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The appointments with World Karting are about to start. The KF & KF Junior World Championship is to open the way from 18 to 21 September in France. CRG works team to line up Tiene, Hiltbrand, Marcu and Gomez in KF, while Quinn and Tillett will defend team's colors in KF Junior.

Two CIK-FIA World Championships are scheduled for 2014: the KF & KF Junior World Championship in Essay (France), race scheduled for next 21 September, and the KZ & International Super Cup KZ2 World Championship in Sarno (Italy) next 12 October, both to be run on a single round.

CRG is ready for the challenge of the two pivotal moment that are worth a whole season with its best drivers. The main objective remains to confirm the top class competitiveness of the Italian chassis and to improve even further the heavy prize list of the team, that is one of the most prestigious in the world karting history.

The first appointment is set for 18 – 21 September in France, at the International Circuit of Aunay Le Bois in Essay. The track located west of Paris and north of Le Mans will be the battle field of KF & KF Junior drivers. An unforeseeable role in the French campaign will be played by weather that is announced to be variable. The outcome will be even more unpredictable, should it rain.



CRG works team will take Felice Tiene, Pedro Hiltbrand, Dionisios Marcu and Sidney Gomez on track in KF at Essay. All four drivers will have the latest updates of the CRG chassis at their disposal, as well as KVS engine assistance.

Felice Tiene will certainly be quite motivated and pushed by the desire of turning his season around, as he has been a bit unlucky so far, tough still showing an high level of competitiveness. The Italian driver secured the KF2 World Cup in 2012 and the Asian-Pacific Championship in 2009. This year, Tiene has been eighth in the KF European Championship, as he had to give up due to an incident in the last two rounds of Genk and Brandon. Tiene is a specialist of KZ and came third in the European KZ2 Championship last year, while this year he has been on the second step of the podium of Kristianstad (Sweden), where he has been entitled to race thanks to a Wild Card. Tiene ended tenth in WSK Super Master thanks to a second place in the third and final race of La Conca.

The Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand, this year seventh in the European KF Championship, is all set to run a good race, as he was close to get the podium in the most recent race of Brandon. Similarly, the Romanian driver Dionisios Marcu and the Venezuelan Sidney Gomez are certainly capable of getting good results.


CRG flags will be waved high by two young Brits in KF Junior: Alex Quinn and Archie Tillett will in fact get on track on CRG-Tm with engines by Gianfranco Galiffa. Alex Quinn is at his second experience after the debut at the European Championship held in Brandon, while Archie Tillett is competing in his second season and has already come to the fore, showing good progress so far.

Thursday 18 September: free practice.
Friday 19 September: free practice and qualifying from 15.00. First qualifying heats for KF Junior from 16.45.
Saturday 20 September: qualifying heats from 10.10.
Sunday 21 September: Prefinals KFJ from 11.10 and Prefinals KF from 12.00. Final KFJ at 14.45 and Final KF at 15.35.

Live streaming and all results will be available at www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com


CIK-FIA World Championship KF (and similar categories)

2013: Tom Joyner (GB) (Tinini Group), KF, Zanardi / TM / Vega
Rd1 Brandon, Rd2 Bahrain

2012: Felice Tiene (I), KF (World Cup), CRG / Bmb / Vega
Zuera, 23.09.12

2011: Nick De Vries (NL) (Tinini Group), KF1, Zanardi / Parilla / Bridgestone
Rd1 Wackersdorf, Rd2 Zuera, Rd3 Genk, Rd4 Sarno, Rd5 Suzuka

2010: Nick De Vries (NL) (Tinini Group), KF2, Zanardi / Parilla / Dunlop
Zuera, 19.09.10

2009: Arnaud Kozlinski (F), Super KF, CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone
Macau, 08.11.09

2003: Wade Grant Cunningham (NZ), Formula A, CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone
Sarno, 26.10.03

2002: Giedo Van der Garde (NL), Formula Super A, CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone
Rd1 Mariembourg, Rd2 Alaharma, Rd3 Braga, Rd4 Salbris, Rd5 La Conca

2001: Vitantonio Liuzzi (I), Formula Super A, CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone
Rd1 Montreal, Rd2 Salbris, Rd3 Sarno, Rd4 Mariembourg, Rd5 Kerpen

