunday with two Prefinals, A and B, for category Mini, OK Junior and KZ-KZ2, while category OK will run only one Prefinal. Finals for all categories will follow. The new timetable (all times CET):

Sunday 6 March
8.40hrs Warm Up
11.40hrs Prefinal A Mini (10 km)
12.00hrs Prefinal B Mini (10 km)
12.20hrs Prefinal OK (20 km)
12.40hrs Prefinal A OK Junior (20 km)
13.00hrs Prefinal A OK Junior (20 km)
13.20hrs Prefinal A KZ-KZ2 (20 km)
13.40hrs Prefinal B KZ-KZ2 (20 km)
14.30hrs Final Mini (12 km)
15.00hrs Final OK (25 km)
15.30hrs Final OK Junior (20 km)
16.00hrs Final KZ-KZ2 (25 km)


1. Paolo De Conto (CRG/Maxter/Vega, CRG SpA) 46.491
4. Flavio Camponeschi (CRG/Parilla/Vega, CRG SpA) 46.718
7. Andrea Dalè (CRG/Tm/Vega, Nuova 3M) 46.734
10. Giacomo Pollini (CRG/Tm/Vega, Renda) 46.767
11. Simo Puhakka (CRG/Maxter/Vega, CRG SpA) 46.742
13. Stan Pex (CRG/Vortex/Vega, Pex) 46.750
20. Jorrit Pex (CRG/Vortex/Vega, Pex) 46.928
28. Fabrizio Rosati (CRG/Maxter/Vega, CRG SpA) 47.011
35. Andreas Johansson (CRG/Tm/Vega, CRG Holland) 47.177
36. Benjamin Tornqvist (CRG/Tm/Vega, CRG Holland) 47.155
37. Dylan Davies (CRG/Tm/Vega, CRG Keijzer) 47.228

2. Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG/Parilla/Vega, CRG SpA) 47.118
4. Tom Joyner (Zanardi/Parilla/Vega, CRG SpA) 47.199
7. Paavo Tonteri (CRG/Parilla/Vega, CRG SpA) 47.237
12. Hannes Janker (CRG/Parilla/Vega, CRG SpA) 47.331
13. Felice Tiene (CRG/Parilla/Vega, CRG SpA) 47.351
27. Moritz Horn (CRG/Parilla/Vega, CRG TB Racing) 47.917
28. Richard Verschoor (CRG/Tm/Vega, CRG Keijzer) 47.934
29. Ido Cohen (CRG/Tm/Vega, CRG Keijzer) 47.936
32. Alexander Gaal (CRG/Tm/Vega, CRG Keijzer) 48.940

7. Dennis Hauger (CRG/Parilla/Vega, CRG SpA) 48.752
14. Teddy Wilson (CRG/Parilla/Vega, CRG SpA) 48.805
62. Tara Eichenberger (CRG/Parilla/Vega, X-Rei) 49.578

1. Evann Mallet (CRG/Tm/Vega, Gamoto) 1:16.164
7. Justin Polman (CRG/Tm/Vega, CRG Holland) 1:17.317
11. Riccardo camplese (CRG/Tm/Vega, Gamoto) 1:17.663
20. Adam Putera (CRG/Tm/Vega, Gamoto) 1:18.640
23. Leonardo Bizzotto (CRG/Tm/Vega, Morsicani) 1:18.931
31. Marcos Flack (CRG/Tm/Vega, Gamoto) 1:19.685
33. Mathias Torreggiani (CRG/Tm/Vega, Torreggiani) 1:19.698
36. Cenyu Han (CRG/Tm/Vega, Gamoto) 1:20.890
37. Dan Skocdopole (CRG/Tm/Vega, Gamoto) 1:19.999
46. Ean Eyckmans (CRG/Tm/Vega, EGP) 1:22.862
63. Broer Cherine (CRG/Tm/Vega, SRP) 1:24.318
66. Gaia Eichenberger (CRG/Tm/Vega, Xrei) 1:26.819
67. Lukas Malek (CRG/Tm/Vega, Morsicani) 1:28.879
N.T. Yani Stevenheydens (CRG/Parilla/Vega, EGP)
N.T. Dilano Van T Hoff (CRG/Tm/Vega, Gamoto)

Live Timing, Live Streaming and all results on www.wsk.it

Press Office
5 March 2016

In the picture: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ poleman in Castelletto. Ph. CRG Press



De Conto claimed a stunning pole position in KZ at the WSK Super Master Series opener, Camponeschi fourth absolute. Hiltbrand among the quickest of OK. Dennis Hauger and Teddy Wilson showing good speed in OK Junior.

