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Stan Pex and Tornqvist claimed one win each in KZ2, as Jorrit Pex confirmed his classification lead. Denner secured the victory in KZ2 Cup and kept the lead in the standings. Good performance for Haverkort and Rosso in OK, while Scionti had a positive debut in OK-Junior.

The second round of the DKM Championship took place in Wackersdorf and CRG has been again among the main protagonist of the German series after the opener held in Lonato in mid-April.

KZ2. Pex (CRG Holland), Fabian Federer (SRP Racing Team) and Alessandro Giardelli have come to the fore in KZ2 since qualifying practice, when they locked out the top three of Group 1, as did CRG Holland’s Benjamin Tornqvist-Persson and Stan Pex that were the fastest of Group 2. CRG dominant run continued in the heats and in the Finals. Race-1 victory was taken by an excellent Stan Pex, as Federer was third and Jorrit Pex fourth, while Tornqvist was 13th and Giardelli 16th. Variable weather conditions rewarded Tornqvist’s technical choice in Race-2 and helped him to secure the victory on slick tyres, leading another CRG driver, Toni Tschentscher of SRP Racing. Stan Pex (on rain tyres) in fourth place, and Federer in fifth, managed to get again on the five-step podium of DKM. Jorrit Pex was seventh and confirmed his classification lead following the results obtained in Lonato. Giardelli was 18th instead.
CRG colors dominate the Championship: Jorrit Pex is leading at 88 points and is followed by Fabian Federer at 82 and Stan Pex at 74.


KZ2 CUP. After the KZ2 Cup full haul of Emilien Denner on Kalì-Kart chassis in Lonato, the young French driver has been the great protagonist of the second round in Wackersdorf too. He won in fact Race-1 after claiming the pole position. Denner was unfortunately forced to an early retirement from Race-2 due to several contacts, but his overall scoring in Wackersdorf allows him to keep the classification lead at 110 points, as Race-2 winner Alessio Curto follows him at 89 points.


OK. As in the case of Lonato, Kas Haverkort and Andrea Rosso put in a great performance in OK at Wackersdorf. Team Zanardi’s Haverkort has been very quick since the beginning and secured the third place in Race-1 and the second in Race-2. Rosso had to recover some lost ground from qualifying and heats and managed to gain P7 in Race-1 and a good P3 in Race-2, behind Haverkort. The two finals were respectively won by Thompson and Tauscher. Thompson is currently leading the classification at 103 points, Haverkort is third at 79 and Rosso seventh at 42.


OK-JUNIOR. Enzo Scionti, at the debut on the chassis of the Italian company, displayed a good shape since the beginning in OK-Junior and eventually was the best of CRG drivers taking the sixth time in qualifying before ending heats in 21st position. Regarding the other CRG drivers, Leonardo Bertini Colla was 16th in the heats, while Alfio Andrea Spina could not qualify for the double final despite an encouraging P24 in qualifying. Bertini Colla was 9th and 17th in the two finals, while Scionti had to retire early from Race-1, but bounced back in Race-2 ending 12th. The two finals were won by Sebastian Ogaard and Edoardo Ludovico Villa. Kai Askey is currently leading the classification, Leonardo Bertini Colla is ninth and Alfio Andrea Spina tenth.

DKM will resume next June 3rd from Ampfing (D), before moving to Kerpen (D) on July 29th and Genk (B) on August 26th. Complete results are available at www.kart-dm.de/en/home/.

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May 16th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Stan Pex, KZ2; 2) KZ2 podium Race-2, Tornqvist winner; 3) KZ2 Cup Emilien Denner; 4) OK podium Race-2 with Haverkort (2nd) and Rosso (3rd).
Ph. Sportinphoto



The first round of the KZ European Championship in Salbris has had an exciting final, as Jorrit Pex ended his race in second place and Paolo De Conto in fourth. Pedro Hiltbrand forced to the retirement from the lead. Top ten finish in KZ2 for Benjamin Tornqvist.

CRG has been a strong protagonist during the opener of the CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 European Championship in Salbris (France), where Jorrit Pex claimed a great P2 in the Final, after dominating the whole weekend, while Paolo De Conto was fourth. These results only partially rewarded the efforts of the Italian outfit, that could have obtained a more round result.

