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Good victory in KZ2 for Jorrit Pex in the second round of the WSK Champions Cup. Positive finish for Dionisios in KF. An incident stopped Martinez in KF Junior. Victory and 60 Mini title to team Gamoto Racing and Muizzuddin.

A solid spectacle made of strength and competitiveness was offered by CRG and Jorrit Pex in the second round of the KZ2 WSK Champions Cup round of Muro Leccese (Lecce, Italy), that was the second and last act of the early season International series run in two rounds.

The young Dutch driver in force at CRG Holland conceded himself the luxury of beating fair and square the rivals on his CRG-TM. Once he got to the lead, at lap 7 out of 20, Jorrit run a race on his own league managing at best the CRG chassis and TM engine that supported him all the way to the triumphant crossing of the finish line.

Thanks to this victory and the unlucky ninth place of the previous round, Jorrit Pex secured the third position in the classification where he closed behind the winner Hanley and Camponeschi. This result gave CRG and Jorrit a good confidence boost for the continuation of the season.


Jorrit's younger brother, the 15 years old Stan Pex, was also among the protagonists of this second round of the Champions Cup as he put in a very good debut in KZ2 where he finished 13th absolute after securing the 9th place in the Prefinal.

Davide Forè, on CRG-TM run by team DTK, experienced a troubled weekend instead, as he was forced to the retirement in the Final after being excluded from the Prefinal when found underweight due to a water leak from the radiator. Despite of this inconvenience, Forè confirmed to be again among the strongest racers of KZ.



Solid performance for Dionisios Marcu, on CRG-TM, in KF after a difficult qualifying due to an unlucky tires choice in the changing weather conditions. He however managed to recoup in the heats where he ended 13th and then 11th in the Prefinal, despite an incident at the start. He finally ended his weekend with the 12th place of the Final.


Both Eliseo Martinez Merono and Pietro Mazzola missed out on gaining access to the KF Junior Final mainly due to the incidents they were involved in during the Prefinal. In particular, Martinez has been hit from the back and sent out during the first lap of the Final. Martinez had previously managed to climb from the 29th to the 9th place in the heats and the young Spaniard was all set for a good final part of the weekend. The incident at the first lap of the Prefinal voided the good work done up to that point instead.


CRG colors got on the podium also on 60 Mini thanks to team Gamoto and to its two jewels running on CRG-LKE: the Malaysian driver Muizzuddin Abdul Gafar, 12 years of age, winner of the Final and the Champions Cup title, and the Russian Bogdan Fetisov, who obtained a well deserved second step of the podium in La Conca.

The International Circuit Napoli of Sarno will house the next round for CRG drivers on 23rd March. They will be competing in fact in the first of the three rounds of the WSK Super Master Series.

All results are available on www.wsk.it

Press Office
11 March 2014

In the pictures: 1) The stunning victory of Jorrit Pex on CRG-TM in the WSK Champions Cup round of La Conca; 2) Jorrit Pex on the top step of the podium; 3) Davide Forè; 4) Dionisios Marcu KF; 5) Eliseo Martinez KFJ; 6) Muizzuddin, in the middle, and Fetisov, left (Ph. Cunaphoto.it).



A contact involving Davide Forè and Jorrit Pex made them lose precious positions when the podium was at reach. Dionisios did not make it to the start in KF Final due to a small technical problem. Eliseo Martinez to the fore in KF Junior.

The WSK Champions Cup has started at the Internazional Circuit La Conca, with the first of the two rounds held on 2nd March. This has been an ideal training ahead of the forthcoming season as well as an interesting race due to the stakes and the technical challenge involving more than 190 drivers.

In this occasion CRG fielded Dionisios Marcu in KF, Eliseo Martinez and Pietro Mazzola in KF Junior, while the Italian firm competed in KZ2 with Davide Forè in force at team DTK and Jorrit Pex at CRG Holland.


The two color bearers of CRG in KZ2 put in a streak of very good performances throughout the weekend, including in the Final where only an unlucky contact between the two stripped Forè and Pex from the chance of getting the podium they had in sight. That was a real pity as the two CRG drivers had been among the main protagonists of the category since qualifying, where they set the 4th and 5th time. Forè ended 7th in the Final and Pex 8th.

The youngest son of the Dutch Pex family, the very young Stan Pex, made its debut in KZ2. He run an apprenticeship race with good lap times.


Dionisios Marcu had a good weekend in KF where he started from the 13th time in qualifying, gained P10 in the heats and ended 15th in Prefinal. A small technical problem to a spark plug in the formation lap unfortunately forced him to give up at the start of the Final.


The Spaniard Eliseo Martinez is gaining more and more experience and put in a solid performance in this second exit of the season, despite some difficulties he had to face at the beginning of the weekend. Martinez managed in fact to recover from the starting 44th place in qualifying to the 27th of the heats and then concluded his Prefinal in 11th, position that was confirmed in the Final.