2000: Lewis Hamilton (GB), Formula A (World Cup), CRG / Parilla / Bridgestone
Montegi, 26.11.00

1999: Vitantonio Liuzzi (I), Formula Super A (World Cup), CRG / CRG / Bridgestone
Suzuka, 28.11.99

1999: Danilo Rossi (I), Formula Super A, CRG / CRG / Dunlop
Mariembourg, 19.09.99

1997: Danilo Rossi (I), Formula Super A, CRG / CRG / Dunlop
Salbris, 14.09.97

1994: Luca Casazza (I), Formula A (World Cup), CRG / Rotax / Vega
Suzuka, 29.05.94

1994: Alessandro Manetti (I), Formula Super A, CRG / Rotax / Vega
Cordoba, 18.09.94

1993: Paolo Moro (I), Formula A (World Cup), CRG-Kalì / Italsistem / Vega
Suzuka, 30.05.93

1992: Alberto Pedemonte (I), Formula A (World Cup), CRG-Kalì / Rotax / Dunlop
Suzuka, 31.05.92

1992: Danilo Rossi (I), Formula K (World Cup), CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
Suzuka, 31.05.92

1992: Danilo Rossi (I), Formula K, CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
Ugento, 20.09.92

1990: Jan Magnussen (DK), Formula K, CRG / Rotax / Bridgestone
Jesolo, 16.09.90

1990: Danilo Rossi (I), Formula A, CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
Jesolo, 16.09.90

1989: Mike Wilson (GB), Formula K, CRG / Komet / Dunlop
Valence, 17.09.89

1988: Mike Wilson (GB), Formula K, CRG / Komet / Dunlop
Laval, 18.09.88

1988: Emmanuel Collard (F), F. Super 100, CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
Laval, 18.09.88

1985: Mike Wilson (GB), Formula K, CRG-Kalì / Komet / Dunlop
Parma, 22.09.85

1984: Joern Haase (DK), Formula K, CRG-Kalì / Komet / Dunlop
Liedolsheim, 16.09.84

Press Office
16 September 2014

In the pictures:
1) Felice Tiene, KF (Ph. Cunaphoto.it); 2. Felice Tiene, KF (Ph. Gaboriaud); 3) Pedro Hiltbrand, KF (Ph. Gaboriaud).



Leonardo Marseglia takes the win in the national final of Rok Cup Italy in 60 Mini at the International Circuit of Siena.

CRG, Gamoto Racing and the young Leonardo Marseglia took a good result in the national final of Rok Cup Italy in 60 Mini at the lnternational Circuit of Siena. This stunning win highlighted the quality of CRG chassis and awarded the talent of the young driver from Puglia together with the technical skills of the team led by Gatto.


It has been a stunning success by Leonardo Marseglia in Siena, as the Italian driver dominated the Final of Rok Cup Italy 60 Mini leading the rest of the pack by more than 3 seconds. This result came after winning the Prefinal and setting the third time in qualifying. Marseglia proceeded Giuseppe Fusco (his result was transparent to the championship result) and Skeed in the Final, in what was a national sprint to the line that he won ahead of the usual rivals in the WSK and in the Italian ACI CSAI Karting Championships, which adds further value to the obtained result.

Team Gamoto celebrated in this way the third win in a row of the Rok Cup Italy, after the two wins in as many proceeding editions put in by the Malaysian driver Muizzuddin Mussyaffa Abdul, who was transparent to the title fight. Leonardo Marseglia qualified for this year's edition after taking part in the Rok Cup North Area.

This victory earned Leonardo Marseglia access to the important International Final Rok Cup 2014, race to be held in Lonato next 25 October.

Press Office
15 September 2014


In the pictures:
1) Leonardo Marseglia winning the Rok Cup Italy; 2) Leonardo Marseglia on the top step of the podium. (Ph. Angiolella)



A victory in Kerpen's race-1 and a second place in race-2 gave Jorrit Pex the classification lead equal on points with Dreezen in the fourth round of the DKM. Davide Forè also on the podium in race-1, in third, but then he had to retire in race-2 due to an incident.

