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The Swiss driver will be competing in the KZ2 category and he will do an extensive programme of international races

The Brescia’s factory just made official another element of CRG drivers’ line-up for 2018, announcing the 17 year-old Jean Luyet. The Swiss driver will be competing in the KZ2 category in all the CIK-FIA races: the European Championship scheduled in 2 rounds (Salbris and Lonato) and the World Championship, that will take place in Genk (Belgium) in September.

Besides the most important international races, Luyet will race also the WSK Series, the DKM and he will be debuting at the Winter Cup in Lonato. Last year Luyet made an apprenticeship period in KZ2 where he excelled several times. This year he aspires to capitalise experiences and achieve good results.

This is how the Swiss driver commented the agreement with CRG: “The CRG Official Team is a reference point for the KZ classes and I will be very proud to be part of this great team. Working together with Arnaud Kozlinski and all the technicians will allow me to learn a lot and I am sure that we will be able to achieve excellent results. I can’t wait to get out on the track and make my first race with the CRG colours.”

Press Office
22 December 2017

In the picture: Jean Luyet.



On March 24th and 25th 2018 the CRG 390cc Centurion karts will be protagonists of a must-attend event at the Adria Raceway.

The CRG management and the Adria raceway circuit have made official the organization of the 24 Hours Karting of Italy, an event that is going to become the new reference point in the Endurance races field and it’s going to take place on March 24th-25th 2018 with the CRG Centurion karts managed by the CRG Racing Team technicians.

Two leaders in the respective fields will join to create a top event, both from the technical point of view, considering that CRG will provide a brand new fleet of 40 Centurion karts, and the logistic point of view, thanks to the futuristic services provided by the Adria circuit.

The structure of the track is able to provide the teams with real boxes with sliding doors similar to the F1, screens to follow the race in live timing and all the comforts inside. Moreover, the circuit provides the best illumination system at European level, a modern video room for the race direction’s control and hotel rooms that overlook the karting track, that can be used by the teams for their rest periods during the event.


The Adria track hosted the European Karting Championship, Italian Championship and many WSK events and it is one of the most technical and modern ones in international karting. With this event, CRG proves once again its will to complete its offer in the rental karting sector in a big way, placing the 24 Hours together with the Endurance Kart Cup (championship on 3 rounds of 4h each) and the Rental Kart World Contest, the event that will take place in October, a challenge among the best teams selected from the CRG tracks in the world. The team winner of the 24 Hours will also directly qualify for the Rental Kart World Contest, besides winning a brand new CRG FS4 of the Briggs Kart Championship series.

About the regulation, the information currently available are the following: the teams will have a kart assigned by lottery that they will have to manage for all the race (without kart changes); there will be ballasts to balance the different weight of the drivers; the starting procedure will be in “Le Mans style” and the driving turns will last 30’.

After making official the date on the last weekend of March, CRG will present the complete regulation and the official logo by the end of December, called 24 Hours Karting of Italy. It is a charming event open to everyone: from the most experienced drivers and teams (also international teams), to the petrolheads and beginners. 38 teams will be admitted and the registrations will open on January 15th 2018; the entry fee will be Euro 2.560,00 (taxes included), placing the event at the top for price performance (new CRG karts managed by the racing team and services of the new Adria raceway).

For further information, you can contact the CRG’s Endurance division office writing an e-mail to info@endurancekartcup.it or calling the CRG office at +39.331.6305745


24 Hours Karting of Italy in a nutshell:

Location: Adria karting circuit
Date: 24th-25th March
Kart: CRG Centurion 390cc managed by the CRG racing team
Format: 1h30’ of free practice – qualifying practice – 24 Hours race with driver change every 30’
Team: from 4 to 10 drivers
Entry fee: Euro 2.560,00 (taxes included)
Registration opening: on www.kartcrg.com on January 15th 2018
Prizes: for the team winner: participation for free to the Rental Kart World Contest and 1 CRG FS4. For the 2nd place: participation for free to the 1stround of the Endurance Kart Cup. For the 3rd place: voucher of € 500,00 for the registration to the Endurance Kart Cup (to be spent for the 1st race or for the championship registration).