Pietro Mazzola had some difficulties at the beginning of the KFJ weekend too but then gained the 17th place of his Prefinal. In the Final, he lost some ground in the final stages and crossed the line in 27th place.


Very good performance once again for the two drivers in force at Gamoto Racing in 60 Mini which highlighted once again the competitiveness of CRG/Hero's chassis. The Malaysian driver Muizzuddin Abdul Gafar ended with a very good fourth place after finishing the Prefinal in third. Good weekend also for Dennis Hauger, who was 11th in the Final after the 5th place in the Prefinal while Francesco Tripoli closed his effort in 15th place after setting the 5th time in qualifying.

The next round of the season is going to take place again in La Conca on the weekend of the 9th of March with the second and final round of the WSK Champions Cup that will name the champions of this newly born series.

All results of the race are available at www.kartcrg.com.

Press Office
4 March 2014

In the pictures: 1) Jorrit Pex; 2) Davide Forè; 3) Dionisios Marcu; 4) Eliseo Martinez; 5) Muizzuddin Abdul Gafar (Ph. Cunaphoto.it).



Tiene and Hiltbrand produced a spectacular KF2 Final and obtained the second and third step of the podium. CRG on the KZ2 podium with Andrea Dalè. Lennox was bumped in the Final but clinched anyway a good 8th place. Forè ended 10th.

Lonato del Garda (Brescia, Italy). CRG works team lived a very good season opener at the 19th Winter Cup of Lonato, race that highlighted the technical competitiveness of chassis and engines as well as of all drivers of the team.

The Winter Cup is back as the “trail-maker” of this new season with a race that had been quite awaited to get some confirmations after the international success harvested last year. Satisfaction has not been long in coming in Lonato where CRG chassis pushed by Maxter by Tec-Sav engines in KZ and by TM engines by GFR and Galiffa in KF, turned out to be quite competitive and among the main protagonists of the whole event.

SPECTACULAR DOUBLE PODIUM IN KF2. The greatest satisfactions – as regarding the final result – came from KF2 where Felice Tiene and the young Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand dominated the category with their TM engines by GFR managing to finish on the podium in second and third place.



Excellent was the performance of Felice Tiene, who set the quickest time of his session in qualifying, came out of heats on top, was fifth in the Prefinal and in the Final produced a superb race challenging Alessio Lorandi for the victory as the latter had managed to gain some ground in the initial stages of the race.

Absolutely spectacular was also the race of the new-entry Pedro Hiltbrand, who managed to climb all the way from the 22nd spot of the starting grid to an incredible final third place!

Dionisios Marcu has been quite unlucky instead. He has been author of a good debut in KF2 but was forced to the retirement in the Final due to a contact at lap one. Nevertheless, he has had solid weekend as proved by the 10th absolute time in qualifying.


VERY GOOD PERFORMANCE FOR LENNOX IN KZ2. Jordon Lennox-Lamb run a very good KZ2 race on his CRG-Maxter. He has been forced to keep gaining positions after he was stripped of the second time in qualifying as he was 100 grams underweight. Despite of this, the British driver made it through to the final stages recovering up to midfield in the Prefinal. A bumping made him lose precious time in the Final, but then he put the hammer down and ended eighth thanks to his very good laptimes.

Davide Forè obtained the 10th place with team DTK after being on top of his qualifying session. The Spaniard Alex Palou, at his first contact with KZ2, ended 17th in the Prefinal and 16th in the Final.

Things did not go very well to Fabian Federer. He had been very quick in qualifying but in the heats he lost his reacting to an incident and was therefore disqualified.

CRG name was carried high by the former works driver Andrea Dalè, on CRG-TM, who dominated the scene throughout since qualifying, winning also the Prefinal before finishing third in the Final.


Postitive KF3 debut for last years winner of 60 Mini's WSK Euro Series and Master Series, the Spaniard Eliseo Martinez. He run a good series of races but some contacts penalized his final result, especially in the Prefinal. Martinez managed anyway to put in a recovery race in the Final and ended 14th. The young Briton Archie Tillett did not make it to the final as he was forced to run the repechage race where he ended 14th and therefore out of the top six that granted access to the final stages.


Euan Jeffery, CRG team manager: “The first race of the year has been good. We tested a lot of new material and we are particularly happy for the good development in KF Junior. We have been unlucky with Lennox in KZ qualifying. Our driver could have started the heats from the front and that would have given him more chances of running a good final stage. Alex Palou showed also good competitiveness. In KF we proved once again to be on top with all our drivers. Dionisios obtained very good times especially at the beginning of the weekend, but then he has been stopped by an incident in the Final. Felice Tiene and Pedro Hiltbrand run good races fully deserving the podium, they were actually very close to aim to the victory. To wrap it up, we started the season on the right foot. Now we are heading to La Conca for the double commitment of WSK Champions Cup, where we will be racing in KF and KF Junior.”

