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The Italian Paolo De Conto will be the new CRG works driver for KZ International season in 2015. He is one of the main protagonists of world karting with 2011 KZ1 European Championship and 2010's KZ2 under his belt.

CRG works team is getting stronger ahead of season 2015 with the arrival of Paolo De Conto, who is going to be a CRG works driver in KZ. This is quite an important new entry for CRG Racing Team, that aims to strengthen its lineup in KZ ahead of the forthcoming season, and also a great chance for Paolo De Conto, a very quick driver with high qualities.

Appreciated by everyone for his outgoing character and his human as well as sportive qualities, Paolo De Conto is one of the main protagonists of world karting and one of the most motivated and competitive too. He is particularly firm in overtaking moves, especially those that can turn the race events in his favour.



Paolo De Conto ended this season putting in great performances as the recent success obtained in KZ2 at Las Vegas prestigious SuperNationals. In 2014 he also won the Winter Cup of Lonato and dominated the third round of the CIK-FIA KZ European Championship held in Kristianstad, ending the European campaign in 7th place. He has been 5th in the 2014 KZ World Championship, occasion in which he led the race for two laps in the first part of the final. In WSK Super Master he ended fifth. De Conto also competed in DD2 Euro Rotax, where he won the round of Castelletto di Branduzzo. He won the fifth edition of the Memorial Ciao Thomas Knopper KZ2 in Kerpen.


Paolo De Conto is in credit with good luck, he has in fact been stopped by technical problems several times when his victory seemed certain. The victory at the KZ1 European Championship of Wackersdorf in 2011 shines in his CV, as the WSK Master Series KZ1 title and the KZ2 Memorial Ciao Thomas Knopper in Kerpen won in the same year. In 2010 De Conto won the European Championship KZ2 after the two rounds of Sarno and Varennes, he then won the WSK Euro Series KZ2 and the first Memorial Ciao Thomas Knopper KZ2. In 2010 he also ended second in the German KZ2 Championship and second in the Monaco Kart Cup KZ2. In 2009 he has been second in the German KZ2 Championship and won the Bridgestone Cup Europe KZ2.


Paolo De Conto (ITA)
22 years old - Farra di Soligo, Treviso (Italia)

2014 - 1. Skusa SuperNationals, KZ2
2014 - 1. Winter Cup Lonato, KZ2
2011 - 1. European Championship, KZ1
2011 - 1. WSK Master Series, KZ1
2010 - 1. European Championship, KZ2
2010 - 2. German Championship, KZ2
2010 - 2. Monaco kart Cup, KZ2
2010 - 1. WSK Euro Series, KZ2
2009 - 2. German Championship, KZ2
2009 - 1. Bridgestone Cup Europe, KZ2

Press Office
3 December 2014

In the pictures: 1) The side of the new CRG kart to be driven by Paolo De Conto in 2015; 2) Paolo De Conto, CRG Official Driver; 3) Paolo De Conto between Davide Forè and Jordon Lennox-Lamb at the recent European Championship KZ in Genk (Ph. Cunaphoto.it).



The Britain Sean Babington dominated category DD2 at the International Kartodrome Lucas Guerrero and won the prestigious International Title Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals on CRG in a tricky wet final.

The British driver Sean Babington won the Rotax Grand Finals in Valencia (Spain) in the most powerful category, DD2, running a flawless race on CRG in a final made even more complicate by rain. Babington proceeded the 2012 Grand Finals winner, the Canadian Ben Cooper, by more than 2 seconds, and the Australian Jordon Boys.


In DD2, category for which CRG has been once again technical partner, the Italian factory provided the competitive CRG Dark Rider Evo chassis for 72 drivers coming from 46 countries, out of the 288 total drivers from 58 countries partaking in the event at the International Kartodrome Lucas Guerrero. This has been the 15th edition of one of the most important International appointments in the world that has seen all the National Rotax champions on track.