Paolo De Conto put in a great performance on CRG-Maxter in Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia, Italy) at the first round of the WSK Super Master Series. The Italian driver took a stunning pole position in KZ qualifying.

Paolo De Conto's “monstre” performance on CRG-Maxter – quickest absolute in 46.491s, time set in the second qualifying session – was followed by the great performance scored by Flavio Camponeschi, on CRG-Parilla, who secured the second time in the first session being only 28 thousands shy of the pole position set by Ardigò in 46.690s. This is a great double result that awards the work done by the whole CRG works team.


Among the CRG drivers on duty in the shifter categories KZ and KZ2, Flavio Camponeschi was second just short of the pole position and posted the absolute fourth position of the day. Giacomo Pollini (by Renda Motorsport) followed him by 0.077s in fifth place and was second of KZ2. The World Champion Jorrit Pex, took it easy in this season opening and pulled the tenth place at 0.238s, while an always stronger Fabrizio Rosati set the fourteenth time (fourth of KZ2) at 0.321s and Benjamin Tornqvist (by CRG Holland) was eighteenth at 0.465s.

Paolo De Conto raised the bar in the second session and looked like a “missile”, completing his best loop with a spectacular 46.491s. Among CRG drivers, the fourth time was secured by Andrea Dalè at 0.243s to the top, the sixth by Simo Puhakka at 0.251s, the seventh by Stan Pex at 0.259s, who was the first of KZ2, while the 18th was posted by Andreas Johansson (CRG Holland) at 0.686s, and the 19th by Dylan Davies (CRG Keijzer) at 0.737s.



Pedro Hiltbrand, on CRG-Parilla, is always more and more “OK” in category OK. He has already been excellent at the Winter Cup and displayed a great shape in Castelletto since the beginning, posting the second absolute time that was 0.187s shy of the pole position set by Sargeant. Paavo Tonteri obtained a great seventh place at 0.306s, Hannes Janker was 12th at 0.400s, Felice Tiene 13th at 0.420s, Moritz Horn (CRG TB Racing Team) 27th at 0.986s, Richard Verschoor (CRG Keijzer) 28th at 1.003s, Ido Cohen (CRG Keijzer) 29th at 1.005s and Alexander Gaal (CRG Keijzer) 32nd at 2.009s.


Among the CRG drivers competing in OK Junior, Dennis Hauger has been shining and proved again to be at ease in this first year in the category. He secured the fourth time in the second session, being only 0.120s short of the pole position. Teddy Wilson's debut with CRG colors has also been great, as he posted the seventh quickest time of the first session being 0.120s shy of the top.


Saturday 5 March: 60 Mini qualifying from 10.10hrs; heats from 10.40hrs.
Sunday 6 March: Mini heats at 10.25hrs; Prefinals at 11.00hrs; Final OK at 14.00hrs, OK Junior Final at 14.30hrs, Final Mini at 15.00hrs, Final KZ2 at 15.30hrs.

Live Timing, Live Streaming and all results available at www.wsk.it

Press Office
4 March 2016

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ poleman in Castelletto. 2)-3) The new CRG partner “STARLANE” data acquisition. Ph. Cunaphoto.it.



The WSK Super Master Series is about to kick off with the first round of Castelletto di Branduzzo. CRG is going to field the whole works team and some new arrivals, like Teddy Wilson in OK Junior, Hannes Janker and Richard Verschoor in OK. Complete lineup also in KZ and KZ2 with all teams' champions on track. A lot of CRG drivers in Mini too.

Things are going to get serious with the WSK Super Master Series. This coming weekend the Circuit 7 Laghi of Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia, Italy) will house the first round of the international series that will then continue with the rounds of Sarno (20 March), La Conca (3 April) and Adria (22 May). CRG to field its nearly complete lineup.