KZ. The KZ final lived on an endless series of surprises and CRG drivers have been the the main protagonists throughout the race. A great Jorrit Pex got the lead of the race early on, after dominating practice and all the qualifying heats. He was followed by marque-mate Fabian Federer of team SRP, and by an excellent Pedro Hiltbrand, who has also been protagonist at the European Championship in OK and in Salbris had a great start from the third spot of the grid. Paolo De Conto in this occasion struggled a bit more instead. He started the Final from P6 due to several hiccups in the heats, while Stan Pex was seventh on the starting grid of the final, but recovering ground. Surprisingly, Pedro Hiltbrand installed himself on top early on and at that point CRG had five drivers in the top six.


The situation changed two thirds into the race though, when De Conto, who was third, had to concede his place to Stan Pex, and then Hiltbrand had to retire when only five laps were left to go, handing the lead of the race to Iglesias, who meanwhile had recovered well from the starting P5. Federer also had to retire due to an incident, as happened to Stan Pex, and therefore CRG final result saw only Jorrit Pex closing on the podium in P2 behind Iglesias, with Ardigò third, and Paolo De Conto had to settle for P4. The challenge will resume from Lonato for the second and closing round to be held on July 15th with all results are still possible.


KZ2. The best of CRG drivers in KZ2 was the Swede of CRG Holland Benjamin Tornqvist, who has been second in International Super Cup last year and among the quickest in this opener of the European Championship with the final 10th place, while the French Arthur Carbonnel was 15th. Regarding the drivers of the Racing Team, the Swiss Jean Luyet was 18th and the Spaniard Kilian Meyer 24th, while Emilien Denner was handed a penalty on Kalì-Kart after winning the closing heat on Sunday morning. Despite a good result in the closing heat, Alessandro Giardelli missed out on qualifying for the final, as did Gerard Cebrian Ariza, Filippo Berto, Enrico Prosperi, Marco Valenti, Arto Ojaranta and Marc Lopez.


The next round of the KZ and KZ2 European Championship will take place in Lonato, Italy, next July 15th.

Complete results are available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
May 6th, 2018

In the pictures: : 1) Jorrit Pex, Fabian Federer, Pedro Hiltbrand; 2) Jorrit Pex on the podium; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand and Paolo De Conto; 4) Emilien Denner. Ph. Cunaphoto.



The first of the two rounds of the KZ and KZ2 European Championship will take place in France at Salbris this coming weekend. CRG will get on track with a top class squad that includes reigning European Champion Paolo De Conto. CRG’s hall of fame in shifter categories is quite impressive.

After the opening to the CIK-FIA OK and OK-Junior European Championships, the time has now come for the opener of the CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 Championship that will be held in France at the Circuit of Salbris. CRG to field a top class team.

The European Championship will see the return to Salbris of CIK-FIA races, as will happen in the case of the South Garda Karting of Lonato, the circuit that will stage the second and closing round of the European series, that this year will feature two rounds as opposed to the four KZ and three KZ2 rounds held last year. Getting a good result since the beginning is therefore imperative!

KZ. CRG will contest KZ with the reigning European Champion Paolo De Conto, who won the title in 2017 on CRG after winning it in 2010 and 2011 and will compete alongside Pedro Hiltbrand, at his debut in KZ but already victorious in 2016 in the shifter category at the International Super Cup KZ2. The 2012 European Champion Jorrit Pex will also be among CRG’s color bearers in KZ, as his brother Stan Pex and KZ2 European Champion of 2011 and 2016 Fabian Federer, who will compete among the fields of SRP Racing Team.
The Finn driver Jan Kuovi will also be among the privateers on CRG.


KZ2. CRG is all set to line up a strong team also in KZ2. This will include the Swiss driver Jean Luyet and the French Emilien Denner (Kalì-Kart), the Italians Alessandro Giardelli, Filippo Berto and Marco Valenti, Spaniards Enrico Prosperi, Kilian Meyer, Gerard Cebrian Ariza and Marc Oriol Lopez, and the Finn Arto Ojaranta.
CRG Holland will field Max Tubben, Benjamin Tornqvist and Andreas Jahansson, SRP Racing Team Fabrizio Rosati and Mathias Ramirez, TB Racing Team Dominik Schmidt, the Finn Jaakko Ruotsalainen, Arthur Carbonnel and Johan Renaux.