Babington has been the dominator of the Spanish weekend in DD2. He has been the quickest since qualifying, when he posted the quickest time in 55”190, being 80 thousands of a second clear of the Hungarian Ferenc Kancsar and 0.108s of the Spaniard Javier Rodelas. Babington has been victorious again in the heats, when he secured three race wins and was followed by Ben Cooper at 2.

Prefinal was cancelled due to the heavy rain falling on the Spanish track, but the Final was regularly run despite being still disturbed a bit by rain. Sean Babington did not have problems in leading the race proceeding Ben Cooper by more than two seconds at the flag, as the Australian Jordan Boys was third at 5.420s. The top ten was rounded up by the Canadian Fred Woodley, the Finn Rasmus Markkanen, the French Maxim Gravouille, the Briton Shaun Slavin, the Swiss Kevin Luedi, the American Nick Neri and the Canadian Jeffrey Kingsley.



The Britain Sean Babington, who lives in Dubai, has been protagonist in this season also in the Rotax Euro Challenge DD2, when he secured the fourth place behind the winner Ben Cooper, Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Andreas Backman. Babington also won the Rotax Winter Cup DD2 in Campillos (Spain) during this season. In 2013 Babington ended eleventh in the Rotax Grand Finals DD2 held in United States, race won by Simas Juodvirsis. He has also been second in the Euro Challenge DD2 behind Ben Cooper.


The new range of karting engines Rotax 125 MAX evo were also presented in Valencia. Ease of use and equal chances to all the drivers are the features of this new series Rotax 125 Max evo, that combines the proven evolution concept Rotax with the most recent technologies applied to karting. In a nutshell, this advanced technology, specifically devised for this new generation of engines, impresses for its ease of use and its improved durability, that requires lower running costs and less maintenance.


DD2: Sean Babington (United Emirates)
DD2 Master: Mikko Laine (Finland)
Max Senior: Carlos Gil (Spain)
Junior: Jueri Vips (Estonia)
Micro Max (Spain, Portugal): Daniel Nogales (Spain)
Nation’s Cup: South Africa

All results are available at www.rotax-kart.com

Press Office
30 November 2014


In the pictures: 1) Sean Babington, DD2; 2) Nick Neri (357), DD2; 3) Start DD2.



CRG is in Spain for the Grand Finals Rotax of Valencia, where the Italian firm is the official chassis provider for the most performing category: DD2. A total of 288 drivers will be on track at this important world Rotax event, all of them are national trophy winners. Category DD2 will have 72 drivers on track on CRG chassis, they come from 46 countries. All the finals scheduled for Saturday 29 November.

The International Kartodrome Lucas Guerrero of Valencia (Spain) will house the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals, event that celebrates this year the 15th edition of one of the most important appointments of international karting. The race will have 288 drivers on track coming from all over the world for the most popular single branded event by Rotax.


CRG is a partner of this event also in 2014, and the Italian firm will provide its particularly sought after chassis to the most performing shifter category: DD2. CRG is a leader in world karting, and it has built its brand around the very high quality of its products, which allowed the company to secure a lot of international titles over the years, making the prize list of the Italian firm extraordinary.

In this season, CRG won the CIK-FIA KZ2 European Championship with Andrea Dalè, which was the 40th title in CIK-FIA European Championships won from 1979 to 2014. On top of that, CRG secured 38 World Championships and CIK-FIA World Cups from 1984 to 2013 and some further 41 titles in CIK-FIA, WSK and other important international events.


A total of 288 drivers will make it to the track in the four categories of the Rotax Grand Finals (Micro Max, Junior, Senior, DD2 Master, DD2). Seventy-two drivers will compete in category DD2 on CRG Dark Rider Evo chassis: these are at least 15 years old that turned out to be the best drivers in several national DD2 Rotax championships around the world, coming from 46 countries covering all the 5 continents. The venue of this event will be the International Kartodrome Lucas Guerrero of Valencia, a circuit that is 1.428 meters long.



CRG will employ an original and appealing livery to celebrate the importance of this Spanish event: a bull on the sides and on the front end of the kart. This is a real masterpiece that has been appreciated by all the drivers and that will certainly arouse the interest of collectors, as happened in the case of the livery shown last year: a stunning and original American flag to celebrate the event that took part in New Orleans (USA).