Felice Tiene: “I had some little engine problems in Prefinal and at the beginning of the Final. I started gaining positions back as soon as I managed to fix these problems, but unfortunately it was too late to hunt for the victory. In the final laps I was very quick but I decided not to run too many risks securing the second place.”

Pedro Hiltbrand: “I am really happy on how things went in my first race with CRG. It has been a good final as I started from the back but I was very quick and did not have difficulties in climbing all the way up to the third place. I would like to thank the whole team on the great job they have done. I am quite hopeful for the coming races.”

All the results of the weekend are available at the websites www.southgardakarting.it and www.kartcrg.com.

Press Office
23 February 2014

In the pictures: 1) CRG Racing Team, from left Forè, Palou, Tiene, Hiltbrand, Lennox, Marcu, Martinez, Tillett. 2) Tiene and Hiltbrand in KF2; 3) Tiene and Hiltbrand on the podium of the Winter Cup; 4) Lennox in KZ2; 5) Eliseo Martinez in KF3 (Ph. CRG Press).



Sabré Cook, the American girl that won a lot with CRG USA, is about to move to cars and to launch a promotional initiative involving special holidays at the Viceroy Snowmass Hotels and Resorts in Colorado.

Sabré Cook is ready to make her debut on single seaters after a series of very exciting and fruitful karting seasons in USA run with CRG-USA. The beatiful and strong American driver launced an interesting promotional initiative in collaboration with “Viceroy Snowmass Hotels and Resorts” in Colorado to face at best this new adventure in motorsport. Some holiday packages have been in fact devised with a special price to fund the sportive programme of Sabré Cook.

“Viceroy Snowmass” is considered as one of the most famous resorts in the world located among the most beatiful mountains for skiing, right at the base of the famous skiing resort Snowmass. “Viceroy Hotels Resorts Residences” offers exclusive holiday packages in winter and summer in a location that is unique both in terms of natural beauties and offered services. Some holiday packages with special price have been devised within the initiative connected to Sabré Cook to support the forthcoming sportive season of the American driver.

Further information will be availabe at www.viceroyhotelsandresorts.com/en/snowmass and www.sabrecook.com.


SABRE’ COOK. Sabré Cook is 6 times winner of the Colorado Championship and won two USA TAG Junior International Championships as well as a TAG USA IAME Senior and the S2 title in Skusa Supernationals. She has also finished second in Las Vegas' S2, fifth in the Skusa Summer Nationals in S2 and third in the USA TAG Senior. Beyond other important results, she also represented United States at the Bruno Grana International Trophy held in Lavalent (France), and obtained the fifth place in the CKI Florida Cup.

Press Office
18 February 2014

In the pictures: 1) Sabré Cook on the podium at the Skusa Supernationals in USA; 3) A view of the Viceroy Hotels Resorts Residences.



The next sportive season of CRG will be starting from Spain with the Rotax race of Campillos. Eliseo Martinez will join the team in KF Junior for the 2014 International season, while Pedro Hiltbrand will be racing in KF, Daniel Formal and Yannick De Brabander (EGP) in KZ. Maxter will provide KZ (Savard) engines, while TM the units used in KF and KF Junior (GFR and Galiffa).

Season 2014 is about to start and CRG's works team is ready to get on track with its drivers for the first round of the season: the Rotax Winter Cup to be held in Spain at Campillos' karting track in the weekend of the 16th February.

As already announced, CRG will officially partake in the International Rotax rounds in a racing programme that will not only involve the Winter Cup of Campillos but also the Rotax Euro Challenge, series run in 4 rounds to be held in Genk (Belgium, 6th April), Castelletto (Italy, 1st June), Zuera (Spain, 20 July) and Salbris (France, 7 September).

SEASON OPENER IN CAMPILLOS WITH THE ROTAX. CRG will get to Campillos with the Spaniard Eliseo Martinez in the Junior Max (the driver will be at his debut in the higher category after dominating the last year's edition of WSK Euro and Master Series in category Mini) and the as much competitive young Spanish driver Mauricio Van der Laan. CRG will also be taking on track the Spaniard Matthias Hobart and the American Jack Weprin in the Senior Max, while the German driver Luka Kamali will defend the teams' colors in DD2.


Some more interesting drivers will join forces with CRG starting from the Rotax Euro Challenge round of Genk, such as the American Daniel Formal who will be lined up in DD2. After a very good experience with PSL Karting he will officially be part of the CRG team in KZ2 also for the WSK and CIK-FIA rounds.