CRG’S HALL OF FAME. CRG is among the most victorious teams in the shifter categories KZ and KZ2. In the past 7 years CRG has been the most successful of all, scoring an impressive series of CIK-FIA victories in KZ and KZ2:

2011 European KZ2 Champion with Fabian Federer;
2011 KZ1 World Cup Winner with Jonathan Thonon;
2012 European KZ Champion with Jorrit Pex;
2012 KZ2 World Cup Winner with Jordon Lennox-Lamb;
2013 European KZ Champion with Max Verstappen;
2013 KZ World Champion with Max Verstappen;
2014 KZ2 European Champion with Andrea Dalè;
2014 KZ European Champion with Rick Dreezen (Tinini Group);
2015 World Champion with Jorrit Pex;
2016 International Super Cup KZ2 Winner with Pedro Hiltbrand;
2016 KZ2 European Champion with Fabian Federer;
2016 KZ World Champion with Paolo de Conto;
2017 KZ European Champion with Paolo De Conto.
2017 KZ World Champion with Paolo De Conto.


1 PAOLO DE CONTO (ITA) CRG / TM Racing / LeCont
5 STAN PEX (NLD) CRG / TM Racing / LeCont
8 JORRIT PEX (NLD) CRG / TM Racing / LeCont

318 JEAN LUYET (CHE) CRG / TM Racing / LeCont
321 ENRICO PROSPERI (ESP) CRG / TM Racing / LeCont
341 ARTO OJARANTA (FIN) CRG / TM Racing / LeCont
342 FILIPPO BERTO (ITA) CRG / TM Racing / LeCont
349 EMILIEN DENNER (FRA) Kalì-Kart / TM Racing / LeCont
357 KILIAN MEYER PRAT (ESP) CRG / TM Racing / LeCont
359 MARC LOPEZ ORIOL (ESP) CRG / TM Racing / LeCont
360 MARCO VALENTI (ITA) CRG / TM Racing / LeCont

CIK-FIA European KZ & KZ2 Championships, 4-6.05.2018
Friday, May 4th, 2018: Free practice from 9:00 (GMT+2); Qualifying from 16:40.
Saturday, May 5th, 2018: Qualifying heats from 10:30.
Sunday, May 6th, 2018: Qualifying heats from 9:50.
Finals: KZ2 at 13.20; Academy at 14:25; KZ at 15:25.

Complete results, Live Timing and Live TV at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
May 3rd, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Poster Salbris; 2) 3) CRG in Salbris. Ph. Cunaphoto.



The opener of the European Championship in Sarno welcomed the first podium CIK-FIA of the season for Pedro Hiltbrand in OK.

CRG eventually obtained a great result with Pedro Hiltbrand in the opener of the European OK and OK-Junior Championship at the Kart Grand Prix in Sarno. The CRG driver secured in fact a second place at the end of a very positive weekend always lived among the protagonists.

HILTBRAND ON THE OK PODIUM. The Spanish driver of CRG, who already has the 2016 European and World Championships under his belt, has been among the quickest in this opening race of the International CIK-FIA season. Thanks also to the competitiveness of the new CRG Heron chassis powered by TM Racing, Pedro Hiltbrand confirmed to be once again on top of OK in Sarno.


“Maybe, I could have won – Pedro Hiltbrand stated right after the chequered flag – but after leading the race at the start, Stanek managed to build a good gap while I was stuck in some battles in the first two laps. At a certain point it looked like I could close in onto the leader, but if I gained some ground in a sector, he was getting it back in another. I got some ground back in the end, but it was not enough to attempt an attack. This was the first round of the European Championship and to us it was important to start on the right foot and score as many points as possible. I am happy for this second place. I would like to thank CRG and TM for providing me with this great material.”

Among the best CRG drivers in OK, the British driver Callum Bradshaw put in a very good race and was eighth at the flag, as did Andrea Rosso, who ended 13th after some troubled heats and a stunning 10 place recovery. The Spanish Ayrton Fontecha was 18th, while, despite a win in the closing heat, the Brazilian Olin Vieira Galli and the Argentine Franco Colapinto did not qualify for the Final mainly due to some incidents.


BORTOLETO SLOWED DOWN IN OK-JUNIOR. Some technical issues limited the chances of the Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto in OK-Junior. Bortoleto has been among the best in qualfiying and in the heats, but in the Final he had to settle for P14 losing the chance to fight among the leading pack. The American Tyler Maxson closed his maiden race in the European Championship in 21st place. Adam Putera had to retire due to an incident after being among the quickest, as happened to Alfio Andrea Spina. Saood Variawa was 25th instead due to a penalty. Leonardo Bertini Colla could not qualify for the final due to two incidents, the Chinese Xizheng Huang had a similar fate as he could not start the closing heat due to a problem at the spark plug, Enzo Trulli, Paolo Gallo and the other American Elio Giovane Gonzalez did not qualify for the Final either.