The International DD2 title of the Grand Finals held last year in USA went to the driver from Lithuania Simas Juodvirsis, the event of 2012 organized in Portugal was won by the Canadian with British origins Ben Cooper, while the Canadian Pier-Luc Ouellette won the title in 2011 in the United Arab Emirates. Ben Cooper will be present at the Grand Finals of Valencia, while Italy will be represented by Alex Beggi, who is at his second experience in the Grand Finals as he won the Rotax Italia DD2 Trophy for the second year.



The first day on track, held on Wednesday 26 November, has been devoted to qualifying. The quickest time was posted by the Briton Sean Babington who completed his best loop in 55.190 and was 80 thousands of a second quicker than the Hungarian Ferenc Kancsar and 0.108s than Javier Rodelas. Ben Cooper is currently tenth at 0.263s, while Alex Beggi is fifteenth at 0.350s.


Thursday 27 November: Qualifying heats.
Friday 28 November: Qualifying heats; Repechages.
Saturday 29 November: Prefinals from 9:45; Prefinal DD2 at 11:35. Finals from 13:30: Final DD2 at 16:30.

Live Timing and Live Streaming: www.rotax-kart.com

Press Office
27 November 2014

In the pictures: 1) Ben Cooper in action in DD2 in Valencia (Ph Media RMCGF BRP); 2) CRG livery for this year's edition of the Rotax Grand Finals in Valencia (Ph. CRG Press); 3) CRG Team Racing presentation in Valencia (Ph. Rotax New Age Karting).



Jordon Lennox-Lamb on CRG-PSL triumphed at the SuperNationals of Las Vegas in category S1, leading Davide Forè on track with CRG-USA. Lennox secured also the National Championship. Forè among the protagonists also in KZ2, where he ended fourth after leading the Final.

CRG scored a stunning one-two in Las Vegas' “Skusa Supernationals XVIII”, as Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Davide Forè ended first and second of S1 Pro, the most performing American category for shifter karts powered by Honda.

This has been a good result that awarded the competitiveness of CRG drivers and the hard work done by the two teams CRG USA and CRG PSL Karting, that brought on track a great organization and supported a high number of drivers in the categories involved in such a huge American event. This great spectacle has seen more than 500 drivers challenging each other on the track set up in the parking of the Hotel Rio of Las Vegas.



Jordon Lennox-Lamb and CRG-PSL Karting won fair and square in S1 Pro after an initial series of position exchanges with CRG USA's Davide Forè. The CRG pairing dominated the whole Final, with Lennox taking the lead one third into the race and crossing the line first, setting also the fastest lap of the race in a nearly parade arrival with Forè in his slipstream. This victory earned Lennox also the win of the American Championship of category S1 in an en-plein of victories that followed the success harvested in Dallas and Modesto Grand Prix. This great success was celebrated by Lennox with an original graphic design of his CRG kart and a retro style racing suit.

The quickest qualifying time of Las Vegas was set by Forè, who was also on top thanks to one victory in the two heats, while Lennox had a crescendo of results once he got to grips with the setup of his kart: he was fifth in qualifying and fourth after the heats. Fritz Leesmann and CRG-PSL were fifth in the Final as the driver ended behind Danny Formal (DR) and Nick Neri (Tony Kart). The American racer Sabré Cook on CRG-USA, has been very quick after coming to the fore in October at the CIK-FIA KZ2 World Championship held in Sarno. Sabré was 16th in Las Vegas after an excellent seventh time in qualifying, just 3 tenths shy of Forè's time.