Press Office
21 December 2017



The former F1 driver Jarno Trulli chose the CRG official team for his son’s first season in OK Junior.

CRG is pleased to announce the agreement with Enzo Trulli, son of the former F1 driver Jarno, that was one of the strongest F1 Italian drivers in the 90’ and 2000, with 256 GP raced with the teams Minardi, Prost, Jordan, Renault, Toyota and Lotus, taking a victory in Montecarlo and 4 pole positions.

Enzo Trulli, born in 2005, will be official driver in the CRG racing team in the OK Junior category in 2018, making his first season in international karting and taking part to the CIK-FIA races (European and World Championships).

After gaining experience in the 60 Mini class, where Jarno himself followed him in the WSK national races, Rok and in the Italian Championship, the 2018 will represent a new challenge for Enzo in his growth process: start working with a top team, one of the most awarded and professional ones in international karting and that helped in the formation of many of today’s professional drivers. Enzo’s program will include, besides the European Championship (4 rounds) and the World Championship in Sweden at the end of September, also the main WSK races, the Winter Cup, the DKM and the most important Trophies.


It will be a busy schedule, where Enzo will have his father by his side as special coach, considering that Jarno, before becoming a F1 professional, was one of the most successful karting drivers of all times, conquering 2 World Championship titles (100 and 125), 2 World Cups, 1 Formula K European Championship, 1 North America Championship, 1 Oceania Championship, 1 Japan Championship, 5 Italian Championships and 1 gold medal at the Youth Games.


In these days Enzo Trulli made the first tests with the CRG colours on the Lonato track, with positive timings and good feelings, as he states: “I had an excellent driving sensation during the first days of test with the CRG chassis, both for stability and handling, and for performances, that were good even if the goal was just getting acquainted with some set ups. I also felt well with the team and the personnel, I am sure I can learn a lot and get soon good results.”

Enzo’s debut will in February with the 1st round of the WSK Master.

In the pictures: 1) Enzo Trulli; 2) Jarno Trulli, F1; 3) Jarno Trulli, Kalì-Kart 1982 Youth Games.



The Dutch technician will be the referee for the international activity of the Zanardi brand after Dino Chiesa’s leaving.

CRG is pleased to announce Willemjan Keijzer as the new manager of the Zanardi team, that will take part to the CIK-FIA and WSK international programmes under the name of Zanardi Racing Team.

The Dutch technician, 36 years old, gained an important experience in international karting running his own team with CRG equipment (Keijzer Racing, winner of the DKM with Kas Haverkort in this season) and in 2014 he already worked with the Zanardi chassis line. With this choice, CRG wants to continue a winning management set up for the Zanardi brand.

The technical synergy between the CRG factory and the team run by Keijzer will be very close, both from the technical point of view and the official drivers’ management. The Zanardi team will be committed in the KZ, OK and OKJ international categories in the most important events, as the CIK-FIA World and European Championships. About the engines, the technical collaboration with KVS has been made official, who will provide the team with IAME engines.

Together with Willemjan Keijzer’s presentation as the racing team manager, also the first 4 official drivers were presented: Glenn Van Berlo and Kas Haverkort in the OK class, Bart Ploeg in the OKJ and Dylan Davies in the KZ2. The line-up will be completed in January with other 2-3 drivers that will be decided after the tests that the team is planning in the next weeks.

The Zanardi brand boasts a magnificent record of achievements with 9 CIK-FIA titles between World Championships and World Cups, the last one conquered this year with Danny Kairle in the OK World Championship.

The technical work and the ambitions for the future will be up to expectations and the brand’s history, conceived by Alex Zanardi in the early 2000. For these goals, many activities will be launched, also supporting teams in the national championships.