A good leap forward in the Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft in KZ2 for the Dutch driver in force at CRG Holland, Jorrit Pex, who put in a splendid double result in Kerpen (Germany): victory in race-1 and second place in race-2, scores that project him on top of the classification ahead of the final round of the season scheduled in Genk.

Jorrit Pex managed to clinch a spectacular victory in race-1 after a brilliant recovery in the heats where he also scored a win and a second place, following the ninth place in qualifying, thanks also to a very performing CRG chassis pushed by a Tm engine unit. Pex got a great P2 in the second race which made him leap on top of the championship at 107 points, equaling the total score of Rick Dreezen, who also is racing for CRG Holland, but on Zanardi. The latter only harvested a retirement and a seventh place in the two races held in Kerpen.

The last race of the DKM season, to be run in Belgium at Genk next 5 October, will therefore be the title decider. Jorrit Pex won the most recent three editions of the championship with CRG in 2011, 2012 and 2013, which is a record that he holds together with the very same Rick Dreezen, who won the title three times in 2007, 2008 and 2009 when racing on CRG-Maxter.

Davide Forè, obtained a good result in Kerpen also on CRG-Tm. He was in fact third in race-1 after a good comeback race started from P7, but then had to retire in race-2 due to a contact with Norris, when he was trying an overtaking move on the Irish driver.

Bad luck for Fabian Federer, on CRG-Maxter, instead. He was fourth at the end of heats and all set to run a good final stage, but was forced to an early retirement in race-1 due to an incident at the first corner. Federer gained several positions in race-2 where he eventually ended 17th. Same fate also for the Japanese driver Fuma Horio, on CRG-Maxter, who has been involved in an incident at the first corner of race-1. Horio later on ended 23rd in the second race.

Among the other CRG drivers, good fifth and fourth place for the Dutch driver Finn Kooijman (CRG-Tm).

The championship will resume next 5 October in Genk (Belgium).

Race-1: 1. Pex Jorrit (CRG-Tm); 2. Norris; 3. Forè (CRG-Tm); 4. Puhakka; 5. Kooijman (CRG-Tm); 6. Lorkowski; 7. Paauwe; 8. Specken; 9. Berndt; 10. Myszkier; ... 20. Pex Stan (CRG-Tm); ... 27. Horio (CRG-Maxter); ... 32. Federer (CRG-Maxter).

Race-2: 1. Puhakka; 2. Pex Jorrit (CRG-Tm); 3. Kremers; 4. Kooijman (CRG-Tm); 5. Specken; 6. Davies; 7. Dreezen; 8. Geurts; 9. Paawe; 10. Myszkier; ... 17. Federer (CRG-Maxter); ... 20. Pex Stan (CRG-Tm); ... 23. Horio (CRG-Maxter); ... 30. Forè (CRG-Tm).

All results are available at www.kart-dm.de/en/home/

Press Office
14 September 2014

In the picture: Jorrit Pex, winner of Kerpen's race-1 and current classification leader in the German Championship (Ph. DKM).



Loris Spinelli turned out to be the main protagonist in Ortona's KZ2 on CRG run by team Modena Kart. The Danish driver Dennis Hauger is currently second in the 60 Mini Championship and hunting for the title.

Loris Spinelli and CRG have been great protagonists of the fourth round of the Italian Karting Championship held at the International Circuit of Abruzzo in Ortona. The Team Modena Kart's driver dominated KZ2, claiming a comfortable win in the second Final after being among the front runners in the first Final too.


Thanks to a particularly performing CRG chassis, Loris Spinelli put in a bold performance in Ortona dominating the second Final. Only an unlucky episode at the last corner of race-1 that made him spin when the Modena Kart's driver was leading the race, stripped Spinelli from completing an hat trick. The first of the two finals in Ortona was therefore won by classification leader Lorenzo Camplese, who was followed by Marco Zanchetta, both on Maranello.


Spinelli quickly reacted in the second final though, as he dominated the race from lights to flag, claiming a deserved win launching him to the sixth place of the classification. The objective of Spinelli is now ending at the best the Italian Championship in the final round to be held in Friuli next 5 October, preparing himself for the KZ2 round of Sarno valid for the CIK-FIA International Super Cup of 12 October.