Davide Forè has had a double commitment in Vegas as he took part also in the KZ2 event with CRG-USA on CRG-Maxter, occasion in which he also turned out to be one of the main protagonists. He was fourth in qualifying behind Paolo De Conto (BirelArt-Tm), Jonathan Thonon (Praga-Parilla) and Bas Lammers (Formula K-Parilla). Forè was fifth after the heats but put in a good comeback race that took him to the lead, before having to give some positions away at half-way through and ending in P4. The victory went to De Conto though, who dominated the whole weekend. The second place was secured by Thonon and the third by Lammers. The top ten was rounded up by AJ Myers (Pcr-Tm) in fifth, Alessandro Bressan (Comp-Tm), Lorenzo Camplese (Maranello-Tm), Phillip Orcic (Tony Kart-Tm), Kel Treseder (Energy-Tm) and Fritz Leesmann (CRG-PSL, CRG-Parilla).

Press Office
24 November 2014

In the pictures: 1) Las Vegas, Jordon Lennox-Lamb, S1; 2) Las Vegas, Jordon Lennox-Lamb Lennox and Davide Forè on the podium, S1; 3) Las Vegas, Davide Forè and Jordon Lennox-Lamb, S1.
Ph. Cunaphoto.it



Leonardo Marseglia on CRG-Lke secured the Absolute Trophy “Memorial Carlo Fabi” in edition 43 of the Trofeo delle Industrie, thanks to the victory in 60 Mini.

Team Gamoto and Leonardo Marseglia on CRG-Lke obtained a stunning victory at the 43rd Trofeo delle Industrie, race run at the South Garda Karting of Lonato. A great performance earned the young driver of Team Gamoto the victory in the 60 Mini, as well as the Absolute Trophy “Memorial Carlo Fabi”, the most sought after prize reserved to the global best performance of the event that also included categories KF Junior, KF and KZ2.


The 43rd Trofeo delle Industrie has been even tougher due to weather conditions as rain has hit Lonato on and off. A total of 37 drivers made it to the track in 60 Mini and team Gamoto fielded its lot of youngsters decided to get a good result: Leonardo Marseglia, Muizzuddin Bin Abdul Gafar, Suleiman Zanfari and Muhammad Sidqi.

Gamoto drivers had some difficulties in their qualifying session though, as Marseglia was the quickest of them in P7 of his group, but the counter-charge arrived soon after in the heats as Marseglia recouped up to a good P4, Muizzuddin was thirteenth and Sidqi seventeenth, while Zanfari was forced to run repechage but could not gain the pass to the final stages.

Marseglia put in a stunning recover in the Prefinal and installed himself in P2 crossing the finish line behind Moretti, as Sidqi was sixth and Muizzuddin hit troubles being pushed down to P20 by a contact with a rival. Events awarded the positive trend of Marseglia on the humid tarmac of the Final. He ended up winning a race full of yellow flags due to incidents, while Abrusci – who crossed the finish line as first – was handed a 10 seconds penalty due to his jump start and was threfore relegated to the final P23. Muizzuddin was seventh at the end of a good comeback in the initial stages, while Sidqi had to settle for 24th.



Credit goes therefore to Team Gamoto and Leonardo Marseglia on their win that placed the driver in the prestigious Hall of Fame of the Trofeo delle Industrie also with the victory of the “Memorial Carlo Fabi”. This result confirmed the quality of a winning chassis like CRG's that is getting great results even in the smaller category. In this season,Team Gamoto was third in the WSK Final Cup with Marseglia, won the WSK Champions Cup and got the second place in the WSK Super Master with Muizzuddin Bin Abdul Gafar, and ended second in the Italian ACI-CSAI Championship with Dennis Hauger.

Team Gamoto and CRG will be on track in Las Vegas in the Cadets category with Leonardo Marseglia who already won last year's edition, and with Suleiman and Sofia Zanfari.


60 MINI: 1. Leonardo Marseglia (CRG-Lke); 2. Guidetti (Energy-Lke); 3. Moretti (Tony Kart-Lke); 4. Skeed (Top kart-Parilla); 5. Moya Lopez (Tony Kart-Lke); 6. Papalia (Tony Kart-Lke); 7. Bin Abdul Gafar Muizzuddin (CRG-Lke); 8. Anderutti (CRG-Lke); 9. Bogdanov (Tony Kart-Lke); 10. Kacovsky (FA-Lke).