This is how Giancarlo Tinini presented the new course for the Zanardi brand: “Our goal is organizing a team able to be immediately competitive and the collaboration with Willemjan Keijzer allows us to have a team made of many experienced technicians at international level who work well together with our company. We will also have continuity with the drivers, for instance Van Berlo and Haverkort raced with our technical equipment and this will allow us to start working immediately without surprises, in this preparation phase for the next season. Moreover, the agreement with Keijzer will give new impulse to the Zanardi brand in Northern Europe, an important market area, where he’s always been present also in the national championships. We are satisfied with the work and the interest that the Zanardi line is producing and we wish to continue this brand’s winning tradition, also improving the retail network and the direct collaborations with some external teams.”

Also Willemjan Keijzer comments positively the agreement: “I take over an important inheritance for the success that the Zanardi team achieved in the last 10-12 years, but this is also a great incentive and motivation for me. My relationship with CRG strengthened during these years and I am glad about this new step for my professional path. In these days, we are on the track with the new homologation chassis and we will continue testing also in January, when we will have the opportunity to consider other drivers beyond the ones already confirmed. I want to thank Giancarlo Tinini and I will do my best to recompense for the confidence given.”

Web: www.zanardiracing.com
Team Manager: Willemjan Keijzer (willemjan@zanardiracing.com - +31 620 181801)

Press Office
14 December 2017

In the picture: Willemjan Keijzer (Zanardi Team Manager), Glenn Van Berlo (2018 Zanardi official driver) and Giancarlo Tinini.



CRG has been protagonist at the 17th Champions Cup with Ayrton Fontecha shining in Junior, Filippo Berto in KZ2, Carlos Dembilio in Senior and Alejandro Melendez in Cadets.

The Spanish circuit in Vendrell has staged the traditional end of season Champions Cup, that has reached this year the 17th edition and has scored a very good international participation once again.

CRG drivers obtained interesting results in all categories. Ayrton Fontecha of team MDC has been one of the main protagonists of Junior. Following the victory in Prefinal, he was unfortunately forced to a comeback Final recovering from last up to P2 finishing in the slipstream of the winner Mari Boya. Paul Enders was seventh and Mike Gorke eighth instead. Javier Sagrera of M2 Racing has also been among the quickest of Junior, but had to retire from the Final after the fourth place obtained in Prefinal.


Filippo Berto put in a great performance in KZ2. He was fourth in Prefinal and Final, while Carlos Gil was fifth at the flag, but later on demoted to sixth by a 5s time penalty. He led team mates Lisard Santos and Jon Tanko though. Miguel Molina closed his weekend in the top ten despite a 5s penalty, while Enrico Prosperi was 11th and Emilien Denner 13th on Kalì-Kart. Good runs have also put in by Oriol Dalmau, who closed 14th leading Kilian Meyer, who was at his debut in KZ2 and Adam Vila. The Final was won by Alex Irlando.

CRG claimed another podium in Senior with Carlos Dembilio who ended the Final in P3 behind Daniel Macia and Sam White at the end of a good comeback race from P7 of the Prefinal.

Alejandro Melendez of team MDC secured a victory for CRG in the Cadets. He dominated the youngsters category, while David Rodriguez, Hugo Sanchez and Eric Gene have been shining in the Avelin class ending their race respectively in fifth, sixth and seventh position. The victory went to Aaron Garcia.

Press Office
12 December 2017

In the pictures: 1) Carlos Gil between Alejandro Melendez and Ayrton Fontecha; 2) Kilian Meyer, KZ2.



Paolo De Conto has received the prize at the FIA Prize Giving in Versailles for winning the CIK-FIA KZ World Championship 2017.

The KZ World Champion of CRG Paolo De Conto has been rewarded for his victory at the yearly FIA Prize Giving Ceremony held in an elegant evening at the Castle of Versailles (Paris) where all motorsport and karting champions of FIA season 2017 have been honoured.

Paolo De Conto has been celebrated by FIA for the second year in a row for taking in 2017 his second victory of the CIK-FIA KZ World Championship in Wackersdorf (Germany) on CRG-TM Racing-Bridgestone, after the title secured with CRG in 2016 in Kristianstad (Sweden).