Alongside the competitive Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger, CRG will make Teddy Wilson debut in Castelletto's OK Junior, while waiting for the debut of the Brazilian Gianluca Petecof. Wilson has been successfully competing in the British Cadets series and in the past season of KF Junior.


CRG works team for category OK will feature the competitive “trident” made by Pedro Hiltbrand, Felice Tiene (third last year) and Paavo Tonteri, that will be sided by the former KF World Champion Tom Joyner who will make it to the track on Zanardi chassis. CRG works team will welcome the debut of the German Hannes Janker in OK, who will be assisted by TB Motorsport's technicians, while the strong Dutch driver Richard Verschoor, third last year in the KF European Championship, will also make his debut with CRG colors among the fields of CRG Keijzer Racing. CRG Keijzer will also line up the Israeli Ido Cohen and the Dutch Alexander Gaal in Castelletto, while CRG TB Racing Team will bring the German Moritz Horn on track.


CRG drivers are all set to hunt the success in KZ. Spearheads in this category are the World Champion Jorrit Pex, to be assisted by Pex Racing Team, and the three works drivers Flavio Camponeschi, Paolo De Conto and Simo Puhakka, who was second last year at the WSK Super Master. European 2014 Champion Andrea Dalè will also compete in KZ as the Dutch driver Dylan Davies, who will be on track with CRG Keijzer Racing.

Stan Pex and Fabrizio Rosati will defend CRG colors in KZ2, while Giacomo Pollini will be assisted by Renda Motorsport, and the Swedish drivers Persson Tornqvist and Andreas Johansson by CRG Holland.


CRG presence in 60 Mini is going to be particularly numerous. EGP Racing will line up Yani Stevenheydens, Ean Eyckmans and Luca Griggs, Team Gamoto will field Enzo Scionti, Marcos Flack, Cenyu Han, Dilamo Van T Hoff, Evann Mallet, Adam Putera, Dan Skocdopole, Riccardo Camplese, Francesco Barbera, CRG Holland Justin Polman, Team Morsicani Lucas Malek and Leonardo Bizzotto, SRP Broer Cherine, while X-Rei will compete with Gaia Eichenberger and Mathias Torreggiani.

Friday 4 March: qualifying OKJ, OK, KZ2 from 14.40hrs; OKJ heats from 16.45hrs.
Saturday 5 March: 60 Mini qualifying from 10.10hrs; heats from 10.40hrs.
Sunday 6 March: Mini heats at 10.25hrs; Prefinals at 11.00hrs; Final OK at 14.00hrs, OK Junior Final at 14.30hrs, Final Mini at 15.00hrs, Final KZ2 at 15.30hrs.

Live Timing, Live Streaming and all results will be available at www.wsk.it

Press Office
2 March 2016

In the picture: Simo Puhakka, KZ. Ph. CRG Press.



The 21st edition of the Winter Cup highlighted the speed of CRG drivers in all categories, but this time around they could not hit the big target for several reasons. Positive indications in Junior with Dennis Hauger showing a great growth and in Mini with the podium secured by Mallet and team Gamoto.

A great spectacle with 268 drivers on track enlivened the 21st edition of the Winter Cup at the South Garda Karting track of Lonato, where CRG works drivers have been protagonists in all categories, confirming the competitiveness of the technical package as well as that of all the drivers.

Alongside the due credit to all CRG Racing Team drivers, a pretty much welcomed confirmation came from the young Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger, who is in his debut year in Junior, after dominating the past two seasons of 60 Mini. At the second race in OK Junior in Lonato, Hauger turned out to be among the absolute protagonists of the series, being always among the front runners. Hauger managed to take the fifth place in the Final, confirming his speed after the great fifth place in his Prefinal.


A series of 10 seconds time penalties due to some racing contacts and some incidents spoiled the results of CRG drivers in KZ2 instead. Nevertheless, Paolo De Conto, Flavio Camponeschi, Simo Puhakka and Fabrizio Rosati, alongside the new entry from Macau, Andy Chang, showed great competitiveness throughout the weekend. The Final has been quite spectacular, but the classification did not do justice to CRG drivers competing in the Winter Cup. In the race won by Marco Ardigò, from Luca Corberi to Anthony Abbasse, the best of CRG drivers was the private driver Andrea Dalè, who pulled a sixth place. Simo Puhakka ended ninth, Fabian Federer with team SRP was eventually relegated to the eleventh place from the final P4. Giacomo Pollini of Renda Motorsport was 13th, Andy Chang 19th and Gerard Cebrian Ariza 21th. Flavio Camponeschi was also handed a 10 seconds penalty, while Paolo De Conto, Fabrizio Rosati and Enrico Prosperi had to retire due to an incident.