Complete results are available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
April 22nd, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK, P2 podium; 2) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK; 3) Gabriel Bortoleto, OK-Junior.
Ph. CRG Press



Hiltbrand and Bradshaw among the front-runners in qualifying of OK at the opener in Sarno, Bortoleto and Putera to the fore in OK-Junior. Final live on www.cikfia.com on Sunday April 22nd.

The first qualifying stage of the European OK and OK-Junior in Sarno has produced interesting and positive results for CRG Racing Team, as all its drivers are ready for the charge in the Finals to be held on Sunday April 22nd.

HILTBRAND AND BRADSHAW IN GREAT SHAPE. Qualifying on Friday and heats on Saturday highlighted the good performances of Pedro Hiltbrand (two wins) and Callum Bradshaw in OK, but encouraging performances have also been put in by the other protagonists of CRG Racing Team, like Ayrton Fontecha, Andrea Rosso, Olin Vieira Galli e Franco Colapinto, despite some hiccups in not very lucky racing episodes.


GOOD PERFORMANCES FOR BORTOLETO AND PUTERA IN JUNIOR. CRG result in OK-Junior has been a bit more complicated, but some drivers displayed an evident growth. Gabriel Bortoleto confirmed to be among the quickest, as the surprise of the weekend, Adam Putera from Malaysia, and the Chinese Xizheng Huang. The growth of the youngest drivers continued with great progress too, as in the case of Alfio Andrea Spina and the American Tyler Maxson, while the weekend of Leonardo Bertini Colla, Paolo Gallo, Enzo Trulli and the other American Elio Giovane Gonzales has been a bit more tricky than expected.


Qualifying stages will reach its end on Sunday April 22nd with the closing heats, while OK-Junior’s Final will follow at 13:55 and OK’s at 14:35.

CIK-FIA European OK & OKJ Championships, 20-22.04.2018
Sunday April 22nd, 2018: Qualifying heats from 10:30. Drivers presentation at 13:35. Finals: at 13.55 (OK-Junior); 14:35 (OK).

Complete results, Live Timing and Live TV at www.cikfia.com


Press Office
April 21st 2018

In the pictures: 1) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK; 2) Callum Bradshaw, OK; 3) Gabriel Bortoleto, OKJ; 4) Adam Putera, OKJ.
Ph. CRG Press



The International Circuit Napoli in Sarno (Italy) will stage the opener of the CIK-FIA European Championships for OK and OK-Junior from April 20th to April 22nd 2018. The await is mounting ahead of the new season. CRG present in full ranks in both categories.

The International CIK-FIA season is about to get underway at the International Circuit Napoli in Sarno with the much awaited opener of the OK and OK-Junior European Championships. The two direct drive categories have always had the privilege of “promoting” great karting champions over the years.

CIK-FIA events are the highest expression of International Karting and the opener in Sarno is also awaited to see the new promoter RGMMC Group of James Geidel in action. The promoter is called, alongside CIK-FIA, to give a strong push to making international classes more and more popular, helping their diffusion also on national markets.

From the technical side, after the excellent results obtained in both categories in early season events, there is a lot of optimism at CRG, especially because the new chassis CRG Heron, to be used by OK and OK-Junior in Sarno, turned out to be easy to drive, combining excellent grip levels with flow, two important factors in the direct drive grades.

CRG will field its full ranks in CIK-FIA 2018 Championships and particularly in this first round in Italy, where the Italian outfit will have great chances with its best drivers in both classes. The CRG lot in OK will be led by a champion of the likes of the 2016 World and European Champion from Spain Pedro Hiltbrand, and will include other great drivers of the category, while some young emerging drivers will make it to the start for CRG in OK-Junior like the Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto, who has been putting in a crescendo of results in this first part of the season.


OK. Several CRG drivers can aim high in OK: alongside Pedro Hiltbrand, expectations are high for the Spanish drivers Kilian Meyer and Ayrton Fontecha, as for 2016 CIK-FIA Academy winner from UK Callum Bradshaw, the Italian Andrea Rosso, the Argentine Franco Colapinto and Brazilian Olin Vieira Galli.