Press Office
13 November 2014

In the Pictures: Leonardo Marseglia, 60 Mini
Ph. Davide Pastanella



Jordon Lennox confirmed to be very quick in KZ2 and obtained a good fifth place on CRG-Maxter. Felice Tiene put in a good comeback race in KF, as Dionisios Marcu. Alex Quinn strong in KFJ, while Leonardo Marseglia got a podium in Mini.

The brand new track Adria Karting Raceway closed WSK season 2014 as well as that of CRG Racing Team, that archived a year full of emotions and competitiveness in all categories.

While waiting to prepare the new year that announces to be rather interesting due to several technical advancements and to an even more competitive team, CRG had all his driver under the spotlight in Adria, starting from Jordon Lennox-Lamb in KZ2, who has been protagonist and combative as usual on the 1.302 meters of the circuit of Adria making good display of the quality of CRG chassis and of the evolution of Maxter engine, a pairing that is destined to award a lot of success to the Italian outfit.


Lennox obtained a good P5 in the Final after showing a good speed for the whole weekend: P2 after heats and P3 in the Prefinal. Started very well also in the Final, Lennox had to concede some positions during the race though and from the starting P2 he ended 5th, even though he kept the pace of the front runners posting the second quickest time of the race in 48.077. At the flag, Lennox was proceeded by Ardigò, Hayek, Thonon and Camponeschi.



Felice Tiene in KF awarded the usual emotions and never gave up despite a double technical problem that forced the Italian to put in a comeback after qualifying heats. Tiene had to start the Prefinal from the back, but managed to climb all the way to P10. In the Final, he kept his momentum, recovering up to the 6th place. He therefore managed to score another strong performance that made justice to a good technical performance and to the unquestionable qualities of a winning driver like Felice Tiene.

A very good performance was also put in by Dionisios Marcu in KF. He has been involved in an incident in the Prefinal and then has been superlative in the Final, where he managed to climb all the way from last to a brilliant P10. The Final was won by Basz from Fewtrell to Van Leeuwen. The fourth place went to Nicklas Nielsen and the fifth to Kevin Rossel.


A strong confirmation in KF Junior came from the young Alex Quinn, who was 9th at the flag after a very tight Final with the CRG driver in the slipstream of the leading pack after starting from P15. The Final was won by Martono from Sargeant to Leonardo Lorandi. The other CRG driver, Archie Tillett, had a bit of bad luck in the Prefinal and he just missed on gaining access to the Final.



CRG has been represented by team Gamoto in 60 Mini and all the 5 entered drivers made it to the Final. Leonardo Marseglia experienced the joy of the podium thanks to the third place behind Bogdanov and Serravalle. The Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger ended fourth, but he could have got on the podium if he were not stuck in the heat of the final stages of the race. The Malaysian driver Muizzuddin Bin Abdul Gafar has always been fighting with the front runners and ended in P7. Regarding the other two color bearers of team Gamoto, Muhammad Sidqi ended 22nd while Morocco's Souleimane Zanfari 33rd.

WSK FINAL CUP, 02.11.12

KZ2: 1. Ardigò; 2. Hajek; 3. Thonon; 4. Camponeschi; 5. Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-Maxter); 6. Lammers; 7. Hansen; 8. Isaakyan; 9. Sportella; 10. Kenny; ... 18. Simoni (CRG-Tm); 19. Martynyuk (CRG-Modena).

KF: 1. Basz; 2. Fewtrell; 3. Van Leeuwen; 4. Nielsen; 5. Rossel; 6. Felice Tiene (CRG-Parilla); 7. Viganò; 8. Troitcky; 9. Korneev; 10 Dionisios Marcu (CRG-Parilla).

KF Junior: 1. Martono; 2. Sargeant; 3. Leronardo Lorandi; 4. Drugovich; 5. Correa; 6. Lundgaard; 7. Blomqvist; 8. Martinez; 9. Quinn (CRG-Parilla); 10 Yue Yang.