The other drivers on CRG also made a good display in Ortona, as Matteo Mazzucchelli, fifth in race-2, and the other two drivers in force at Modena Kart: Riccardo Longhi and Mauro Simoni, that respectively ended in ninth and tenth place. Mattia Loddo was relegated from P5 to P10 due to a 10 seconds time penalty instead at the end of a good comeback race.



CRG drivers obtained some good results in 60 Mini too, especially with team Gamoto. The Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger secured in fact a podium in race-1 followed by a P4 in race-2. These results confirmed his the second place in the standings, keeping him well within the title fight. Leonardo Marseglia also run a good race-2 and ended fifth, right behind Hauger.

All results of the weekend are available at www.ficr.it/karting/4035

Press Office
10 September 2014

In the pictures:
1) Loris Spinelli, KZ2; 2) KZ2 Podium; 3) Dennis Hauger and Leonardo Marseglia, 60 Mini.



The CRG driver ended second in the Final of the fourth and last round of the Rotax Euro Challenge in Salbris, ending also second in the DD2 Championship. Luka Kamali very competitive too, as Alessandro Bizzotto.

It has been quite close, but this time the bad luck connected to a series of contacts in the Prefinal did not allow Jordon Lennox-Lamb to play all his cards in the DD2 Rotax Euro Challenge. Nevertheless, in the fourth round of the championship held in Salbris (France), the CRG driver fought like a lion and confirmed to be a protagonist of the European series obtaining a very good second place in the final classification.

CRG works team has been among the most competitive teams also in Salbris' round of the European Rotax Challenge, especially in DD2 with Jordon Lennox-Lamb, who has been in the title fight until the end, but also with the young German driver Luka Kamali – always among the best, and Alessandro Bizzotto.

CRG drivers' weekend at the French circuit Sologne Karting started quite well in DD2 as Lennox (#665) and Kamali (#617) set respectively the fourth and fifth time in qualifying, while Bizzotto (#675) was 19th. The momentum was kept in heats too, as Lennox was still in front with a victory that earned him the third absolute place, and Kamali was among the front runners in sixth.



Due to the mandatory joker of a Prefinal and a Final, Lennox would have needed to run a good Prefinal to boost his title chances, discarding the result of Genk's opener, where he had been involved in an incident. Unfortunately, a series of contacts (and then also a 10 seconds time penalty) stripped Lennox from every chance in France instead, as his direct rival – the Canadian Ben Cooper – obtained a precious P2 in the Prefinal.

The Final lived an exciting comeback by Lennox, that ended his effort with a spectacular second place behind Backman but ahead of Cooper, when unfortunately the title was already firmly in the Canadian's hands though. Lennox ended anyway second in the final classification being only 5 points short of Cooper. That was a pity for Lennox, as the CRG driver would have only needed a handful of points more in the Final (a P7 would have been enough) to secure the title.

Luka Kamali also completed a comeback in the Final as he crossed the line in P14 after starting 30th due to an incident in the Prefinal, while Alessandro Bizzotto ended 18th in the Final. Bizzotto closed 25th in the championship and Kamali 26th, despite skipping two races (Castelletto and Zuera).

Lukasz Bartoszuk (#307) has unfortunately been forced to the retirement in Rotax Senior's Final. Bartoszuk ended 16th in the championship. He scored his best results in Genk (13th) and in the third race of Zuera (12th).


The next appointment with Rotax is set for 29 November in Valencia (Spain) with the Grand Finals 2014. The event will be proceeded by the Rotax International Open scheduled in Zuera on 26 October.

DD2. Final Classification in Salbris: 1. Backman; 2. Lennox-Lamb (CRG); 3. Cooper; 4. Kalesis; 5. Abbasse; 6. Eerden (CRG); 7. Ludi; 8. Baptista; 9. Coursault; 10. Berteaux; 11. Collings (CRG); 12. Schoell; 13. Adams; 14. Kamali (CRG); 15. Vuillaume... 18. Bizzotto (CRG).

DD2. Championship Final Classification: 1. Cooper points 249 (tot. 330); 2. Lennox 244 (tot. 305); 3. Backman 241 (tot. 315); 4. Babington 229 (tot. 285); 5. Kalesis 222 (tot. 268); 6. Abbasse 219 (tot. 271); 7. Eerden 216 (to. 279); 8. Christiansen 212 (tot. 268); 9. Ludi 210 (tot. 240); 10. Vuillaume 209 (tot. 261).