OK-JUNIOR. In OK-Junior, alongside the mentioned Gabriel Bortoleto, who is now ready to get a prestigious international result, CRG’s lineup will include some of the most promising young drivers like Enzo Trulli, son of former F1 driver Jarno Trulli, who recently won the Andrea Margutti Trophy and the first round of the German DKM Championship, Alfio Andrea Spina who comes from the successful 60 Mini campaigns and now is ready to fight for the victory, the Italian Leonardo Bertini Colla, the Chinese Xizheng Huang, the Americans Tyler Maxson and Elio Giovane Gonzales, who are at their first international experiences in Europe, Malaysia’s Adam Putera, and the other Italian Paolo Gallo on Kalì-Kart chassis.


CRG’S HALL OF FAME. In the recent years, CRG’s prize list in the CIK-FIA European Championship of OK has been made more precious by the victories taken by Max Verstappen in 2013 and Pedro Hiltbrand in 2016. In the most recent 2017 edition, the victory went to Sami Taoufik in OK (who already switched to motorsport) and to Jonny Edgar in OK-Junior, who will contest OK this year.


105 PEDRO HILTBRAND (ESP) CRG / TM Racing / Bridgestone
108 CALLUM BRADSHAW (GBR) CRG / TM Racing / Bridgestone
111 KILIAN MEYER PRAT (ESP) CRG / TM Racing / Bridgestone
128 ANDREA ROSSO (ITA) CRG / TM Racing / Bridgestone
140 AYRTON FONTECHA (ESP) CRG / TM Racing / Bridgestone
170 FRANCO COLAPINTO (ARG) CRG / TM Racing / Bridgestone
182 OLIN VIEIRA GALLI (BRA) CRG / TM Racing / Bridgestone

222 XIZHENG HUANG (CHN) CRG / TM Racing / Vega
231 ENZO TRULLI (ITA) CRG / TM Racing / Vega
248 TYLER MAXSON (USA) CRG / TM Racing / Vega
264 PAOLO GALLO (ITA) Kalì-Kart / TM Racing / Vega
274 ADAM PUTERA (MYS) CRG / TM Racing / Vega

CIK-FIA European OK & OKJ Championships, 20-22.04.2018
Friday April 20th, 2018: Free practice from local 8:30; Qualifying practice from 15:40.
Saturday April 21st, 2018: Qualifying heats from 9:30.
Sunday April 22nd, 2018: Qualifying heats from 10:30. Finalists presentation at 13:35. Finals: 13.55 (OK-Junior); 14:35 (OK).

Results, Live Timing and Live TV will be available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
April 18th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK; 2) Enzo Trulli, OK-Junior; 3) CRG Heron chassis by Bortoleto, OK-Junior. Ph. Cunaphoto.



CRG drivers put in a strong start to the DKM campaign at the South Garda Karting in Lonato, with Trulli winning Race-1 in OK-Junior, Hiltbrand in KZ2 and Denner in KZ2 Cup, the latter completed a stunning double win in the second race too. Good performances for Haverkort (Zanardi) and Rosso in OK.

CRG has been a great protagonist in the opener of the German Championship DKM in Lonato. The race had 180 drivers on track at South Garda Karting, which set a new participation record for the German series valid for the four categories OK-Junior, OK, KZ2 and KZ2 Cup.

The first round of DKM could have been even better classification-wise for CRG colors, but Race-1 victory of Enzo Trulli in OK-Junior, that of Pedro Hiltbrand in KZ2 and the full haul of Emilien Denner in KZ2 Cup, confirmed the great start of the Italian outfit. Race-2 has meaner with satisfaction for CRG drivers, due also to some unlucky episode, as in the case of the second final of KZ2 that was made trickier by some rain drops that did not allow Hiltbrand to convert his early lead into a win.

TRULLI BACK TO THE VICTORY IN JUNIOR. OK-Junior of DKM has brought Enzo Trulli back to the fore, as he has taken his second win this year, after the recent victory at the Andrea Margutti Trophy. The son of former F1 driver won Race-1, while Alfio Spina has also been shining ending seventh, Leonardo Bertini Colla (at his comeback to CRG) was 12th and the Chinese driver Xizhang Huang followed him in P13. Spina confirmed his place among the quickest also in Race-2 ending third on the podium, as did Bertini Colla, who claimed a good fifth place. Huang secured a great P6, while Trulli was pushed down from P4 to the ninth place by a penalty. Race-2 was won by Kal Askey.