60 MINI: 1. Bogdanov; 2. Serravalle; 3. Leonardo Marseglia (CRG-Hero-Lke); 4. Vidales; 5. Dennis Hauger Dennis (CRG-Hero-Lke); 6. Michelotto; 7. Muizzuddin Bin Abdul Gafar (CRG-Hero-Lke); 8. Moya Lopez; 9. Abrusci; 10. Fusco; ... 22. Muhammad Sidqi (CRG-Hero-Lke); 33. Souleimane Zanfari (CRG-Hero-Lke).

Press Office
02 November 2014

In the pictures: 1) Jordon Lennox-Lamb, KZ2; 2) Felice Tiene, KF; 3) Team Gamoto, 60 Mini.
Ph. CRG Press



Great impression on the new Adria Karting Raceway, a modern and functional circuit. CRG works team on track with Jordon Lennox-Lamb in KZ2, Felice Tiene and Dionisios Marcu in KF, Alex Quinn and Archie Tillett in KF Junior.

The last act of WSK season, the Final Cup, is underway at the brand new track “Adria Karting Raceway”, that is the 1289 meters long circuit built on the side of Adria's raceway.

The track layout and design are really very good and is surrounded by concrete built run off areas which are great for safety. This is similar to what done in Bahrain, circuit that Adria has been inspired to. The circuit of Adria is built following a new concept of kartodrome, based on modernity and efficiency.

The structure devoted to race direction and services is quite important too, as it spans about 200 linear meters on two floors: the ground floor contains boxes, while offices occupy the first floor together with several meeting rooms. The screens room is great and press office spaces are wide and very functional.

CRG works team is present at this last WSK event with Jordon Lennox-Lamb in KZ2 on CRG-Maxter, while Felice Tiene and Dionisios Marcu will defend team's colors in KF, Alex Quinn and Archie Tillett in KF Junior, on CRG-Parilla.



Jordon Lennox-Lamb commented the new circuit of Adria in this way: “It is a fairly technical and driven circuit, one where chassis is very important. I like it a lot, it allows good corner turn ins and it is quite fast. I find at ease here. Kerbs are quite good, as the tarmac. I think that it is great for KF karts, as it is quite challenging to drive here on shifters”.

Felice Tiene: “The circuit is one of the absolute best, together with Sarno and La Conca. The layout is really great. In this event I will be racing in KF, which offers good driveability. Perhaps, what is missing is some more length on the main straight, but it is great as it is.”


Spectacular performance by Jordon Lennox-Lamb in the qualifying heats of KZ2, which anticipated the Finals scheduled for Sunday 2 November. The British driver ended second twice and fifth once in the three heats he partook in. He will be starting the Prefinal from the front row. Felice Tiene has been hit by bad luck instead, as he had to give up several times due to technical problems, while Dionisios Marcu could not show his best. Very good performance for Alex Quinn in KF Junior, Archie Tillett will be starting a bit more to the back.



Sunday 2 November. Prefinals from 10.50 (local time); Finals from 14.00. Live results and TV feed, Live Timing and Streaming will be available at www.wsk.it

Press Office
01 November 2014



Davide Forè on CRG-Maxter took the victory in the Final of the “Race of Stars” KZ2 in Australia, leading Daniel Bray of GP Racing and Lorenzo Camplese, also on CRG.

Davide Forè got a very good result in the “Race of Stars”, the most significant and important event of the Australian karting season, that took place in Gold Coast (Queensland) last Saturday 18 October at the Xtreme Karting Complex of Pimpama. The event has been an International appointment organized for the first time with the presence of several European drivers of KZ2 in a joint round with other national categories.

Among the European drivers invited to the KZ2 event in Australia, alongside Forè, Lorenzo Camplese has been also racing on CRG in this occasion, and then Jonathan Thonon, Simo Puhakka, Daniel Bray, Marijn Kremers and others partook in the event alongside several Australian interpreters of the category.


Five times world champion Davide Forè got to Australia with the multiple-times winner CRG chassis pushed by Maxter engine prepared directly by the company and completed a fantastic weekend whereby he set the pole position, claimed the victory in all the three heats and then won the Final.