The FIA meeting in Versiailles also nominated Felipe Massa as the new CIK-FIA President. He takes over from President Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa, who has been President since 2011.


Paolo De Conto’s hall of fame:

2017 CIK-FIA World Champion, KZ
2017 CIK-FIA European Champion, KZ
2017 Skusa SuperNational Las Vegas, KZ2, Winner
2017 Australia Race of Stars, KZ2, Winner
2016 CIK-FIA World Champion, KZ
2016 Skusa SuperNational Las Vegas, KZ2, Winner
2016 Australia Race of Stars, KZ2, Winner
2014 Skusa SuperNational Las Vegas, KZ2, Winner
2014 Memorial Ciao Thomas Knopper, KZ2 Winner
2014 Winter Cup Lonato, KZ2, Winner
2011 CIK-FIA European Champion, KZ1
2011 Memorial Ciao Thomas Knopper, KZ2, Winner
2011 WSK Master Series Champion, KZ1
2010 CIK-FIA European Champion, KZ2
2010 Memorial Ciao Thomas Knopper, KZ2, Winner
2010 WSK Euro Series Champion, KZ2
2009 Bridgestone Cup Europe, KZ2, Winner

Press Office
10 December 2017

In the pictures: 1) The new CIK-FIA Karting World Champion with Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa and Felipe Massa at the FIA Prize Giving in Versailles; 2) KZ 2017 World Champion of CRG Paolo De Conto in Versailles, Ph. Ph. Jean Marie Hervio DPPI.



The Italian-Spanish driver will race in the Junior class as official driver in a double programme between Europe and the US

CRG is pleased to announce the agreement with the young and promising Elio Giovane Gonzalez. Born in June 2005, Elio has both the Italian and Spanish nationality and he currently lives in Miami with his family.

The agreement signed with the CRG factory includes a double race programme: in the US with the main TAG Junior races with the CRG Nordam support and in Europe with the Cik-Fia European and World Championships as official driver in the CRG Racing Team.

Elio will also take part to a strong test programme and a few races besides the CIK-FIA, as the DKM or the WSK, in order to gain confidence with the technical equipment, tyres and European tracks.

His formation in the youth classes was full of successful results in the Micro and Mini Rotax in Florida and also in the Rok and Iame Swift championships. In the past season he did not make a full race programme due to school reasons, nevertheless he stood out with a 5th place in the Florida Winter Tour in the Mini Max category and with an 8th place in the WKA Man Cup Iame Pro Swift.

The CRG manager Euan Jeffery said about the new CRG driver: “Elio is very young, but he is a mature boy for his age and very prepared. He speaks English, Italian and Spanish fluently and has a very professional approach with the team. We’ve been observing him in America and we are sure of his potential and speed. The next season will be the first one at international level and for sure he will have to make experience before achieving important results, but we are sure that the working plan we made will allow him to be competitive in a short time.”

Press Office
8 December 2017

In the picture: Elio Giovane Gonzalez.



Paolo De Conto received the biggest round of applause at the “CIK-FIA Prize Giving” in Milan due to his victories in the World and European KZ Championships with CRG. De Conto’s comment on a season to be framed.

Paolo De Conto and CRG have been on top of Europe and the World at the CIK-FIA Prize Giving 2017 ceremony held at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan. The Italian driver has been under the spotlight at the yearly prize ceremony organized by the International Karting Commission, where he has been rewarded for his victory at the KZ World and European Championships.

Paolo De Conto has been one of the main protagonists celebrated in the CIK-FIA prize giving ceremony in the presence of all the most important CIK-FIA authorities, including President Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa and Vice President Kees van de Grint with the introduction of WSK Promotion President Luca De Donno. De Conto has been rewarded for his second win in a row of the KZ World Championship and third victory of the KZ European Championship.