PEDRO WINNING THE KZ2 OPENING RACE. CRG colors have been rewarded by Pedro Hiltbrand’s victory in KZ2. He ruled Race-1, together with SRP Racing Team’s Fabian Federer, who took the pole position leading Hiltbrand and ended the first Final in third place. The six time winner of DKM Jorrit Pex closed his race in fourth place. Federer has been forced to an early retirement from Race-2, and handed the lead of the race to Hiltbrand. Some rain drops stopped the race to allow drivers to swap tyres. Such a swap did not happen in practice though, as virtually all drivers decided to continue on slick tyres hoping for a dry track. Daniel Stell took the gamble of rain tyres and managed to get past all his rivals, winning the race under a light rain. Stan Pex had managed to climb on top of the pack, but eventually had to give way to Stell, who has been helped in the closing stages by another rain shower. Stan Pex ended on the podium taking a great P2, while Jorrit Pex was third. Hiltbrand closed his race in P13 instead. Jean Luyet has also been among the quickest in P10, as did Max Tubben in 11th. Alessandro Giardelli has been very quick in qualifying and posted the fourth absolute best time and then ended Race-1 in eighth place and Race-2 in 17th.


DENNER DOMINATING KZ2 CUP. Emilien Denner dominated KZ2 Cup on Kalì-Kart. He has been the absolute quickest in qualifying and then claimed a double win in Race-1 and Race-2. SRP Racing Team’s Thomas Neumann has been the best on CRG chassis, as he was sixth in Race-1 and fifth in Race-2. Giorgio Amati closed also on the top ten on CRG: he was eighth in Race-1 and seventh in Race-2.

HAVERKORT AND ROSSO ON THE OK PODIUM IN RACE-1. Following a good qualifying session, Kas Haverkort (champion last year in Junior on CRG and this year in OK on Zanardi chassis), fourth in OK, and Andrea Rosso seventh, Haverkort closed Race-1 in fourth place, while Rosso got on the five-place podium of DKM in fifth position. Haverkort had to settle for P7 in Race-2 and Rosso was 17th. Both finals were won by Junior Vice European Champion Harry Thompson.

The next rounds of DKM are scheduled for next May 13th in Wackersdorf (D), June 3rd in Ampfing (D), July 29th in Kerpen (D) and August 26th in Genk (B). Complete results are available at www.kart-dm.de/en/home/.

Press Office
April 15th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) OK Junior podium by Enzo Trulli Race-1; 2) KZ2 podium by Pedro Hiltbrand Race-1; 3) Emilien Denner, KZ2 Cup.
Ph. Sportinphoto



At the International Circuit Napoli in Sarno, the final classification of WSK Super Master Series saw Bortoleto ending second in OK-Junior, Pedro Hiltbrand fifth due to an excursion in OK and Paolo De Conto third in KZ2.

The performance of CRG drivers at the fourth and closing round of the WSK Super Master Series has been very high in the second weekend in a row at the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno. CRG drivers have been in the fight for the title in all categories and are all set to be protagonist in the forthcoming European CIK-FIA Championships.

GREAT BORTOLETO IN OK-JUNIOR. CRG hopes in OK-Junior were mainly on Gabriel Bortoleto, and the young Brazilian driver has been among the quickest also in this occasion, securing P1 at the end of heats after a troubled qualifying session. The Final run by Bortoleto has been amazing too: he claimed a second place finish, despite starting sixteenth due to an off-track excursion in Prefinal. Bortoleto ended second in the final classification, just one point short of the top, which shows that he is certainly ready to fight among the main protagonists at the forthcoming European Championship, that will kick off from Sarno next April 22nd.


Among the other CRG drivers, Adam Putera was 23rd in the Final, while Alfio Spina has been hit by bad luck despite showing a good growth in Sarno and claiming his maiden pole position in Junior. Resolute to run a good race, Spina was involved in an incident in Prefinal-B which did not allow him to take part in the Final. Xizheng Huang, Enzo Trulli, Tyler Maxson and Elio Giovane could not qualify for the Final either. The Final was won by Paul Aron, while the championship was went to Gabriele Minì.


HILTBRAND LET DOWN BY AN EXCURSION IN OK. Pedro Hiltbrand could not capitalize on the starting P5 on the OK starting grid due to an excursion that made him lose several precious positions in the heat of the first lap. This round has nevertheless been very positive for Hiltbrand, despite an incident in one heat that did not allow him to get a better starting position in Prefinal, which he managed to end with a strong and excellent P3 anyway. Hiltbrand closed the final in fifth place and he was fifth also in the final classification of the championship. Kilian Meyer was 17th in the Final, Ayrton Fontecha 23rd, Andrea Rosso 25th, while Franco Colapinto had to retire due to an incident instead. An incident in Prefinal involved team mates at CRG Callum Bradshaw and Olin Galli. This incident did not have consequences for the two drivers, but both could not qualify for the Final though. Javier Sagrera of Team M2 Racing Karts was 13th in the Final after a strong qualifying. The Final was won by Hannes Janker, who also won the Championship.