ALL CRG 2014 DRIVERS. After the race of Campillos, CRG's commitment on track will continue the following week with the Winter Cup to be held in Loanato on 23rd February. In the occasion, Eliseo Martinez and Archie Tillett will be racing in KF Junior, Dionisios Marcu, Felice Tiene and Pedro Hiltbrand in KF, Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Alex Palou and Fabian Federer in KZ2. Davide Forè will also be present with team DTK.

CRG will then take part in the WSK rounds, but the team will mainly be focused on the European and World CIK-FIA Championships in this season as it is the reigning champion in the European KF and KZ as well as in the KZ World Championship. In KZ CRG will also line up the new-entry Daniel Formel, while Yannick De Brabander will be racing with team EGP led by Wim Eyckmans, and Jorrit Pex will wear the colors of CRG Holland. CRG's 2014 lineup is still to be finalized but the Greek driver Konstantinos will also be part of the team in KF Junior, while the Japanese Fuma Horio will make his debut in KZ.

GIANCARLO TININI'S COMMENT. CRG's President Giancarlo Tinini commented in this way the forthcoming season: “It is not going to be easy to repeat the great success of 2013, but we will try and do our best as always. This year we will also be competing in Rotax – a series that is very important to us and in which we count on doing good things – among the other International commitments, where we aim at getting the maximum result. We have 2/3 drivers on average on every category and several youngsters to raise. Predictions are not easy ,especially due to the new tires employed in the International categories. We will be using Maxter engines developed by Savard in KZ and TM units for KF and KF Junior categories, developed by GFR and Galiffa. As regarding chassis, we will start the season with our cutting edge Road Rebel in KZ, while we will use the Black Star in KF and KT1 in KF Junior, but they will certainly be developed throughout the season.”


Press Office
11th February 2014

In the pictures: 1) Felice Tiene in KF; 2) Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Jorrit Pex in KZ; 3) Dionisios Marcu will make his debut in KF in this season. He is picture here while racing in KF Junior in Bahrain (Ph. CRG Press).



CRG is proud to present its new and engaging rental kart Centurion, the machine born from the experience of the Italian firm that has been a world leading company in karting for more than 30 years now. CRG's range of products is quite interesting and can meet all needs. The Centurion line is completed by the R2R (Rent To Race) programme.

The latest 2014 International Kart Expo in Offenbach witnessed the official launching of CRG’s gamma of Centurion line rental karts. The interest for this new initiative not only produced an overwhelming demand for the Centurion line rental karts, but also generated numerous solicitation to know more about the R2R (Rent To Race) rental kart aftermarket sales support program and rental related business initiatives.

The Centurion line rental karts and R2R program is a priority for CRG, which has forged its unparalleled winning reputation and level of excellence at the highest levels of international racing for over 30 years on the world circuit. The commitment from CRG will be total. CRG is resolved in dedicating the same resources and know how to their rental product as they are with their racing line chassis.

The primary objective with the Centurion line rental kart is to offer a product that will satisfy the most rigorous technical, safety, durability and performance criteria that today’s indoor/outdoor tracks demand.

The CRG Centurion rental line includes the models Standard, Rotax, Mini, Two Seats and Big Foot for oversize drivers. Pictures of models kart Centurion and details are available in the section Products/Rental of the CRG official website (www.kartcrg.com), as well as the technical descriptions of the whole range.

For further information we invite you to send all requests to the following contact information:

Christopher Sparacino
Tel: +39.030.9912604
Mob. +39.331.6305745
Skype: Christopher.r2r
E-mail: Chris.r2r@kartcrg.com
Web: www.kartcrg.com

Press Office
3rd February 2014





In the pictures: 1) Centurion Standard; 2) Centurion Mini; 3) Centurion Two Seats; 4) Centurion Rotax; 5) Centurion Big Foot.



CGR obtained the highest rewards for season 2013 with Max Verstappen at the WSK Gran Galà. The Dutch driver secured in fact the WSK Euro Series KZ1, the WSK Master Series KZ2 and also the trophy “Driver for the Year”. Teams and drivers victorious on CRG chassis have also been awarded as the companies of Tinini Group.

CRG got the full haul once again in the WSK Gran Galà, the prize ceremony of the championships organized by WSK Promotion that closed the 2013 season at the conference room of the Adria International Raceway. A great final applause celebrated CRG's most victorious driver of season 2013, Max Vertappen, who has also been received the very prestigious "Driver of the Year" trophy.

The title of "Driver of the Year" went deservedly to Max Verstappen and the prize has been collected by Nicole Tinini who has been representing CRG and the Dutch driver that could not make it to this event due to a conflicting commitment in the United States.

It has been a very good reward for Max Verstappen's incredible 2013 season that has been impressively full of success. Max Verstappen and CRG managed to put in a streak of record victories earning the victory of the WSK Euro Series KZ1 and WSK Master Series KZ2 titles as well as the KZ World Championship, the KZ European Championship and the KF European Championship.