The race at the very quick circuit of Gold Coast has been a great one, with Forè dominating the initial part and then the final stages at the end of a good duel with Lorenzo Camplese, who headed to Australia after the second place at the CIK-FIA KZ2 International Cup of Sarno on Maranello, but this time he has been racing on CRG too. Camplese managed to get the lead for a few laps, but then had to give way to Forè's recoup, before leaving the second place also to the New Zealand champion Daniel Bray, on GP Racing.



An excellent Davide Forè went on clinching the top step of the podium and was celebrated with a typical Australian gift: a splendid and precious personalized surfboard. The second place went Daniel Bray's ways and the third to Lorenzo Camplese, who pipped Jonathan Thonon at the sprint to the line, as the latter recovered a lot of positions lost at the start.



Davide Forè: “We came to Australia to win and give the people a show, I think we did that. I want to thank my mechanic Mattia, CRG Australia, Maxter and all the people that helped me throughout this amazing weekend.”

Darren King, Team Manager di CRG Australia: “The opportunity to have a driver of Forè's calibre work with the team was inspirational. We pride ourselves on a high quality of work here and continually improving ourselves at CRG Australia, to be able to have someone of Davide’s experience work with us was just amazing.”

Press Office
22 October 2014


In the pictures: 1) Davide Forè, KZ2; 2) Podium: 1. Davide Forè, 2. Daniel Bray, 3. Lorenzo Camplese; 3) Davide Forè, KZ2; 4) Team CRG Australia.
Images by Cooper Photography.



She is the first girl gaining access to a world final in KZ2 karting. “I am not used to such aggressive racing: these guys are crazy, but are fantastic drivers.”

The American from Colorado Sabré Cook has been racing in Sarno on CRG-Maxter run by CRG works team at the CIK-FIA International Super Cup ZK2. She got the luxury of challenging the best kart drivers in the world of KZ2 and managed to qualify for the Final.

Despite the Super Cup name, Sarno's event for the gearbox smaller category has been a real World Championship that has seen 96 drivers at the start, most of which entered by works teams, coming from 21 different countries. Most of these came from European countries like Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Austria, France, Estonia, Switzerland, Portugal and Russia, but others came also from other places where karting is not such popular like United States, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia and Canada.



Since when KZ2 has had a World Cup back in 2011 and 2012 – race that has been renamed CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup in 2013 – Sabré Cook is the first female karting driver to earn a place among the top 34 drivers partaking in the world final.

Sabré Cook's comment at the end of her experience in the International KZ2 Super Cup:
“This weekend was definitely good learning experience and I was really excited I could make it to the final, even though I did not have the best starting position. I was just excited for being into the top 34 drivers. I think I could have given a good fight but unfortunately the motor blew up after the first lap and a half. You know, it happens sometimes, it is frustrating but I am really glad I could get the experience even though it maybe did not go the way I wanted. KZ2 is very difficult, very challenging. Racing mentality over here is very different from the US, it is a lot much more aggressive. It was a big adjustment for me. Drivers are crazy sometimes in Europe, but it is good because they pushed me to get better and I definitely needed that this year so I am glad I came here. This guys are just amazing drivers.”



The result obtained by Sabré Cook in Sarno highlighted the very good competitiveness shown since qualifying and heats. Prefinal has been crucial as the precious P17 allowed the American driver place herself into the top 34 drivers that got to compete in the Final. In other words, Sabrè enjoyed the luxury of sending “home” early 68 rivals, plus all those eliminated in the heats. Unfortunately, a trivial problem to the spark plug of her kart made Sabrè retire early on in the Final, but the overall performance still remains very good.

Sabré Cook has recently started competing in single seater racing and has already claimed several wins in US Karting with team CRG USA, among the others she won in S2 at Las Vegas, and now is the first girl gaining access to the Final in a world championship KZ2 karting event.