DE CONTO VERY COMBATIVE IN KZ2. In KZ2, the most powerful category, Paolo De Conto put in a overwhelming comeback in the closing weekend of WSK Super Master Series. Starting from qualifying practice he has been very strong to halfway through the Final, when he engaged a great duel with Alex Irlando to defend his P2 behind Ardigò. De Conto had to concede his place to Irlando and shortly after also to Hajek, eventually settling for P4. De Conto closed the championship in third place, while the Final and the Championship went Marco Ardigò’s ways. Among the private drivers on CRG, Ciro Mollo has been the quickest in P11, while Alessandro Giardelli of the CRG Racing Team was 14th and Marco Valenti 21st. Andreas Johansson in P20.

GREAT RACE BY MATVEEV IN MINI. One of the main protagonists in Mini on CRG run by Team Gamoto was the Russian Dmitry Matveev, who claimed the pole position and was leading the pack after heats. Matveev ended the Final in 13rd place, after being fourth in Prefinal-A. The Final was won by Martinius Stenshorne, who also won the championship.

The next appointment with international karting will be in Sarno on April 22nd for the opener of the European OK and OK-Junior Championships.

All results are available at www.wskarting.it

Press Office
April 8th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Gabriel Bortoleto, OK; 2) Gabriel Bortoleto, P2 OK-Junior WSK Super Master Series; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK; 4) Paolo De Conto, KZ2.
Ph. Cunaphoto



The first part of the season is closing in the weekend of April 8th in Sarno, while teams are working ahead of the European CIK-FIA OK and OK-Junior Championship round of April 22nd.

It is the time to draw a technical and sporting balance at CRG in occasion of the closing round of WSK Super Master Series at the International Circuit Napoli. Sarno will house this coming weekend the closing act of the first part of the season and will bring teams closer to the kick off to the European CIK-FIA Championship that will get underway in Sarno on April 22nd with OK and OK-Junior on track.

From a technical point, CRG colors have seen the new CRG HERON chassis coming to the fore race after race in category OK-Junior with Gabriel Bortoleto, Enzo Trulli, Alfio Spina and several other very young drivers, as well as in OK with Pedro Hiltbrand, Callum Bradshaw, Kilian Meyer and Andrea Rosso.

The Heron chassis has delivered convincing performances in KZ too, as Paolo De Conto won the race at La Conca in Muro Leccese. The adaptability on all tyres, track conditions (wet or dry) and different engines and power, is perhaps the most interesting feature of this chassis introduced with the recent round of homologations.

This is certainly going to be a further ace up the sleeve of CRG alongside the proven KT2 chassis for Direct Drive categories and the reigning KZ European and World Champion chassis Road Rebel. From a sporting view point, the closer of WSK will see CRG drivers in the fight for all titles, which confirms the quality of the material provided by the Italian factory and the excellent development work done ahead of the forthcoming start to the CIK-FIA Championships.

In KZ2, Paolo De Conto is still in the fight for the title despite skipping two rounds due to conflicting commitments. He could get some help from team mate Alessandro Giardelli, who has constantly been among the quickest in Sarno and chasing a podium to complete the great performance shown in the past few races.

Math gives some championship hopes to Pedro Hiltbrand in OK, even though the CRG driver has a big gap to fill to the leader Nielsen. Bradshaw, Mayer, Rosso, Fontecha and Galli have shown a very good potential in Sarno last weekend and can aim to the OK podium this time around too.

The Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto is currently third in the standings of OK Junior after two consecutive podiums and stands at 202 points, that is 10 short of leader Smal Kirill. His constancy of results in the recent races places Bortoleto among the favourites in the title quest, and his fast team mates Spina, Trulli, Huang, Maxon, Giovane and Putera can give him an important help.

Results, Live Timing and Live Streaming will be available at www.wsk.it

Press Office
April 6th, 2018

In the picture: Kilian Meyer, OK. Ph. Cunaphoto.