Some tough luck also hit CRG drivers competing in category OK. Following a series of misfortunes, like that happened to Pedro Hiltbrand at the start of the Prefinal, the pace shown in the Final by Hiltbrand, Felice Tiene and by the Finn Paavo Tonteri has really been remarkable. In the end, Hiltbrand has been the quickest, but he had to settle for P6 at the end of a great comeback, while Tiene and Tonteri closed respectively in P7 and P8, right in the slipstream of their team mate. The three CRG drivers will certainly be among the main protagonists of this season.


CRG colors made it to the podium of Mini Rok thanks to the French driver of Team Gamoto Evann Mallet. The very young French has been the main contender to the victory until the very last few meters, but he was overtaken at the last corner and crossed the line in P3. Mallet was later on promoted to the second place behind Pizzi, as the winner Coluccio was handed a 10 seconds penalty. Two of the main CRG drivers, namely Riccardo Camplese, also of Team Gamoto, and Federico Cecchi of Team Morsicani, had to retire due to an incident.


Dino Chiesa, team principal CRG: “We scored a great result with Dennis Hauger in category Junior. Despite coming from Mini and being at his second race in the higher category, he ended right at the feet of the podium. This is really promising. In OK we are still in an embryonic stage; we are working to improve and things are on and off, but these are still early days. The Winter Cup is a race of its kind and we also did some tests, that will be useful in the remainder of the season. We certainly need to work on some aspects for KZ2, but this is quite a peculiar race as it is the only one run on Bridgestone tyres. We might be more competitive on a type of rubber than on another, but I believe that serious stuff is going to come in a couple of races. The second race of WSK Super Series or the first round of the European Championship will show the real values on the field.”

All results are available at www.southgardakarting.it

Press Office
22 February 2016

In the pictures: 1) Dennis Hauger, OKJ; 2) Flavio Camponeschi, KZ2; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK; 4) Evann Mallet, Mini Rok; 5) Felice Tiene, OK. Ph. CRG Press.



The protagonists of CRG works team will be in Lonato for the 21st edition of the Winter Cup in the weekend of February 21st. Top class lineups in KZ2, OK and OK Junior. Numerous participation also in Mini Rok with private teams.

The 21st edition of the Winter Cup is kicking off at the South Garda Karting circuit of Lonato. The classic race of the beginning of the season will be once again one of the first international challenges among the best teams, and this year will have about 280 drivers on track in the four categories KZ2, OK, OK Junior and Mini Rok.

CRG Racing Team will have a strong presence at this appointment with the objective of getting the most out of the competitiveness of its products, as recently happened in KZ2 at the WSK Champions Cup held in Adria, where Paolo De Conto on CRG-Maxter dominated the category.

Paolo de Conto is in fact among the most awaited protagonists. In Lonato, he will be assisted again by Renda Motorsport on CRG-Maxter; the team will also field Giacomo Pollini, Enrico Prosperi and Stefano De Vecchi. In category KZ2, that counts 68 entered drivers, CRG colors will be defended also by the Finn Simo Puhakka, by 2015 European Champion Flavio Camponeschi who is at the debut in KZ2 with CRG, by Fabrizio Rosati, by the Spanish driver Gerard Serbian Ariza, the Irish Henry Odhran and Macau's Chang Wing Chung, alongside several other private drivers, among which 2014 European Champion Andrea Dalè.


CRG will line up three top class drivers in the new international category OK in Lonato: Felice Tiene (third at the Winter Cup last year), Pedro Hiltbrand at his season debut, and the Finnish driver Paavo Tonteri, at his first year in the higher category after the Winter Cup podium of KF Junior obtained last year, will have great chances to put in a great performance.

CRG colors will be represented by the quick Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger, who is at the first year in OK Junior, after being among the protagonists of 60 Mini last year. The Spanish drivers Gonzalo Vergara Fernandez and Miguel Angel Jurado Ariza will also be on track with CRG.