CRG obtained also some other prizes at the WSK Gran Galà held in Adria, such as the victory in the KZ1 WSK Euro Cup thanks also to the final third place secured by Jonathan Thonon, and the second prize in the WSK Master Cup.

Important results have also been achieved by the teams and drivers that had been competing on CRG chassis, like team Gamoto Racing that had a very good season winning 60 Mini's WSK Euro Cup and WSK Master Cup thanks to the results of its drivers, or Eliseo Martinez who got the victory in the WSK Euro Series and in the WSK Master Series and Konstantinos who earned the third place of the WSK Euro Series.

Several prizes have also been collected by the other brands of Tinini Group like DR that celebrated Riccardo Negro's victory in WSK Euro Series KZ2 and his third place in WSK Master Series KZ2, Maranello Kart that was second in WSK Euro Series KZ2 with Marco Zanchetta and then again DR and Maranello Kart that ended the WSK Euro Cup KZ2 respectively in first and second place.

Felice Tiene also took part in the WSK Gran Galà to represent CRG as he has been a very good protagonist of the International season of KZ (3rd in the European Champion) and KF (6th. in WSK Euro Series and 7th in the European Championship).

All participants to the WSK Gran Galà have been given a very nice souvenir: the WSK Promotion volume that illustrates the CIK-FIA and WSK 2013 championships with 600 pictures and a cover dedicated to Max Verstappen and to his incredible season. The book has been produced by Vallardi in Italian and English with text edited by Fernando Morandi, Press.net and pictures provided by Cunaphoto and other important agencies. It will be available in specialized book stores in Europe, Canada, United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


Max Verstappen's “Driver of the Year” 2013 season, on CRG-Tm:

WSK Euro Series - Champion
02.03.2013 La Conca (I): KZ1, Final1: 1st
03.03.2013 La Conca (I): KZ1, Final2: 1st
23.03.2013 Zuera (E): KZ1, Final1: 1st
24.03.2013 Zuera (E): KZ1, Final2: 1st
20.04.2013 Sarno (I): KZ1, Final1: 3rd
21.04.2013 Sarno (I): KZ1, Final2: dnf.
01.06.2013 Genk (B): KZ1, Final1: 1st
02.06.2013 Genk (B): KZ1, Final2: exc.

WSK Master Series - Champion
02.02.2013 La Conca (I): KZ2, Final-1: 1st
03.02.2013 La Conca (I): KZ2, Final2: 1st
06.07.2013 Sarno (I): KZ2, Final1: 6th
06.07.2013 Sarno (I): KZ2, Final2: 7th
04.05.2013 Precenicco (I): KZ2, Final1: 2nd
05.05.2013 Precenicco (I): KZ2, Final2: 1st
13.07.2013 Castelletto (I): KZ2, Final1: 3rd
14.07.2013 Castelletto (I): KZ2, Final2: 2nd

CIK-FIA KF European Championship - Champion
16.06.2013 Alcaniz (E) Final: 3rd
21.07.2013 Ortona (I) Final: 2nd

CIK-FIA KZ European Championship - Champion
19.05.2013 Wackersdorf (D) Final: 1st
30.06.2013 Genk (B) Final: 1st

CIK-FIA KZ World Championship - Champion
22.09.2013 Varennes (F) Final: 1st

CIK-FIA KF World Championship - 3rd
01.09.2013 Brandon (GB) Final: 1st
23.11.2013 Bahrain (BHR) Final: exc.

Winter Cup 2013 KF2 - Winner
17.02.2013 Lonato (I) Final: 1st

Press Office
24 January 2014

In the pictures: 1) All trophies received by CRG and Tinini Group at the WSK Gran Galà held in Adria. 2) Nicole Tinini holding the “Driver of the Year” trophy given to Max Verstappen. 3) Max Verstappen in the book cover of the volume dedicated to 2013 results of CIK-FIA and WSK championships.



CRG's stand at the Kart Fair of Offenbach was visited by a lot of people that had a look at the multiple-times victorious chassis with the latest updates and the LH line. The new line of rental karts – the Centurion – , the electric kart and the carbon fiber one have also been previewed in the event.

The appointment with the important Kart Fair of Offenbach (Germany) recorded another success of CRG as the Italian firm's boot had been crowded with a lot of visitors stopping by for the whole weekend to look up to the new production, ranging from the racing line to rental karts.

The Racing line of CRG karts caught most of the attention of the youngest, but also the new line of rental karts Centurion, the line LH as well as some other interesting novelties like the CRG kart with electric drive by Gemax Tecnology or the carbon fiber careened R1 Monaco kart, produced in collaboration with MKI Racing, roused a lot of interest.