A new meeting not to be missed for Endurance Karting fans on the El Vendrell track, in Spain, on June 23rd-24th.
El 23 y 24 Junio en la pista El Vendrell en España tendrá lugar un nuevo acontecimiento imperdible para los aficionados de Kart Endurance

After the technical and organizational success of the 24 Hours Karting of Italy last March 25th, CRG presented a new meeting for all the Endurance and Rental Kart fans: the 24 Hours of Barcelona.

The event will be organized in collaboration with Sport Kart of El Vendrell and it will have the same format of the Adria race. The karts will be a fleet of new CRG Centurion equipped with Honda 390cc engines, that will be given by lottery to the teams and handled by CRG’s racing department.

The entry fee is all inclusive and will allow the teams (made from 4 to 10 drivers) to live a unique experience on a historical track for Spanish and International karting. Beside the race, there will be many entertainments for teams and drivers, from music to gastronomic stands.


CRG and the circuit management, directed by Carlos Gil (CRG importer and organizer of international CIK-FIA races, as the World and European Championships) will make a great organizational effort from all points of view in order to combine technical excellence and top services also for what concerns the race direction and box structures.

From the sporting point of view, the regulation will allow driver stints of 45’, 16 years old as minimum age and the schedule will start on Saturday morning with the free practice, then qualifying practice and the race start at 2.00 pm.


This event aims becoming the most prestigious Endurance meeting in Spain and one of the most important ones at international level. The entry fee is Euro 2.300,00 + VAT per team. For further information you can contact the CRG offices or the El Vendrell circuit.

Event: 24 Hours Karting of Barcelona
Circuit: El Vendrell (Spain)
Airport: Barcelona
Kart: new CRG Centurion with Honda 390cc
Team: from 4 to 10 drivers – maximum 30 teams admitted
Technical direction: CRG Factory
Entry fee: Euro 2.300,00 + VAT
Information: CRG (+39.331.6305745 - alex@kartcrg.com) - El Vendrell (+ 34.977.663776 - carlos@kartingvendrell.com)

Press Office
3 April 2018



El 23 y 24 Junio en la pista El Vendrell en España tendrá lugar un nuevo acontecimiento imperdible para los aficionados de Kart Endurance

Después del éxito organizativo y técnico de la 24 Hours of Italy en Adria el pasado 25 Marzo, CRG ha presentado una nueva cita para todos los aficionados de Rental y Endurance Kart: la 24 Hours of Barcelona.

El evento será organizado en colaboración con Sport Kart de El Vendrell y tendrá la misma estructura organizativa y técnica de Adria. Los Karts empleados serán los CRG Centurion nuevos equipados con motor Honda 390cc, que serán entregados al azar y manejados en pista por el departamento de carreras CRG.

El paquete de inscripción será “todo incluido” y permitirá a los equipos (formados de 4 a 10 pilotos) de vivir una experiencia única sobre una pista histórica para el karting español e internacional. Además de la carrera habrán muchas actividades de entretenimiento para los equipos y los acompañantes, desde la música hasta stand gastronómicos.

Tanto la dirección de CRG y la del circuito administrado por Carlos Gil (importador CRG y organizador de carreras internacionales como los Campeonatos del Mundo y Europeo CIK-FIA) harán un grande esfuerzo organizativo desde cada punto de vista, para unir excelencia técnica, servicios de alto nivel incluso por lo que concierne la carrera y las estructuras de los pits.

El reglamento permitirá turnos de 45’ en pista, edad mínima de 16 años y el programa empiezará el Sabado por la mañana con las pruebas libres, después habrán las pruebas cronometradas y la salida de la carrera será a las 14.00.

El objetivo del evento es volverse en el más prestigioso acontecimiento Endurance en España y entre los más importantes a nivel internacional. El coste de inscripción para cada equipo es de Euro 2.300,00 + IVA. Para más informaciones es posible contactar los despachos CRG o el circuito El Vendrell.

Evento: 24 Hours Karting of Barcelona
Circuito: El Vendrell (España)
Aeropuerto: Barcelona
Kart: CRG Centurion nuevos con motor Honda 390cc
Equipos: de 4 a 10 piloti – serán admitidos máximo 30 equipos
Dirección técnica: CRG Factory
Coste de inscripción: Euro 2.300,00 + IVA
Informaziones: CRG (+39.331.6305745 - alex@kartcrg.com) - El Vendrell (+ 34.977.663776 - carlos@kartingvendrell.com)

Departamento de Prensa
3 Abril 2018

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