The Italian driver of CRG racing team from Valdobbiadene (Treviso), ended a very strong season 2017 winning the two CIK-FIA titles on CRG-TM Racing-Bridgestone, rounding it off with the two wins scored in the two international events in Las Vegas and at the Race of Stars in Australia.

“This has been a season to be framed – a satisfied Paolo De Conto stated – I certainly could not have asked for more. It has been a great satisfaction for me to become the reference point in a category that has always been hunting ground for the legends of karting. I am really happy.”

- This second title of the KZ World Championship arrived after losing out on another one at the closing lap in 2015 in Le Mans, but then you managed to bounce back in 2016 winning the World Championship in Kristianstad and repeating it in 2017 in Wackersdorf.

“Things went well anyway in 2015, CRG won the title with back then with my team mate Jorrit Pex and I came second. Personally, that was a hard blow as I could not get the win shortly before the chequered flag. I think that this episode gave me the motivation to be more resolute, that was a wake up call that made me do a quality jump in the following two years.”


- You went through all the karting ladder, from 60 Mini to all the higher categories up to the pinnacle of KZ. What advice would you give to a young rising star?

“Karting is a sport that demands high dedication. If you want to get important results a lot of time and efforts need to be put into it. Training every week is necessary, complementing it with a correct nutrition and an intense sporting programme to be fit. It is then also very important to dose one own’s strengths during racing weekends to be ready for the finals on Sunday, without being too tired for the closing stages. Another important thing is to know the secrets of the karting mechanics. It is not an easy sport, it is actually quite challenging both from a physical and mental point of view”.

- What is your target for the future?

“My goal is to keep competing in karting full time, with the maximum dedication as I have always done with the things I cared about. After winning this year both the World Championship and the European Championship I think it is going to be difficult to confirm these results, but I will give my best to win again. I have a big responsibility towards CRG now. It is not easy to race with all eyes on you, every little mistake can cost a lot and be criticized heavily. I think that every race for me is going to be like a final of the World Championship. I will get back on track in a few days, headfirst!”

Press Office
3 December 2017

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, CIK-FIA 2017 World and European Champion at the CIK-FIA Prize Giving 2017 held at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan; 2) Paolo De Conto between Anthony Abbasse and Ben Hanley. Ph. CRG Press



For the historical karting brand manufactured by CRG, the main innovations will regard a new model for the direct drive classes (KK 03) that will come up beside the reliable KK 02.

The Kalì-Kart brand represents the history of karting and it brings back to each karting fan’s memory Michael Schumacher’s or Alex Zanardi’s successes in the 90’s. But Kalì Kart has also a great history of sporting and commercial successes especially today, in the most important markets as Germany and Northern Europe.

For 2018 the CRG factory, that manages the productive and commercial parts, is thinking about expanding the Kalì-Kart agonistic programme at international level. The most important news introduced with the new homologation cycle (2018-2020) regard the presentation of a new chassis for the direct drive classes: the KK 03 model, with 30mm tubes and characterized by very particular frame geometries. The KK 02 model with 30mm tubes, instead, basically remained unchanged.

Regarding KZ, the reliable KK04 model has been updated with some technical interventions to make it use more effectively the tyres employed in the main KZ classes (interventions on the centre of mass). An important work has also involved braking systems with the adoption of new discs and pads, and also the bodywork has been updated, reducing the supports’ weight and improving the front fairing layout. The whole range is fitted with new steering wheels, that have lifted spokes that allow a higher grip, making it more comfortable for the driver. The most significant novelties follow.


KZ CHASSIS. The centre of gravity of the competitive KK 04 model has been modified in function of the tyres used in the main KZ categories, which improved cornering, braking and traction. Performance has also been optimized by a slight change in the rear track. The KK 04 model feature magnesium R-line hubs and spindles, magnesium wheels and new VEN 11 KZ braking systems, developed by the CRG’s research and development centre.