The CRG Racing line proposed in collaboration with the German reseller CRG Prespo in Offenbach involved the whole production, ranging from the Puffo and Mini karts, to the multiple-times victorious KF and KZ chassis that have been equipped with the latest updates that allowed CRG to secure several International CIK-FIA and WSK titles in 2013, such as the KZ World Championship, the KF and KZ European Championships, the KZ1 WSK Euro Series and the KZ2 WSK Master Series.


The whole section dedicated to rental karts aroused a lot of interest at the CRG stand though, as the new line Centurion was previewed in this occasion. This is a complete range of rental karts provided with a support programme denominated R2R (Rent To Race) covering all what involves rental.

The Centurion Mini, that is the rental kart pushed by a GX120 engine unit with adjustable pedals devised for children, the Centurion Senior with GX270 engine, the spectacular Centurion Two Seats and the Centurion Big Foot specially devised for outsized drivers were showcased too.

The very powerful Centurion GX390 was also very appreciated with its front brakes that improve the safety due to the power of the engine. Everybody expressed interest for the wireless system, optional on all karts, to cut the power all the way up to the engine's switch off. All chassis have a six months warranty and can be customizable in the basic colors. The range of products is quite wide and able to meet all the needs as appreciated - due also to the engaging look devised by CRG Racing - by the very numerous visitors and staff of the fair.


A lot of curiosity was also excited by the new electric kart developed in collaboration with Gemax Technology. It features some interesting solutions in terms of acceleration capabilities and battery recharging under breaking with a very good “engine braking” effect.


The careened kart R1 Monaco proposed by MKI Racing in collaboration with CRG that provided the mechanical components had also been very appreciated. The R1 Monaco kart features a carbon fiber frame and a very outlined bodywork producing ground effect, front and spoiler and rear wing. It is powered by a two stage engine with centrifuge clutch, electric engine starting, sequential gearbox with a 6 gears shift paddle, tunable caster and camber, Duralcan auto-ventilated brakes discs and 6 inch wheels. The kart will go on the market shortly.

Press Office
22 January 2014

In the pictures: 1) CRG boot at the Offenbach's Fair (Foto KSP). 2) The new CRG Centurion rental kart. 3) The electric CRG kart (Foto KSP). 4) R1 Monaco kart and the karts LH.



CRG and Tinini Group's drivers got a lot of trophies in the CIK-FIA Awards Ceremony organized by WSK Promotion. Verstappen and Lennox have been protagonists on CRG, Joyner on Zanardi and Antonsen on DR. CRG is also going to get some more trophies in the forthcoming WSK ceremony to be held in Adria. Meanwhile, CRG and all its production will be present at the fair of Offenbach (Germany) in the weekend of 18 and 19 January.

After the stunning season 2013, the time came for CRG and its drivers to receive the official awards by the international sportive authority for the results scored last year.

Following the awards given by FIA a few weeks ago in Paris, CIK-FIA and its President Shaikh Abdulla Bin Isa Al-Khalifa have celebrated the karting champions in the prize ceremony organized by WSK Promotion in the fascinating Spazio Antologico of the East End Studios in Milan.

CRG and the brands connected to Tinini Group monopolized the scene of the ceremony. The highest number of applauses went to the young Dutch Max Verstappen, who has been the absolute protagonist of the season with the victories in the KZ World Championship, in the KZ and KF European Championships and the third place in the KF World Championship. His British team mate at CRG, Jordon Lennox-Lamb, was also celebrated for his third place in the KZ World Championship and the other Briton, Tom Joyner, for winning the KF World Championship on Zanardi. The Norwegian driver Emil Antonsen on DR got the award reserved to the winner of the KZ2 European Championship instead.

CRG and Tinini Group collected therefore a lot of trophies in Milan, which confirmed the superiority shown on track at all European circuits, as well as on the Bahrain racetrack, where the competitive qualities of CRG, Zanardi and DR chassis turned out to be victorious in all occasions.


Max Verstappen has been the star of the evening as during the season he has managed to authoritatively win the World Championship (in Varennes, France) and the European Championship (in Wackersdorf, Germany, and Genk, Belgium) in KZ on CRG with TM engine prepared by his dad Jos Verstappen. In KF he has been racing on CRG with TM engine prepared by GFR Engines instead, and managed to win the European Championship after the two rounds of Alcaniz (Spain) and Ortona (Italy). The Dutch driver also classified third in the KF World Championship run in England at the PF International Circuit and in Bahrain.


Jordon Lennox-Lamb has been the other CRG works driver celebrated in Milan. In fact he received the prize for the third place obtained on CRG-Parilla in the KZ World Championship held in Varennes, where he ended behind team mate Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

Meanwhile, CRG will be present at the traditional appointment of the Offenbach's Fair in Germany with its production this coming weekend, but it will also be present in Adria on Saturday for the awards ceremony organized again by WSK Promotion to celebrate the WSK champions.