All results are available at www.rotaxmaxeurochallenge.com

Press Office
9 September 2014

In the pictures:
1) Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Rotax DD2; 2) DD2 podium 2014 Rotax Euro Challenge; 3) Luka Kamali, Rotax DD2 (Ph. Timo Deck).



The fourth and final round of the Rotax Euro Challenge will decide the title winners of the Championships in France. Jordon Lennox-Lamb will be fighting for the DD2 title. Kamali and Bizzotto also racing with CRG works team, while Bartoszuk will compete in the Senior.

The French circuit Sologne Karting of Salbris will house the fourth and final round of the Rotax Euro Challenge this coming weekend. CRG works team will be competing in the final sprint for the DD2 title with Jordon Lennox-Lamb, who has been a great protagonist of the category with the shift so far and is one of the main candidates to the European title.


A few days after the European Championship held in Brandon (England), CRG works team is heading to France for the final round of the Rotax Euro Challenge campaign to be held in Salbris, where Jordon Lennox-Lamb (#665) will compete for the DD2 title. CRG will also be present at Salbris in the category with the shift with the German driver Luka Kamali (#617), who is at his comeback to the championship, and with the Canadian Alessandro Bizzotto (#675). In Max Senior the colors of the Italian outfit will be defended by the Polish Lukasz Bartoszuk (#307), who has been putting in good races in the previous rounds of the Challenge.


After the three rounds of Genk (B), Castelletto (I) and Zuera, Jordon Lennox-Lamb confirmed to be among the front runners of the category with some very strong performances in DD2, which confirmed once more the winning quality of CRG chassis. The British driver comes from the podium obtained in the last spectacular race in Zuera, a result that, together with the win secured in the first race at Genk and the fifth place in Castelletto, allowed him to get the second place in the standings being only 7 points short of the leader Ben Cooper.

The championship's classification will be made up also by the points harvested in the Prefinals and the current second place of Lennox is due to the incident the CRG driver has been involved in the Prefinal of Genk. Should that incident have not happened, Lennox would have had a clear lead. Championship's regulations include a mandatory joker for the Prefinal and one for the Finals out of the 8 results of the whole season, therefore Lennox still has some good chances to aim to the title.


Euro Rotax Challenge DD2 Classification after three rounds:
1. Cooper (CAN) points 247; 2. Lennox-Lamb (ITA) 240; 3. Backman (SWE) 232; 4. Babington (GBR) 227; 5. Abbasse (FRA) 215; 6. Christiansen (DNK) 207; 8. Eerden (NLD) 203; 9. Kalesis (GRC) 188; 10. Kancsar (HUN) 181; ... 16. Formal (USA) 139; ... 36. Kamali (DEU) 46; ... 43. Bizzotto (CAN) 42.

Euro Rotax Challenge Max Senior Classification after three rounds:
1. Brand (GBR) punti 230; 2. Zhou (GBR) 228; 3. Reilly (GBR) 198; 4. Grice (GBR) 196; 5. Demelo (CAN) 190; 6. Mortensen (DNK) 188; 7. Lamborelle (NLD) 186; 8. Oberg (SWE) 184; 9. Lehane 179 (AUS); 10. Webb (GBR) 178; ... 14. Bartoszuk (POL) 156.

All results of the weekend will be available at www.rotaxmaxeurochallenge.com

Press Office
3 September 2014


In the pictures:
1) Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Rotax DD2 (Ph. Timo Deck); 2) Lukasz Bartoszuk, Rotax Max Senior (Ph. Timo Deck); 3) Luka Kamali, Rotax DD2 (Ph. CRG Press).



Pedro Hiltbrand ended close to the podium in the Final of the last round of the European KF Championship held at the PF International Circuit of Brandon. Felice Tiene was forced to the retirement instead after coming to the fore in the heats run on Saturday.

CRG had quite an unlucky final stage in England's fourth and final round of the European KF and KF Junior Championships, as only Pedro Hiltbrand kept the Italian outfit's flag high ending close to the podium in the decisive race of KF, losing it only shortly before the chequered flag.


The Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand, shone in KF for CRG at the PF International Circuit of Brandon, at the end of a good comeback from the wet qualifying heat run on Friday where he ended 20th. Later on he has always been among the best in the remaining qualifying heats closing this stage with the 7th position. Hiltbrand placed himself in the group of front runners in the Prefinal and ended seventh after leading the race for a long time. In the Final, he managed to hold the third place until the final laps when, he had to give the podium position away finishing 5th. This has been a good result anyway for Pedro Hiltbrand that, thanks to this result, ended 7th in the final standings at 42 points.


Felice Tiene lived an exit to be forgotten instead. Despite the excellent performance obtained in Saturday's heats, where he claimed a win and put in several spectacular comeback races from the 24th time held on Friday's qualifying. In the Prefinal, the Italian had a technical problem and his weekend virtually ended there. In the Final, an incident in the initial stages put the word end to his weekend. Tiene ended 8th in the classification as he totaled 39 points.

Dionisios Marcu ended 22nd in KF after the retirement in the Prefinal.

The European Championship that was won last year by Max Verstappen on CRG, went this year to Callum Ilott (Zanardi), who also won the Final.

Championship standings: 1. Ilott points 99; 2. Nielsen 89; 3. Norris 64; 4. Joyner 59; 5. Kari 55.


The British driver Alex Quinn had to give up in KF Junior after suffering ribs problems on Saturday. His debut in KF Junior has quite been positive though, as he showed good speed especially in qualifying. The other CRG works driver Archie Tillett showed good progress and managed to get access to the final stages but a retirement in the Prefinal spoiled the result of the Briton's Final that saw him crossing the finish line in 25th position.

Championship standings: 1. Ahmed points 76; 2. Junior 52; 3. Defrancesco 49; 4. Ticktum 48; 5. Beckmann 47.



On the menu of the CIK-FIA end of the seaso, the two World Championships for categories KF-KF Junior to be held in France on September 21st, while categories KZ-KZ2 will end on October 12th in Sarno (Italy).

All results are available at www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com

Press Office
31 August 2014

In the pictures:
1) Pedro Hiltbrand, KF; 2) Felice Tiene, KF; 3) Archie Tillett, KFJ.
(Ph. Cunaphoto.it)



Qualifying heats in England highlighted a “super” Tiene who claimed a heat victory and put in a series of spectacular comebacks, as did Pedro Hiltbrand. Good races also from Tillett and Quinn in KF Junior.

The final round of the season of European KF and KF Junior Championship, underway in England at the Circuit PFI of Brandon, will award the continental CIK-FIA titles of the two categories, but it will also be a good chance to end the season on a high ahead of the World Championship scheduled for next September 21st in Essay (France). Felice Tiene and Pedro Hiltbrand seem to be ready for the big challenge.


The race of Brandon underlined once again the exceptional quality of Felice Tiene, who has been protagonist in the Saturday's KF heats together with Pedro Hiltbrand as the two put in very good performances on their CRG chassis pushed by an engine unit by KVS.

Both drivers have been forced to start from the back due to a not very fruitful wet session run on Friday, but the two CRG racers have been really competitive putting in spectacular comebacks and setting very quick lap times throughout. Tiene has been “super” in all four heats and claimed the win in the final heat, after a 6th and a 2nd place. His day was partially spoiled though by a DNF in the third heat – that he also led – due to some cabling issues.

Hiltbrand also completed some very good comebacks securing two fifth places, a seventh and finally a third after leading the pack for some laps in the heat that saw Tiene retired. Dionisios Marcu completed the first heat in P7, but then ended 14th, 11th and 15th.



Good races for Archie Tillett and the new entry Alex Quinn in KF Junior, as the two CRG drivers always harvested very interesting placings. What a pity for the last heat run by Quinn: the Briton at the debut in KF Junior was forced to the retirement due to a strong pain to his ribs, which spoiled a bit his qualifying stages.


All results and TV streaming will be available at www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com

PROGRAMME (local time).
Sunday 31 August: Repechage from 10.15. Prefinals: KF Junior at 12.15, KF at 12.40. Finals: KF Junior at 14.25, KF at 15.15.