DIRECT DRIVE CHASSIS. The model KK 02 with 30mm tubes is the reference point for direct drive chassis classes. No real big change has been made to the frame. Model KK 03 is a novelty instead, characterized by a particular chassis layout featuring the central crossbeam fused with the front end. All models fit magnesium R-line hubs and spindles, magnesium wheels and new VEN 11 DD braking systems.

KZ BRAKING SYSTEMS. Starting from 2018, KZ braking systems produced by CRG (and adopted on the Kalì Kart range) will be identified by the code VEN 11 KZ. Break calipers have not undergone big modifications, compared to the previous homologation, but discs, front and rear pads have been updated significantly. The external diameter of the cast iron, self-venting disc that was previously daisy-shaped has now become linear, and the section of the cooling holes has been changed too. The diameter of the rear disc has been raised from the previous 189mm to 192mm, while the diameter of front discs has gone up to 154mm from the previous 150mm. The new brake pads will be orange instead of red. These interventions produced a more effective braking, a more homogeneous wear of pads which turn in a better feeling with the brake pedal for the driver.


DIRECT DRIVE BRAKING SYSTEMS (OK). Braking systems for direct drive categories will be identified by the code VEN 11 DD. These are identical to the KZ rear braking system, with all the novelties in terms of disc shape and orange pads. The most important update for the direct drive categories is the optional choice of a smaller disc. This new element is still cast iron and self-venting, but has a 181mm diameter instead of the standard 192mm and is thinner. The benefit of this solution is a reduction of the spinning mass, especially in Junior classes that have lower power, with a better modulation of the braking force. A specific adaptation kit has been devised to fit this disc, which includes hubs and specific supports for the brake caliper and slightly bigger pads.

FAIRINGS. The biggest change regarding the newly homologated fairings for the next triennium is at the front end, that has been updated with a new layout in the central part and made wider. This is to improve the drag coefficient and to provide more safety. The front steel bumper has also been updated in its top and lateral parts and has been made a lot lighter. The front number holder has also been slightly changed, while the supports of the side pods have been modified to achieve a big weight reduction.

For more information on 2018 chassis, braking systems and fairings do not hesitate to contact the authorized dealers and download the technical specifications at www.kartcrg.com

Press Office
23 November 2017

In the pictures: The new 2018 Kalì-Kart.



Paolo De Conto secured the third win in KZ in Las Vegas at the end of a golden season for the CRG driver. Regarding the other CRG Nordam drivers, Laurent Marchandise won S2 and Callum Bradshaw ended on the podium of X30 Senior.

CRG claimed another victory in Las Vegas (Nevada) at the most important appointment in North America. Paolo De Conto hit the jackpot securing an exceptional third win in the Skusa Super National after the victories scored in 2014 and 2016.

In this 21st edition, Paolo De Conto on CRG-Tm did not leave much room to his rivals in KZ, winning the prestigious American race with the support of CRG Nordam, at the end of what has been a golden season for the Italian driver that also claimed his second KZ World Championship, third KZ European Championship and second win at the “Race of Stars” in Australia.

In the Final held in Vegas Paolo De Conto started from the second row and got the lead on lap seven (of 20), claiming an authoritative win that resembled the recent victory at the World Championship held in Wackersdorf – when he won again from the second row of the grid!

CRG Nordam has also fielded Benjamin Tornqvist and Ricco Shlaimon in KZ, but both drivers did not finish, while Antonio Serravalle has been disqualified.


A total of 28 drivers were supported by CRG Nordam in Las Vegas. Among these, Laurent Marchandise took the win in S2, while Callum Bradshaw secured a great third place in X30 Senior as Olin Galli was eighth, Gabriel Bortoleto was ninth in X30 Junior leading the new entry Tyler Maxson who made a good debut with CRG. Eduardo Dieter was seventh in TAG Master instead.


Press Office
21 November 2017

In the pictures: 1) The winner in Las Vegas’ KZ Paolo De Conto; 2) Callum Bradshaw third in X30 Senior; 3) Tyler Maxson.
Ph. CKN Canadian Karting News, Cody Schindel.

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