Press Office
13 January 2014

In the pictures: 1) CIK-FIA awards ceremony in Milan, with CRG and Tinini Group's drivers and team managers to the fore. In the picture, from left to right, Danilo Rossi and Emil Antonsen (DR), Dino Chiesa and Tom Joyner (Zanardi), Max Verstappen, Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Euan Jeffery (CRG). 2) Max Verstappen awarded by CIK-FIA President Shaikh Abdulla Bin Isa Al-Khalifa. 3) Charles Leclerc and, on the right, the two CRG drivers Max Verstappen and Jordon Lennox-Lamb, awarded by CIK-FIA Vice President Kees Van De Grint (Cunaphoto).



Satisfaction for all CRG drivers on track in 2013. Commitment confirmed for CIK-FIA, WSK and Rotax Championships in 2014. Some words also on the incident involving Max Verstappen in the last round of the World Championship. KZ as the most suitable category for youngsters eying a move to racing cars.

The 2013 finale ended a golden season for CRG and his Racing Team, a fantastic racing year sprinkled with an impressive streak of International titles and victories in all the most important appointments, from World to European Championships, to WSK Series.

CRG's chassis turned out to be the most performing chassis in almost all categories, and sometimes it showed such a clear superiority that allowed it to dominate the contest with the rivals. The 15 years old Dutch driver Max Verstappen enriched CRG's prize list with the victory in the KZ World Championship, the two European titles of KZ and KF, the triumphs in WSK Euro Series KZ1 and WSK Master Series KZ2.

CRG lived a lot of exciting moments in the past season, as the one-two-three in qualifying of the KZ European Championship in Wackersdorf, with Jorrit Pex, Max Verstappen and Davide Forè, and the other one-two-three in Genk's qualifying, this time with Max Verstappen, Jorrit Pex and Jordon Lennox-Lamb, or that scored in the qualifying of the KZ World Championship by Davide Forè, Felice Tiene and Max Verstappen, that was followed by a double podium with Jordon Lennox-Lamb closing on the third step of the podium behind the winner Verstappen. Another success for Tinini Group was scored by Tom Joyner, on Zanardi chassis made by CRG, in the KF World Championship where he put in a crescendo of performances as did his team mate Lance Stroll, especially after the adoption of the TM engine unit prepared by GFR Engines of the Scott Gordon Finlayson. CRG is very proud of this impressive streak of high level performances.



“Over the years we have had great seasons - said Giancarlo Tinini, CRG President – but 2013 has been a really good season for us. Beyond the titles won, we have always been competitive in all the categories, with the only exception of KF Junior due to a technical decision that turned out to be wrong. All our drivers had a good season, but we could have done something more in KF and KF Junior where we count on improving starting from 2014. I am really happy on the results we got and I am glad of Max Verstappen's move to motor-sport after such an exceptional season. I am certain that his record season will remain in the history of karting. We will bet again on the same categories in 2014 with the objective of winning also in KF Junior and Rotax, where we already announced our participation in the International Championships.”

- The upcoming season will bring some regulation changes...

“Things won't change much in terms of number of races, but, in such a tough economic period, I agree with the choice of reducing by one day the time on track and with the reduction of entering fees as well as on tires limitation. Costs will not be cut by much, but these are all solutions that can lighten a bit racing costs and meet drivers' requests.”

- The title of Tom Joyner at the end of 2013 brought the success to Tinini Group but what went missing was the icing on the cake for Max Verstappen...

“Everyone knows the value of Max Verstappen, I believe that no one can say he won as much at his age. This excess of power brought a bit of jealousy and envy with it, but the cheap attacks after the incident in Bahrain is what annoyed me the most. The truth is that Max had a technical problem in Bahrain and we do not know if it could have been sorted in a couple of laps or not, but after being pricked several times from behind he tried to defend himself keeping his line. I think that he was 90% right. Unbiased observers know how racing is and, moreover, Max had been hit on his rear wheel, but this does not count now. What counts is what Max won and left to karting, we can leave all the rest to the “poor” in victories and racing spirit.. I am very happy anyway on Tom Joyner's result. He had a technical problem in the first round at PFI when he was holding the second position. Tom is the same driver that came second in last year's World Championship held in Macau, after winning all the last four finals, therefore he truly deserved the title this year.”

- CRG says now goodbye to Max Verstappen, who is ready to move to cars...

“I wish him all the best. Max is a very talented driver that has important qualities that very few have, like spontaneity. He still has fun, he has always been playful and funny with the guys in the team. I have seen big champions, with half of the championships won by Max, being way too cocky. His spontaneity gets to people, he does not criticize. Even after the incident in Bahrain he did not criticize anybody nor felt sorry for himself. It happened and that was it.”