Press Office
30 August 2014

In the pictures:
1) Felice Tiene, KF; 2) Pedro Hiltbrand, KF; 3) Archie Tillett, KFJ.
(Ph. Cunaphoto.it)



The International Circuit PF of Brandon is about to close the season of European Championships with the fourth round of KF and KF Junior. CRG works team headed to England with the objective of confirming its very good competitiveness in both categories.

The fourth and final round of the European CIK-FIA KF and KF Junior Championships will take place at the Circuit PFI of Brandon in Engalnd, as the two categories will be reunited after the initial rounds held in La Conca (Italy) and Zuera (Spain), with KF heading then to Genk (Belgium) and the KF Junior continued its challenge in Kristianstad (Sweden).

All four CIK-FIA European Championships of the season will be awarded after the PFI round of August 31st. The two European Championships for categories with the shift have in fact been already decided their winners in Kristianstad at the end of July, with the titles going to the Belgian driver Rick Dreezen (Zanardi-Parilla) in KZ and to Andrea Dalè (CRG-Maxter) in KZ2.

CRG works team headed to England with the objective of getting a good result in both categories and therefore to earn a prestigious position in the final standings. The team will also get the chance to prepare at best the World Championship of KF and KF Junior that will take place in Essay (France) next 21st September.



Expectations are high in KF for Felice Tiene, who has had a great season so far but unfortunately is out of the games in the KF European Championship due to an incident he was involved in Belgium. Pedro Hiltbrand and Dionisios Marcu will also have what it takes to run a good race, as they will both compete on CRG chassis pushed by an engine prepared by KVS.


The two British drivers Archie Tillett and the new comer Alex Quinn will aim to play the role of protagonists in the home race valid for KF Junior, as their laptimes are already showing the potential of these two youngsters. In the initial practice sessions Alex Quinn, on CRG-Lke, came in fact to the fore at his absolute debut in KF Junior.


All results and live web streaming will be available at www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com

PROGRAMME (local time).
Saturday 30 August: Qualifying heats from 9.45.
Sunday 31 August: Repechage at 10.15. Prefinals: KF Junior at 12.15, KF at 12.40. Finals: KF Junior at 14.25; KF at 15.15.

Press Office
29 August 2014


In the pictures:
1) Felice Tiene, KF; 2) Alex Quinn, KFJ; 3) Archie Tillett, KFJ; 4) Pedro Hiltbrand, KF
(Ph. Cunaphoto.it)



The young Dutch talent is ready for the 2015 Formula One debut with Toro Rosso. Verstappen went through a professional growth path in CRG that is an excellent breeding ground for champions, following the footsteps of a lot of other drivers that have been racing on CRG chassis before becoming Formula One racers.

The news of the year came at mid August with the announcement of Max Verstappen to debut in Formula 1 with team Toro Rosso in 2015, when the young Dutch talent will only be 17 years old. This important event confirms once more the validity of karting as training ground in the recent years, as the young talents are always more and more ready to face challenge of motor racing competition.

Beyond the unquestionable maturity and skills owned by Max Verstappen, who is always followed with a lot of professionalism by his father Jos Verstappen, some credit for such a fast growth of youngsters like Max has also to go to the preparation that a works team like CRG – who has always been an excellent breeding ground for champions – can give and also to the management of karting races.
Young karting drivers nowadays grow faster also because they have more chances to compete at the top levels and Max Verstappen – in force at CRG in the past 4 years – provides an example of this, as witnessed also by his successful motor racing debut this year in the European Formula 3 Championship.

Max Verstappen has been racing with CRG since his debut in KF3 back in 2010, and continued his training until becoming what he has been in 2013, that is: KZ World Champion, double European Champion in KF and KZ, winner of the KZ1 WSK Euro Series, winner of the KZ2 WSK Master Series and third in the KF World Championship after being its main protagonist.

Max Verstappen's career started in Holland and Belgium when he was very young. He won all the national championships he took part in, namely Cadets, Mini and Rotax Mini. In 2010 he was hired by karting world leading constructor CRG that in the past already launched several drivers to the blue riband of Formula One, such has Max Verstappen's dad Jos, who made it to Formula One in 1994. The same path from karting on CRG chassis to Formula One was also completed by Michael Schumacher, Alessandro Zanardi, Ralf Schumacher, Giancarlo Fisichella, Nick Heidfeld, Jan Magnussen, Giorgio Pantano, Tonio Liuzzi, Robert Kubica, Sébastien Buemi, and by current F1 drivers Nico Hulkenberg, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Pastor Maldonado, Giedo Van der Garde and a lot of other motor-racing champions.