A lot of drivers will be competing on CRG chassis in the very crowded Mini Rok, that will have 108 drivers on track. Among these, Team Gamoto's Riccardo Camplese, Barbera Francesco, Han Cenyu, Elliot Vayron, Marcos Flack, Egor Litvinenko and the Chinese driver Huang Xizheng will be aiming for a good result, as will do team Morsicani's Federico Cecchi, Leonardo Bizzotto and Lukas Malek. The Spanish drivers Lucas Romero Berlanga, Iris Pinheiro Rego, Troy Burkill, Fahd Mesbahi and several other drivers will also compete on CRG.


The programme (CET):

Friday 19 February:
Technical Scrutineering for Mini Rok from n. 401 to n. 454 from 8.00hrs to 8.30hrs, for Mini Rok from n. 455 to n. 509 from 8.45hrs to 9.30hrs.
Warm-up from 8.30hrs.
Qualifying from 10.30hrs.
Qualifying heats from 13.00hrs.

Saturday 20 February:
Warm-up from 8.30hrs.
Qualifying heats from 10.30hrs.

Sunday 21 February:
Warm-up from 8.30hrs.
Prefinals OK at 10.25hrs, OK Junior Prefinal “A” at 10.50hrs, OK Junior Prefinal “B” at 11.15hrs, Mini Rok Prefinal “A” at 11.50, Mini Rok Prefinal “B” at 12.05hrs, KZ2 Prefinal “A” at 12.20hrs, KZ2 Prefinal “B” at 12.45hrs.
Finals Mini Rok Final “B” at 13.30hrs, OK at 14.00hrs, OK Junior at 14.40hrs, Mini Rok Final “A” at 15,20hrs, KZ2 at 15.55hrs.

Live Timing and all results at www.southgardakarting.it
Live Streaming on Sunday 21 February from 10.25hrs.

Press Office
18 February 2016

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ2 (Ph. CRG Press); 2) Paavo Tonteri, OK (Ph. CRG Press); 3) CRG Racing Team (Cunaphoto.it)



Spectacular win for Ed Brand and CRG in DD2 at Valencia's Winter Cup, that was the first Rotax round in Europe. Podium rounded up by the Polish driver Slawomir Muranski. Tough luck in Senior and Junior for the other CRG drivers. The next rounds of Rotax.

CRG secured a fair and square victory in category DD2 with the British driver Ed Brand in the Winter Cup of Valencia, the season opener of Rotax Europe. Brand dominated qualifying and then claimed the victory of the Final after a good comeback race.

Ed Brand's superiority in DD2 at the Winter Cup of Valencia has been sharp since the beginning, as CRG drivers led by Martin Reuvers claimed the virtual podium of qualifying with poleman Ed Brand followed by his Spanish team mates Oriol Dalmau Caballero at 0.158s and Cristobal Garcia at 0.270s.

Ed Brand confirmed his speed in qualifying heats, when he secured the second place, leading Oriol Dalmau Caballero. The Spanish driver of CRG took the win in DD2's Prefinal instead, while Brand was relegated to the final P13 due to an incident. His prompt recovery took place in the Final though, as Ed Brand managed to get all the positions back, installing himself on the lead with two laps to go before taking a solid victory.


The DD2 podium was rounded up for CRG by the Polish driver Slawomir Muranski of team Wyrzykowski, who also completed an excellent comeback up to the final third place. Oriol Dalmau Caballero was 12th after winning the Prefinal and Cristobal Garcia 15th due to a penalty.

Several racing hiccups stopped CRG drivers in the other two categories Senior and Junior.

The best of CRG's lot of Senior was the Spanish driver Lluc Ibanez who ended his effort in 13th, the German Christopher Dreyspring was 16th, the Israeli Ido Cohen 20th, while the other Spaniard Mauricio van Der Laan was 24th.

In Junior, the German Phil Doerr had to settle for P19, while the Spanish driver Kilian Meyer ended 24th due to a 10s time penalty after a promising 10th place in Prefinal.

The next rounds of Rotax are the second round of the Florida Winter Tour in Ocala Grand Prix on February 21st and the third round of FWT in Palm Beach on March 20th.