- CRG drivers help each other to deliver, is group spirit a strength of the team?

“Generally, a lot of drivers believe that team mates are the first rivals. I dismissed all the drivers with that belief. The word team has a simple truth in it: group, collaboration and collective efforts towards a common goal. Collaboration is the nice thing that can be found under our tent where one can see youngsters chatting with each other, exchanging ideas and thoughts. Faster drivers want to give team mates the chance to find the solution to get closer. This is very nice, it is good to make kids grow with this concept in mind. When they will move to racing cars they will have the attitude necessary to make progress.”

- KZ has always been an ace up CRG's sleeve. But recently this category has become the most interesting indeed...

“I have been saying that there is one category too many in karting for a while now, and this is KF2, which can be considered as an “elderly category”. Drivers having the ambition to aim to formula cars have to move from KF Junior to KZ, because KZ is a replica of what it is like on racing cars in terms of driving style, overtaking, corner shifting, breaking on a single pedal and so on, so forth. Whoever wishes to move to car racing has to make a direct jump from Junior to KZ. Even experienced racing drivers come back to KZ because this is a category that allows the best training. The lowering of drivers age that we are experiencing in KZ is mainly due to this. There is no point in wasting time in KF.”

- Following Verstappen and Thonon's depatures, who is CRG going to bet on?

“We will stick with our drivers, Felice Tiene and Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Alex Palou Montalbo and Pedro Hiltbrand, and then to some other youngsters for the KF Junior campaign.”

- How is karting reacting to the economic downturn that has also hit motorsport?

“Honestly I do not see anything new or particularly good for the future. I hope to be wrong, but I am not that optimistic about a trend drift. In karting, the crisis has mainly affected Europe, while it has been felt a little less in the rest of the world. Obviously, the political choice made a while back did pay off for European karting, while regulations specific for each country are giving positive results in the rest of the world. Perhaps, a bit of self-criticism at the European level would be good instead of making generalizations. Karting should be much simpler”.

- Are you satisfied with the first season of CIK-FIA and WSK Championships promoted by WSK Promotion?

“I would say that the agreement between CIK-FIA and WSK Promotion turned out to be very positive and its impact on the organizational view point has been evident. I hope WSK Promotion will be given the chance to intervene even more at the level of organization and regulation of the events. We have always been very happy about WSK races and we count of coming home from CIK-FIA races as happy too.”


1. World Championship - KZ
1. European Championship - KZ
1. European Championship - KF
1. WSK Euro Series - KZ1
1. WSK Master Series - KZ2
1. Winter Cup - KF2
3. World Championship - KF

3. World Championship - KZ
10. WSK Euro Series - KZ1
11. European Championship - KZ
17. World Championship - KF
21. European Championship - KF

3. European Championship - KZ2
6. WSK Euro Series - KF
7. World Championship - KZ
7. European Championship - KF
13. World Championship - KF

1. German Championship - KZ2
5. WSK Euro Series - KZ1
7. European Championship - KZ
7. WSK Master Series - KZ2
16. World Championship - KZ

3. WSK Euro Series - KZ1
4. European Championship - KZ

1. Polish Championship - KZ2
1. Trofeo delle Industrie - KZ2
2. WSK Final Cup - KZ2
3. Winter Cup - KZ2
6. German Championship - KZ2
9. European Championship - KZ
9. WSK Euro Series – KZ1
12. World Championship - KZ

1. Spain Championship - KZ2
10. European Championship - KF
16. World Championship - KF
16. WSK Euro Series - KF

24. European Championship - KF Junior
26. World Championship - KF Junior

10. WSK Master Series - KZ2
14. Winter Cup - KZ2
17. World Championship - KZ
17. WSK Euro Series - KZ1
24. European Championship - KZ

17. WSK Master Series - KF
26. World Championship - KF

TOM JOYNER (Zanardi)
1. World Championship - KF
11. WSK Master Series - KF
26. WSK Euro Series - KF
43. European Championship- KF

5. WSK Master Series - KF
6. World Championship - KF
13. WSK Euro Series - KF
43. European Championship- KF

12. International Super Cup - KZ2

21. WSK Euro Series - KZ2
30. International Super Cup - KZ2

11. International Super Cup - KF Junior

1. WSK Euro Series - 60 Mini
1. WSK Master Series - 60 Mini

43. WSK Master Series - KF

3. WSK Euro Series
7. WSK Master Series

4. WSK Euro Series
6. WSK Master Series

Press Office
27 December 2013

In the pictures: 1) Giancarlo Tinini, CRG SpA President (Photo by KSP); 2) Max Verstappen heading to the victory in the first round of the KF World Championship at the Circuit PF International (Cunaphoto).

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