Press Office
14 October 2014

All results are available at www.cikfia.com



In the pictures: Sabré Cook in Sarno's CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup, on CRG-Maxter.
(Pictures 1-2 Cunaphoto; Pictures 3-4-5 CRG Press).



A series of negative episodes affected CRG's result in the KZ and KZ2 World Championship held at the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno, after the good things shown in both categories during qualifying stages.

Sarno (Italy). All what secured in the qualifying stages of Sarno's KZ and KZ2 World Championships by CRG drivers were unfortunately voided in the two Finals due to a series of really unlucky events, including incidents (a lot) and technical problems of various kinds, some even trivial.

The final result awarded at least Tinini Group, that clinched a win in KZ2 with DR chassis led by the Dutch driver Ryan Van Der Burgt, while Lorenzo Camplese got the second place on Maranello. Tinini Group has also been represented on the podium of KZ by the European Champion Rick Dreezen, who was third on Zanardi behind the winner Marco Ardigò and Flavio Camponeschi.



Jorrit Pex raised CRG hopes in KZ, but the fresh winner of the German Championship could not find a good competitiveness level and had to settle for eighth in the Final. Davide Forè started from the last place due to a technical problem in the Prefinal, but managed to recover all the way to P15 in the Final.

Felice Tiene was forced to the retirement due to an incident at lap 11, when he seemed to have the speed to slide in the leading group though. Three laps before the same fate put the word end to Jordon Lennox-Lamb's race that was cut short by a technical problem.



CRG has been quite unlucky also in KZ2 where a good result was at reach especially for the reigning European Champion Andrea Dalè or for Loris Spinelli as the two run very good qualifying heats. A lot of hopes were also put on Fabian Federer and Pedro Hiltbrand.

The most concrete driver was eventually the Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand, who managed to get into the top ten with a good P9. Federer was instead stopped by an incident, that also involved Dalè.


The American girl Sabré Cook has been a nice arrival for the whole team. She was at the debut in the World Championship after shining in USA races. Sabré managed to gain access to the Final with a very good P17 in her Prefinal, but, unfortunately, bad luck hit also the young driver from Colorado in the initial stages of the Final due to a trivial inconvenience to the spark plug of the engine which forced her to the retirement.

André Reinhard and Sidney Gomez could not earn the pass to the Final instead. The American Joey Wimsett ended 22nd.

Euan Jeffery, team manager CRG: “This has been quite a tough weekend in both categories. We were affected by a lot of bad luck in KZ2, mainly due to the incidents. We were up in front with Federer, Hiltbrand, Spinelli and Dalè but at the end of the day we did not manage to score an important result. In KZ our level was very high, but we have been stopped again by incidents. We have now to focus on the final races of the year and, most of all, on the next season.”

Press Office
12 October 2014

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KZ: 1. Ardigò; 2. Camponeschi; 3. Dreezen; 4. Torsellini; 5. De Conto; 6. Kozlinski; 7. Hajek; 8. Pex Jorrit (CRG-Tm); 9. Thonon; 10. Abbasse;... 15. Forè (CRG-Maxter); 29. (Tiene (CRG-Maxter); 31. Lennox-Lamb;

KZ2: 1. Van Der Burgt; 2. Camplese; 3. Paauwe; 4. Tilloca; 5. Celenta; 6. Hansen; 7. Pescador; 8. Fasberg; 9. Hiltbrand (CRG-Maxter); 10. Davies;... 12. Pastacaldi (CRG-Tm); 15. Musio (CRG-Tm); 19. Orcic (CRG-Tm); 22. Wimsett (CRG-Maxter); 24. Federer (CRG-Maxter); 25. Spinelli (CRG-Maxter); 26. Siebecke (CRG-Modena); 28. Schureman (CRG-Tm); 30. Cook (CRG-Maxter); 31. Dalè (CRG-Maxter).

In the pictures: 1) CRG Team; 2) Jorrit Pex, KZ; 3) Davide Forè, KZ; 4) Pedro Hiltbrand, KZ2; 5) Sabré Cook, KZ2. Ph. CRG Press

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