The Rotax Euro Challenge will kick off on April 3rd in Genk (Belgium). The series will then resume from Castelletto (Italy) on May 15th, before heading to Zuera (Spain) on July 24th and to Salbris (France) on August 28th. The Adria Karting Raceway (Italy) will house the only round of the Rotax International Open on October 9th. The Rotax Grand Finals will also take place in Italy on October 21st at the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno.

Press Office
15 February 2016


In the pictures: 1) DD2, Ed Brand; 2) DD2 podium, Ed Brand winner; 3) DD2, Ed Brand (688), Oriol Dalmau Caballero (628), Cristobal Garcia (625). Ph. Timo Deck.



The strong Dutch Richard Verschoor is a CRG driver. He will debut with team CRG Keijzer in the 2016 international season of KF and KZ.

CRG welcomes another great new entry for season 2016: the strong Dutch driver Richard Verschoor will race in fact in the new category OK and will also make his debut in KZ among the ranks of the Dutch team CRG Keijzer, in collaboration with CRG Racing Team.

Richard Verschoor, who secured the 2014 CIK-FIA Academy Trophy, is a 15 years old driver (born on 16.12.2000 in Benshop, Netherlands) that is considered among the quickest of international karting. He already acquired a remarkable experience in KF and in the Rotax Championship.

Verschoor won the 2015 KF title in the German Championship DKM, with six wins under his belt. In the past season he ended second in the WSK Champions Cup, where he also took a victory, was second in the WSK Final Cup and eighth in WSK Super Master Series. Verschoor got on the third step of the podium at the 2015 KF European Championship, ending behind Ben Hanley and Tom Joyner. He was among the protagonists of the KF World Championship in La Conca, where he closed his effort in sixth place.


Richard Verschoor's 2016 sporting programme will also include Formula 4.

Press Office
13 February 2016

In the pictures: 1) Richard Verschoor with team CRG Keijzer principal Willemjan Keijzer; 2) Richard Verschoor wearing the new CRG colors. Ph. Bas Kaligis/RaceXpress.nl



The young Brazilian driver Gianluca Petecof joined CRG Racing Team in OK Junior. His debut will be at the Trofeo Andrea Margutti before running the WSK Super Master Series, European Championship and the CIK-FIA World Championship.

CRG works team has been enriched by the arrival of another young and very strong driver, the 13 years old Brazilian from Sao Paulo Gianluca Petecof, who has been hired by the Italian squad to take part in 2016 OK Junior.

Gianluca Petecof has made his debut in Europe last year taking part in the KF Junior World Championship in La Conca. He was Florida Winter Tour Champion in the United States, and also started the Tag Junior Final of Las Vegas from the pole position last year. In Brazil he has been shining in the Sudam Junior.

Dino Chiesa, CRG Principal Team: “We are quite confident for the introduction of Gianluca Petecof in CRG works team. He is a young but very fast driver, I am pretty sure he will award us with great satisfaction in OK Junior. He will start this experience with us from the Trofeo Andrea Margutti and then will compete in the WSK Super Master Series, European Championship and CIK-FIA World Championship.”

Press Office
12 February 2016



CRG is increasing its presence on the territory opening new branches. CRG Spain will in fact join CRG Nordam and CRG Great Britain to provide customers with an easier and more direct access to CRG products.

CRG Group is continuing its expansion opening new national branches. Following the introduction of CRG Nordam in United States and CRG Great Britain for UK, CRG is now announcing the opening of a new branch in Spain with the creation of CRG Spain.

CRG is getting more and more present on the territory with the objective of providing customers with better service and with more timely chances of testing CRG products, through a more direct contact with clients and shorter provision times in those countries where CRG brand is experiencing a strong growth.



CRG Spain is be located at the Kart Center of Campillos and is directed by Francisco Duran. The whole CRG products range is now present in the new headquarter of Campillos where customers will have the chance to see and test it all, starting from the smallest kart Puffo, to the more performing and racing models, to the new Rental line.

Meanwhile, CRG is happy to welcome the first Teams and Dealers of CRG Spain: Faluga Racing Team, DM Motorsport and Scuderia Rotax.

CRG Spain contact is Francisco Duran at Kart Center of Campillos:
Email: francisco@kartcrg-spain.com

Press Office
11 February 2016

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