In the first year with CRG, Max Verstappen made his debut in KF3 turning out to be extremely competitive winning the WSK World Series, the WSK Euro Series, the WSK Nations Cup, the Bridgestone Cup Europe, ended second absolute in the very tight Winter Cup held in Lonato, second again in the CIK-FIA World Cup and fifth in the European Championship.

In 2011 he has been racing again in KF3 winning the Winter Cup and the WSK Euro Series, while he ended 14th in the European Championship. In 2012 Max Verstappen passed to KF2 and, after a season start run with another team, he came back to CRG ending second in the CIK-FIA KF2 World Cup held in Zuera and eighth in the World Championship, clinching a second place in the first of the four finals held in Macau. He has also been protagonist at his debut in KZ2 at the end of
the season in the CIK-FIA World Cup, but he was involved in an incident at the first lap while trying to get the lead of the race.

In 2013 he has kept racing with CRG in what has been his apotheosis. Despite being at the debut in the category with the shift, he won the KZ1 WSK Euro Series and the KZ2 WSK Master Series, Max then triumphed in the CIK-FIA KZ World Championship and in the KZ European Championship, winning also the KF European Championship. He set a new record for winning the double title of KZ and KF European Champion in the same season and became the youngest World Champion in the history of the highest category with the shift, KZ, in Varennes (France) on September 22nd 2013 at 15 years and 357 days of age! His stunning results were completed by the victory in KF2 Winter Cup and by the third place in the KF World Championship after the two rounds held in England and Barhain.

A complete photo-gallery of the 4 years of successful races run by Max Verstappen together with CRG is available at the facebook page of CRG (“CRG racing team”).


Max Verstappen is a Dutch driver born in Hasselt (Belgium) on 30 September 1997, son of Jos Verstappen (former Formula 1 driver from 1994 to 2003) and of Sophie-Marie Kumpen (former international Karting driver and winner of the Andrea Margutti Trophy in 1995 in Formula A on CRG-Rotax).


2013 - 1. World Championship - KZ (CRG-Tm)
2013 - 1. European Championship - KZ (CRG-Tm)
2013 - 1. European Championship - KF (CRG-Tm)
2013 - 1. WSK Euro Series - KZ1 (CRG-Tm)
2013 - 1. WSK Master Series - KZ2 (CRG-Tm)
2013 - 1. Winter Cup - KF2 (CRG-Tm)
2013 - 3. World Championship - KF (CRG-Tm)

2012 - 2. World Cup - KF2 (CRG-Tm)
2012 - 8. World Championship KF1 (CRG-Tm)

2011 - 14. European Championship - KF3 (CRG-Parilla)
2011 - 1. WSK Euro Series - KF3 (CRG-Parilla)
2011 - 1. Winter Cup South Garda - KF3 (CRG-Maxter)

2010 - 1. WSK Nations Cup - KF3 (CRG-Maxter)
2010 - 1. WSK World Series - KF3 (CRG-Maxter)
2010 - 1. WSK Euro Series - KF3 (CRG-Maxter)
2010 - 1. Bridgestone Cup Europe - KF3 (CRG-Maxter)
2010 - 2. Winter Cup South Garda - KF3 (CRG-Maxter)
2010 - 2. World Cup - KF3 (CRG-Maxter)
2010 - 5. European Championship - KF3 (CRG-Maxter)

Press Office
22 August 2014

In the pictures:
1) A significant moment full of spectacle with Max Verstappen going through La Conca's chicane in the WSK Master 2013 (Ph. Manuela Nicoletti FotoFormulaK);
2) Max Verstappen at the debut with CRG while signing the agreement with the Italian team at the end of 2009 (Ph. FM Press); 3) Max Verstappen and Jordon Lennox-Lamb celebrated by team CRG for their first and third place in the KZ World Championship in Varennes (Ph. FMPress).

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